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I've already posted and started doing this elsewhere, but I guess I should have my price list and details here as well. :)

I am accepting commissions!  Mostly GW2 related (art of your in-game characters, nothing smutty or crazy though).

GW2 forum thread about my commissions:…

I am also accepting commissions of player-designed characters from other games that allow customization of your character.

(with discounted early-bird sale prices valid if you reserve a spot by the end of March as I am currently working on a backlog of smaller commissions from another forum until next weekend).

Sketch/Speedpainting with Simple BG
– bust $40 ~on sale $30
– half body $55 ~ on sale $40
– full body $70 ~ on sale $60

Full Color & Polished Drawing/Painting with Simple BG
-bust $70 ~on sale $55
-half body $90 ~on sale $75
– full body (not currently doing these due to time involved)

+ detailed BG or extra characters subject to additional fees, on a case by case basis (note that I am a lot less likely to take these sorts of commissions at this time… unless I’m heavily bribed muahaha! jk... not jk.)

In-game-gold equivalent of those prices (in Guild Wars 2) is totally accepted, just calculate the cash-to-gems-to-gold rate for a ballpark figure, otherwise the orders should be real life $$ and the transaction will be through paypal. 


Order Form:
Type of art requested (Sketch or painting, bust or half body etc.):
Screenshot(s) of character (include closeup of face):
Form of payment ($$ or GW2 gold):
Special notes (if any):



OR on facebook (if you are someone I already know and have added, from one group or another).

Contact through the GW2 forums is also acceptable; my username is Zelkai.3562

NOTE: if you see my artwork advertised anywhere ---other than here, my personal website (, the GW2 forums under the name Zelkai.3562 or on facebook; please contact me, as it is not me. Artwork produced by me is not for resale and I'm also not selling prints anywhere other than the places I've just mentioned.  I'm am doing personal commissions only; art for commercial purposes will be treated as such and I will be using industry standard pricing, copyright and licensing.

Once in touch, I will ask further details about your art request and we can hammer out the details. :)

Hey all,

I'm doing an experimental thing where I'll be streaming while I work in photoshop (on G Hangout, look for the links in my shoutbox).  

PLEASE READ THE FULL DETAILS BELOW because I'll be requesting that you leave the chat if you don't comply to the rules.

The idea is to get artists together to work and share ideas & techniques that are currently good for producing work for the game and film industry. To focus. To improve. I'm happy to share what I know but keep in mind that I have no formal training of any kind, I taught myself and I don't know the darn rules. That being said, if pro level artists wanna hop on and share some of their knowledge, I'll love them forever. @^@

Please keep the following in mind: this is a focus group, I'm seriously trying to improve and get work in the industry but can't afford school, workshops or mentorships so ideally, you who join are people in the same boat. Your work is at the level where you're almost employable but just... not quite there. You need focus and guidance in some area, and have something to share.

- No webcams. They're distracting.
- Mic preferred since anyone who's painting (like I'll be doing the whole time) will need to focus on photoshop instead of the text chat.
- Share screens only when demonstrating something (like painting). Keep your headphones on so we don't hear feedback.
- Be mature, we're trying to be professional here and distractions are not welcome.
- Don't give unsolicited direction to the other artists participating.  Suggestions and critiques are welcome, but don't bark orders. We HATE that. Unless you're an employer paying us, just don't.
- Don't be rude and don't be a jerk.

This is about focus, focus, focus. And sharing.

Hope to see you there,
Hey fellow artists,

Do you know of any free groups for artists who want to actively help one another improve and instruct one another? Sort of like an open ended group mentorship?

If not, well I am thinking of starting one.  I love to share what I know with others, and at the same time I want to learn and hone my skills as well (more than anything at this point), but just simply can't afford to.  Currently I am thinking of doing this over skype or a facebook group, but I'm open to whatever options would best work for a group.  If interested, send me a note on here with a little blurb about yourself and why you are interested.  

