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The Whip Hand Tutorial

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You have probably guessed by now that my next cosplay will be Irene Adler from BBC's Sherlock.

I found a pretty easy way to make it and considering I found a lack of tutorials for this specific prop, I though, why not?


What tape did you use?
I used electric tape (or insulting tape). Its used for long lasting insulation on cables. They usually have a limited variety in color coding, and black happens to be the most common one. Search your tool box or visit your local hardware store.

Can I use duct tape?
Yes, that is a possibility. Just keep in mind stretchyness and the general leather-like look helps a lot.

I can't read the labels on the first image. What do they say?
The image quality wasn't that good, was it? It reads "The Top", "Body" and "Handle" respectively, from left to right. 

What was little rubber band for?
Sorry if I wasn't that specific, I had limited typing space. On the areas where the middle area (The"body") meets either the "Top" or "Handle". Usually, the tape doesn't cover the very end where the "body" pops out, so I found a little rubber band conceals it nicely.

Any other questions? Feel free to ask me. 
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