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Thank you for 250 watches!

Wed Dec 19, 2018, 9:38 AM by IlluEule:iconillueule:
I hit the 250 mark and I just wanted to say thank you so much for sticking witch me my dear watcher >///<
I haven't uploaded some proper art for a while but this is about to change soon now that I am getting into the swing of things again so stay tuned!
I hope you are enjoying my future art as well- so yeah :heart:

Have a nice day!

No worries, I am not dead ;v;

For the past vew month I was very occupied with my life, especially not art related things had to be priority.
I promise I will upload again and I will be more active here as I really do enjoy being on DA!

If you want to see more recent sketches and smaller things, please consider taking a look at my Twitter (Owldrood)as its easier for me to share unfinished / doodled stuff over there till I have enough art to make compilations so I won't flood accounts here with unfinished stuff ^w^

Overall I am doing good progress with everything which makes me quite happy. The last few month were just amazing and I was able to chip away alot when it comes to my depression, life situation and burnout and I also learned alot of things. I am able to draw again, but more importantly, I am able to appreciate what I am drawing again. I want to thank everyone for that. I have a few very amazing people in my life and I am so happy I saw most of them again til the new semester starts- to those where we weren't able to see each other this year due to the circumstances: I will catch you next year >:3c
Sometimes life just happens and we don't have much time left for others so we can fix something very important. No worries, we don't simply poof and times will be better again and we will laugh together :3
Thank you for everything- your love, your patience, your support. Words can't describe :heart:

Soon, university will start again for me. Only two semesters left. Hopefully I will be able to handle everything and finally finish. I am studying for way to long now, I finally want to experience real life to be honest.

So yeah, there is so much I want to talk about, so much I want to write down. Maybe make a little draw my life on the way?
I really don't know. I don't want to look too much into the future right now and concentrate more on the present.

Thank you for keeping up with my art and my account. I will be active here soon again!
DA is still my favorite site on the web when it comes to art communities after all ^v^/)

Take care and much love~

8 facts meme tag

Mon Feb 19, 2018, 5:06 PM by IlluEule:iconillueule:
1. Post these rules.
2. Post 8 facts about your character.
3. Tag 8 other people along with the characters you want them to write about (which leads to rule 4).
4. Post their avatars and write the character names next to them.

I got tagged by DawnDragonscale- thank you very much <3 Gives me the opportunity to flesh out my voodoo boi even more!

So step aside for
Tokatlipoca Rihuatl, or just...
Toka Ri Journal by IlluEule

1. Toka-Ri is an aztec demigod and practically immortal. However, he is very bored of being a deity so he decided to stay around humans for a little bit longer. He is able to change his body to a humanoid form and likes to participate in festivals and other activites. Other gods of the realm are looking down upon him but he actually doesn't care too much.

2. He doesn't need to eat or drink, but he does it anyways. He is particulary fond of fish, fruits and alcohol, eventho it tooks litres and litres of booze to make him feel at least something.

3. Toka-Ri loves gold and all stuff that glitters, so he collects everything he can get in his claws. He keeps it in a secret temple deep in the rainforests and his collection contains stuff such as statues, accessoires, gold bars, sacrifical offerings but also unimpressive things such as shards of glass, flatware, shoes, skulls... He is somewhat of a hoarder, however he can also appear very generous towards people who have nothing [eventho if it would mean he has to part with his beloved gold.]

4. It is implied that he was once summoned in order to fight for a mad aztec king. Toka-Ri was not very pleased about this so he took matters in his own claws- which got him into deep trouble as even gods succumbs certain rules. 

5. He appears to be quite selfish, pompous and hedonistic at times, being able to charm and manipulate with a cunning personality. While he has the ability to control the mind of others, effectively zombiefying them for
an amount of time, he very rarely uses this as he has a set of morals. He has positive traits which become much more prevalent during his travel through the land of the mortals.

6. He might look like an intimidating foe but he is actually not much of a fighter. He prefers to flight instead of fight if he has the choice as he is quite light built for a dragon of his size and fights with other deities or gods could harm him immensely due to his hollow bones and rather weak jaws. If he is forced into fight, he uses intimidating techniques. Toka-Ri is not able to spit fire, but he can spit extremely deadly poision which literally can make creatures melt. Also, his blood is highly acidic. If this isn't enough, his screams are described as the screams of a thousand souls being in agony and causing blood to boil and hearts to explode. Humans are no match for him, so he does not care too much about them as their weapons are not able to pierce through his armour like scales and he is immune to every single venom on this world.

7. Toka-Ri has two sets of ears. The larger ears are very sensitive, while the second pair is completely deaf for worldy sounds. With those ears he can hear sounds of the spirit world. Before he was kicked out of the realms of the gods, he actually was able to shift between the two planes but lost this ability as a part of his 'punishment'. He can only enter the spirit realm via his dreams or hypnosis.

8. His design is loosely based on different creatures such as Tupandactylus/Quetzalcoatlus, Liopleurodon and classic depictions of the aztec god Quetzalcoatl.