Made a quick video (actually about 30 minutes) on some of the most essential tricks I use for adding color, texture variety and line-art in photoshop. It might not be the best way, so if you know of other ways to do these things please share them in the comments. :D

But yeah... hopefully this will be useful to people:…
Alright so lately I've been seeing a lot of what I consider to be art theft on online communities and image sharing sites. Some are even offering the images for sale (with the signatures cropped out), and none of these sites are giving the real artists any credit. I see this as a real problem, and have contacted some artists whose work I have recognized.  One of the sites I've noticed this on (though they are at least not selling the artwork as far as I can tell and some of the images still have what I'm hoping are the original artist signatures) is  - now, I am not sure if the work I am seeing is being submitted by the original artists but it doesn't look like that is the case. :(  is a site that is straight up selling the images and again I am unsure of whether permission has been granted. I noticed a lot of popular works in the fantasy section…

There are also foreign sites selling work that is not theirs. We as an art community need to crack down on art theft where it occurs, and remind everyone that though we are sharing our work online, that does not mean that others are free to edit and/or redistribute the works. We spent our time, not to mention money on expensive software and equipment.  A lot of us aren't making a single dime off of our own work, so why should some stranger profit off our labors?

Art thieves: you are hurting our communities. You are the reason artists feel the need to slap huge ugly watermarks and signatures on their work. And even then, you stoop so low as to edit it out. We are most of us quite poor - there is a reason that we are often called 'starving artists'.  YOU are one of those reasons and if you are still not ashamed, you should be.
We have bills like any other person. We have families to feed, rent and schooling to pay for and sometimes can't even afford that. Stop using us for profit. Remember that when you are caught, legal action will be taken. Is it worth it for you to be sued and have your reputation ruined?

Dear artists & art appreciators: If you suspect a site or a person of art theft, do some research and let the artists (or the artist community in general) know, so that they may at least look into and confirm and pursue justice.

Quite shockingly I don't have many other artist friends, in part because I just don't know how to approach people and I haven't been around a lot of artists ever.  

Forming bonds with other artists is pretty important though, and beneficial all around. Artists can support and motivate one another and help challenge their peers to move forward.  They can provide constructive criticism and feedback, and they really get it, yanno? They understand that sometimes, social interaction can be distracting and difficult. Sometimes (or if you're like me, most of the time) you're off in your own little world, creating and imagining; having not a care for what is going on around you and it's not because you dislike the company - it's because you're more 'there' than 'here'.  

Sometimes it might feel as though you've offended too many people with your silence. It's difficult to repair those friendships and connections because it's hard to explain to someone "I enjoy your company, I like sitting near you while I work, but I'm having a hard time maintaining a conversation."  Then, because you can't change that part of yourself without giving up the very core of who you are and what you do, you begin losing ground; until you're tucked away in your own obscure little corner and before you know it the world has moved on without you.  

All the lonely misunderstood artists out there, this is a shout-out to you guys and gals. You're not really alone.
If you play GW2 and are on Blackgate, my guild Knights of the Shadow Dominion [DARK] is recruiting. We are seeking casual players of all levels. :)
View details here:…
Graww! (┛__)┛彡┻━┻

So yesterday I discovered that Illumikage has been claimed by someone in Guild Wars 2.  Other illumikage, you should feel bad, you're a horrible person...(well maybe you're not, but you should feel bad anyway)! ಠ_ಠ
Yes, I am indeed alive. Haven't posted anything in what feels like years but in reality has been only a few short months.  There has been a lot going on and I've been sick for quite a while. Not sure how active I'll be going forward but I'm hoping to post more work in the coming future. ^^
Not that anyone pays attention to these, but here goes:

I'm opening up commissions again, this time to replace my dying intuos tablet, and I'm also hosting a paint-on-canvas version on FB so let me know if you're an interested local and we can swap details.

Digital commissions start at $30 (for simpler requests) and go from there depending on level of detail/complexity. Take a browse through my galleries (the one on this account and also for examples). The details can be discussed via email (for commissions I use )

Paint-on-Canvas commissions start at $70 + cost of materials. Again the price depends on detail and complexity and time which must go into painting, the size of the canvas and amount of paint required.  I'm only accepting this form of request if you are a local to save us the hassle of shipping details. :)

If interested, please use the request format below and email me using the tag-line: "DA Commission"
[Request type: (ex. Digital, Paint-on-canvas)
Details: (describe what you have in mind)]

If you have questions and are not prepared to commission, NOTE ME HERE - or comment, but do not email.

Thanks! :)
...Of any genre.

GO! :D
Staying up late every night to paint and/or write, to the point where I'm getting an average or 2-4 hours of sleep and I can't seem to stop. Since I have to be at work for about 9-10 hours a day, this is not acceptable... Anyone got ideas on how to force myself to sleep?  ㅎㅅㅎ;
That make me loathe this body even more- hate being a woman. Can I haz give up gender nao pl0x?…

Now, I am already working in the game industry, and hope to keep doing so for as long as I live. This is my passion, and it's my dream.  If something like this were to be sullied by gender-politics...

I want to know for the rest of my life that I've gotten to where I am (and that I will advance farther) based on merit, and not based on my body or my appearance. What do these things have to do with work? Nothing, at least not in this industry. Even personality doesn't matter- at the end of the day, it's about getting your job done- who cares if you're not a social butterfly?

This just plain sucks.
...And not in the good way. Be warned, this is a rant. If you're gonna be a jerk, don't bother reading/posting any sort of a response. ლ(ಠ益ಠ)ლ

Since getting involved in a car accident nearly a year ago, I haven't been able to wear my glasses for long periods of time.  Without them, everything is fuzzy and blurry with a bit of double-vision thrown in the mix.  This has meant cutting back on many things I enjoy: art, video games, anime, my asian dramas (no way in hell am I able to read subs right now man, no way)... Then I had surgery to fix the problem a short while ago (a broken nose that healed wrong - you know when you jump in the water and it goes up your nose? Breathing was something like that some of the time. It was pretty much unpleasant) -and now I have to wait another 6 months to a year to wear glasses again.  I'm still trying out different kinds of contacts, hoping one of them will both allow me to see better AND not try to burn my eyes out of my skull.  I don't understand why they all make my eyes burn... Sometimes I whine and complain, because yeah it sucks not being able to see what the hell I'm doin.  Other times, I count myself lucky that my injuries can be fixed and will heal over time, a broken nose and not being able to see for a while are probably the least of my problems anyway (unless I lose my job by fudging something up because of shitty vision - words cannot express how worried I am about that every damned day).  Right now I'm not sure which was worse, having a concussion with symptoms that lasted over half a year, or the broken nose, which is still causing trouble... heh... But compared to others who've been in similar situations, I've got it good. I just can't believe this is f*cking with my life. Vision is bloody important to most of us, I would think.

Yeahl, I am lucky it wasn't worse. And I'm stubborn-I'm still painting anyway. I've cut back but I'm still at it, because not to paint, not to draw... let's just say that's an existence I'm not ready to accept. It might take me longer, it might not look as good, I might not be able to see the lines very well but it's helping me learn more about values and colors. I'm hoping that this will teach me to expand as an artist rather than limit me.

You see, it's pointless to fall into despair just because you can't do something as well as you used to.  You keep at it, and eventually you will be back where you were, or maybe even better off than you were to begin with.

There are people who have lost limbs, and yet they live their lives to the fullest and do amazing things. There are people who have serious illness and they don't let it stop them. If we let ourselves stop doing what we love just because of some obstacle in our way, then what was the point of starting in the first place? I refuse to believe that what we have done up until that point had been a waste of time, or pointless.

Maybe everything happens for a reason.  Shortly before the accident I was asked about my greatest fear- in terms of something happening to me specifically... My first answer had been "losing my family" but that wasn't the answer being sought.

My final answer was something along these lines: "I fear nothing more than to incur a brain injury, or lose my sight, or my right hand. A swift death is better, when compared to losing who I am."

A few hours later, we were rear ended at an intersection by a truck. The airbags didn't deploy, because we were hit at an angle and for some reason, the seat-belt didn't prevent an impact. My head smashed into the passenger side window... I don't know how long I screamed, or if I passed out somewhere between the impact and when the ambulance showed up. Time felt strange; one moment felt like an eternity, while the next several would wink out in an instant. Before I knew it, there were flashing lights and sirens where before there was only darkness and pain.  My head, neck and my face felt like they were in pieces, I thought I'd die that night... I felt broken.

But of course I didn't. Once in the hospital, I started to come back to my senses more. I started to calm down and tried to reason out what had happened- that I was actually okay - but I was scared to look in a mirror. I was afraid that my head & face were split open. That I'd see everything broken beyond recognition. But in the end, miraculously, it was just a concussion, a broken nose, a deviated septum and whiplash. My friend had whiplash, but we both got out of it alive and (mostly) in one piece. We were lucky.

I have nowhere else to post things like this, I'm no blogger. I don't want to put this on FB where a lot of people I personally know will read it, and I really don't care if any of you do either.  I'm not looking for pity, and I'm not looking for advice either.  Now that it's finally out of my system, hopefully I can even begin to move on instead of dwelling on it. Dwelling on things that can't be changed is silly- but I do it more than a fair bit anyway. We all have our flaws- it makes us human. ^^

--- So that's that. It felt good to write this down so I'm asking anyone who did in fact read it to please be considerate and not trample all over this.  Some people have a lot on their plate and need a way to vent about at least part of it, alright? Get over it, it's human.  I don't have the time or energy to argue with you.

For those of you who read this and aren't going to be rude, thank you for being respectful. :)

So many things to look forward to this year, but of course the waiting pains are stronger than evah!

Dear friends, family, coworkers and teh internets... it has been nice knowing you, but the following will likely dominate much of my life... ahem, my 'free time' in the coming year:

TV shows: Legend of Korra and of course Game of Thrones (season 2)
Games: Guild Wars 2 and Diablo 3

Before these deliciously time consuming forms of entertainment come to be, if anyone has art requests/suggestions I can pick up for practice, you know where I'm at.  :D
I had to get this out of my system because it's been eating at me.  I just want people in my life to finally understand this about me.  If anyone is offended by the contents, that is not my intent, but I had to get this out there.

The Rant

What I have been brought up to believe while growing up (by society, by the media, by nearly everything in my enviroment)
and what I feel are conflicting.  As a result I am, at this time (and for a long time now), a conflicted being.

I don't know what to believe, think or feel anymore.

But I know now because of personal experience that I cannot let anyone or anything influence me to be anything other than what I am.

Who I am. What I am, how I express myself... these belong to me and me only.  So even though I don't know where this journey to self discovery will lead, I'm more than happy to begin because it feels like the start of my life, late though it may be.

I am often vexed by my own sex, and confused by my gender. These, I have learned, are not one and the same.

Being in this body which is female by birth does not bother me (too much) until the glaring physical differences between the sexes are somehow pointed out to me. This often happens when I am in public (observing people, and how others react to me), by certain individuals or just when trying to watch a movie/show... nearly everything I find caters to those who are stuck in the gender binary system.

Why are we portrayed so differently? Are we really that different? Why can't we be treated the same?

We aren't just pieces of meat.  I don't like the idea of decorating myself to attract others and gain acceptance.  This is what certain individuals and often the media makes me think.
I hate it. I dislike the idea of women having to get 'dolled up'. Dolled up? What's with that expression anyway?

Why should we have long hair, wear makeup and dresses and act a certain way to be socially accepted?
When I got to a certain age, I really started to notice this - and even actively went along with it because it was easier than going against it.  It's a sad truth but most people will treat you differently based on how you present yourself to the world, and unfortunately that means we are often expected to look "attractive" & fit a certain image.  But honestly who gives a f***?

Okay. Okay. I know I need to take a step back and calm down here. I know that there are other (more welcome) opinions and open minded individuals out there.  But everywhere I look, I see that we are obsessed with making women and men be a certain way.

I'm not exposed to gender-equal-mindedness as much as I would like, and as much as I NEED for the sake of my own sanity.
I have some wonderful individuals in my life who are accepting and just amazing people. But the world needs more people like them.

Must I Really?

I never want to hear comments like "girls should have long hair" or "girls should take care of their weight"- or 'girls should' anything! Not ever again.  Why just girls then? Hmm?
We (male, female or otherwise) should all do what we feel is RIGHT FOR US.  Not what society says is right based on your gender (or background).

Why can't people get it through their heads that comments like "girls should" or "boys should" are quite hurtful?

What Am I?

Am I just different? Maybe I'm born the wrong gender, but I don't think that's the case. There should be no difference. I don't care what's in my pants so you shouldn't either.  It's not like I care what's in yours.

I can't identify with the majority of women, and yet I can't identify with the majority of men either.

Oh the irony...alas I am drawn to both (though way more so women, and only a very few select men).

I often ask myself 'why'... There is obviously some difference that I am perceiving as well. What is the difference between men and women that causes me to be attracted more to one than the other?
And what of the in-between?

To Each Their Own

I really am drawn to people who are conscious of cleanliness and hygiene, and take better care of themselves. This is a quality I feel is very important and thus I am attracted to it.
I cannot, for example,  be attracted to someone who is not hygenic, and who does not take good care of their body. I too need to take better care of my body, and not because I want to look like the women in magazines (I don't, actually. Quite the opposite I only want to be healthy... and handsome).

There are people out there who would call me a germophobe (and I would not want to date you, my immune system can't handle what you have to dish out).  
And yet there are others who would dub me a slob (and since they'd probably be right, I would learn to be more attentive to meet their needs and live better as well, for both of us).  

I enjoy the company of those who are intellectually superior (and yet humble about it. Nothing worse than someone who thinks they're smarter than everyone else... and won't shut up about it).
Why? I like being challenged, learning new things - and since I learn through observation it helps me better myself.  I have a long way to go and that's fine, I love the journey, and I love it all the more with company to share it with.

Everyone is different, we all have our hangups and our needs.  Sometimes those hangups and needs prevent us from being compatible, and that's nothing to cry over.  We are who we are.

My Complex

When people approach me for my physical appearance, it bothers me.  

Honestly? I don't think I'm good looking and I really don't care if you do.  So just don't bother saying it (subtext; keep it in your pants).

To me, saying "You look good" is the equivelant to "I'm talking to you because you look good" or even worse "I just want in your pants" or "you have something I want".  If you aren't thinking about how I look, why mention it? And why would you think of it?  If your intentions aren't pure and if you have nothing else to talk to me about, don't bother talking to me.

I don't like to hear people say anything about my physical appearance, because it's shallow and makes me feel BAD even if it was intended as a compliment.  Beauty fades (not that I possess it to begin with), and I think it would be really sad if that were the reason people talked to me.  If my personality is bad, fine, I can deal with that.  I'd rather be alone than be with someone who's only thinking with their crotch.  I don't need to be with someone to be happy. :)

When a man says "you're beautiful" or any other form of physical (and gender oriented) 'compliment', it creeps me out, and it makes me feel disgusted. To me, it feels wrong somehow. It doesn't feel like a compliment, instead it feels like a threat.  Comments like those also automatically make me question people's motives. For example; why even talk to me if you have nothing more to say? What do you want from me?  What do you hope to gain by saying things like that? (Compliments I've received from interested female parties have always been more thought out. They took the time to know me first, you see).  

Guys, kindly please realize that you're doing harm instead of good.

How about a nice chat about something interesting instead? There are so many topics you can pick from- but why- WHY- would someone repeatedly choose to go with topics about how I'm dressed or how I look?  It has become somewhat of a complex, and it's driving me nuts.  I don't want to obsess over such stupid things and finally had enough- had to blurt this all out for the world to see.

Science, history, art, music, books, the latest video games (or even the tried and true ones) - these interest me far more than foolish attempts to gain my favor with shallow comments.

I can't be bought or won over with gifts and flattery, so please don't even bother if that's what you're thinking (this goes out to the people who still think this of me).


Good friends will tell you when you are at your worst, and they can ACCEPT you when you are at your worst. And if you are a good friend, then you can take their criticism and accept it.
You can think it over without taking offense, and you can then choose to improve/get back on your feet... or not.  But why would you choose not to?

Bad friends will suck up to you when you're at your best and put you down & ditch you when you are at your worst. There is a difference, it's important to know where to draw the line.

I can always trust my good friends to tell me if I am doing something self-destructive, and I in turn provide the same.

My Truth

I guess I dislike fakeness and falseness in general.

Gender is one of those things; to me, it seems and feels fake. It's often laughable and gaudy, demeaning and also two-dimensional.

Is it a Fetish?

I've obsessed over crossdressing/genderbending as a genre for more than half my life (in books, manga, movies/shows etc) because I've been trying to find a character I can relate to...
But most of the characters involved still behave as their assigned sex, and it just feels wrong. It is, in these stories, a cosmetic (and often not a convincing) change. I'm not saying I want to see women acting like the typical man or vice versa, but I'd like to see them not behave in such a disgustingly stereotypical way.

Usually, the purpose of the crossdressing/genderbending is questionable at best. This genre is a double egded sword to someone like me.

It would be great to just see more strong, 'able to stand on their own two feet and grasp their fate with their own two hands' type female characters. Who aren't showy in the typical female way, who don't run around fighting in bits of string/cloth.
I also want to see more male characters who don't just obsess over sex and/or fighting & building muscle. Certainly not all men are like that- in fact I think most of them aren't.

I love seeing a female character that gives off a cool and edgy feeling instead of a soft/pretty/beautiful one because it's something I don't often get to see.
I would also love to see more costumes that don't hug close to the body, that don't focus on... well... boobs.

Basically, it would be neat if men & women dressed the same and let go of the physical differences. And it would be great if we weren't expected to behave a certain way based on our sex.

I believe most of us are raised to be in line with one gender or the other from birth... if not by our parents, then by the rest of society. By the media. By our environment & the people around us.

But what if we could do away with all that and decide for ourselves?
... Really need to find more resources for perspective and color theory stuff.


My old account:

Illumikage here,

I never thought I'd host this kind of event & spill about my personal life online like this, but the time has come to do so.

Those who have been watching may have noticed I haven't posted in a while.  I haven't posted anything in the last 2 months due to a car accident. Yes I'm ok- but it has set me back in a lot of ways.

As a result, I've decided to go ahead with my very first commission event.

I'd like to start off simple, so I'm taking orders to fill 3 slots for the time being. Once I see how this goes, this may become a permanent thing.


Prices are negotiable
If the commission request is for commercial work, prices will be adjusted accordingly.
Please let me know in advance if you will also be buying full rights to the piece at
Serious offers only!
Please place the type of order you are making into the subject line of the email (for example 'Character Art', or 'Concept Art')

These are the bare minimum prices and will change depending on what you're asking for (more detail/time put into the work = higher cost).

Character Art-  Prices vary based on how complicated the character & what style you want me to work with (sketches, concept art style, anime, semi-realism, colored or uncolored, with or without a background), price may also change depending on reference materials provided if you have something very specific in mind.  

*Please ensure that appropriate reference is provided if you have something very particular in mind. If the provided reference is someone's work, please obtain permission to use it, as I will not accept copyrighted reference materials.

Prices for non-commercial work:
-Sketch $30+
-Line art $55+
-Monochromatic $85+
-Color $130+
Additional characters- price negotiable

Character Design/Character Art- This package includes brainstorming sessions where we design a character together.  You are not required to provide reference materials, but if you do, please ensure you have permission to use the work. The price is subject to discussion, and will depend on a number of factors; how complicated the design/hours put into working on it.  Up to 3 rough drafts/sketches are naturally included in the package, however additional sketches are a minimum $15 apiece.  Pricing includes a simple background.  Full backgrounds not available at this time.

Prices for non-commercial work:
-Line art $75+
-Monochromatic $95+
-Color $150+
-Additional Character Sketches for the same character $20+ apiece
-Additional Character Sketches of different characters $30+ apiece

Speedpainting/Concept Art- As the name implies, these are quick sketches/paintings done in a short period of time.  This may include characters and environments. If this is what you are looking for please contact me to discuss the details.

Landscapes-  For now I'm keeping these strictly nature oriented with little to no architectural detail.  
If this is what you are looking for please contact me to discuss the details.


1. -FULL-
2. -OPEN-
3. -OPEN-
alternate/new account of old timer