I tag:

Do if you feel like it, no pressure- and if you are not tagged but want to do this as well, its highly appreciated /)OvO(\

CottonCandyHurricane Qayne
Tenera Acia
ArzinPhoenix Arzin
RehQwQ Nadine
Maro-King Maro
Kysaam Xheesl
Rapirisu Nova
Ayuukuro Iradei

The first 10 people that comment on this journal will be featured below
and I'll choose four deviations I like most from your gallery!
If you comment, you have to do the same in your journal,
putting the tagger (me) and four pieces of my art in the first place.

1. DawnDragonscale
Milkshake break by DawnDragonscale Under the mistletoe :Com: by DawnDragonscale NO ONE DIED! :Com: by DawnDragonscale Luna and Rufus :AT: by DawnDragonscale

2. Stardust-Lilacs
Lily by Stardust-Lilacs .:CM:. Mongolia by Stardust-Lilacs .:CM:. Hurricane Fullbody by Stardust-Lilacs Dancing with the Bats by Stardust-Lilacs
3. neonseele
03 by neonseele 07 by neonseele 20 by neonseele Adane 2017 by neonseele

4. Professor-Sponge
Yamchi - Xenoverse 2 character by Professor-Sponge Yamchi by Professor-Sponge My little Alpharius by Professor-Sponge Vulcan Mind meld by Professor-Sponge

5. HaveTheTouch
Hide away by HaveTheTouch

Mature Content

Inktober 9 - Hunt by HaveTheTouch
  One by HaveTheTouch The Priestress by HaveTheTouch

6. Hybrid-Dragoness
Young Dreamer II by Hybrid-Dragoness Queen of the Fae by Hybrid-Dragoness Eerios - The Wrath of Nature (DGM) by Hybrid-Dragoness Meaner Than Your Demons by Hybrid-Dragoness

7. BlueDragonSoup
{COMM} Derp for Zagiir by BlueDragonSoup Hope's Cavern by BlueDragonSoup {:Com:} P2P Silver by BlueDragonSoup Bit of Background Practice by BlueDragonSoup

8. nadairead
BLISS by nadairead JW: Blue's Breakdown by nadairead AT:. Microraptor Phie by nadairead <da:thumb id="638080694"/>

9. Celioxa
Prompt #15 - Pirates or Ninjas? (EVOLOONS) by Celioxa It's the heart of the lost kingdom! by Celioxa S'Mores and the Flufabus by Celioxa Magical Sunrise by Celioxa

10. Luna-Stark
Meteor Shower by Luna-Stark WHAT IS THAT?! by Luna-Stark Worried Boi by Luna-Stark So He Spoke by Luna-Stark


Thu Feb 8, 2018, 5:37 AM by IlluEule:iconillueule:
Tomorrow will be my exam. I practically can taste the freedom. Be prepared to be spammed with artwork properly `w´
I practically draw every day due to work n stuff but finally I will be able to work on artwork without the lingering feel of doom.

There is still much to do so see you, guys (\OvO/)

And with a very good result, which I honestly wouldn't have expected! This semester was quite hard for me- since I lack quite some experience with programs such as Premiere and After Effects, so I had to put in alot more effort to make up for it but I am done for now and I passed and I am just incredibly happy! Now what stands between me and my diploma is one project and my bachelors thesis X3

Thank you for believing in me :heart:
In the next days, I will also start working on owed art, so stay tuned! For now I will be sorta dead, only slept for half an hour today and  I feel like standing beside me (\OvO/)

Owl :heart:

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Sat Jan 27, 2018, 8:39 AM by IlluEule:iconillueule:
I reached 200 watchers ahhh ówó/)
So time for another random secret raffle!

It goes like the last rtime
I used a random number generator and my watchlist to determine the winner.
Sooo *drumroll*

The winner this time is:

Raffle by IlluEule



Please send me the references of the character you want me to draw for you :3

To all my watcher: thank you for following me. It really means alot to me and I hope you will enjoy my future works :)

Hello friends!
I feel like giving you all a heads up on what to expect for the next few month since I soon will have semester break and actually, I am feeling quite unstoppable when it comes to art! I finally am able to work on both my skills and my style and its quite refreshing after all those month / years. I am planning on making a small 'cinematic', you will see!


First of all, I am close to 100 watchers already! To celebrate this, I will hold a raffle! I will use random number generator to pick 2 [two] winners. The first winner will get a small illustration, the second one an icon [please note, that for both, I highly prefer feral / furry characters. No humans for this round please!] The first kiriban will be propably around 10.000 PV but lets see. First, lets focus on 100 watcher.

Current trades and commissions!
My current to-do list can be found here , my flightrising to-do list here. I will accept new trades / commissions once I am done with those. Since I am away for the upcoming week and I don't exactly know if I will be able to get my graphictablet to work on my laptop [my wacom is a bitch at times >:/], I am not sure how fast I will complete anything during that time. I will be able to do lots of traditional work tho, which is quite the nice exchange as I am a bit tired at times of digital artworks only due to university.

Animations and youtube!

Due to this semesters classes, I found my love for animation. I will work on my skills regarding After Effects, gif animations and other stuff once I have alot more time to breath- I learn horribly under university pressure. I also want to become more active on my youtube channel again [pssst, its here in case you didn't know!], but due to my very old PC which makes it hard to edit and cut videos via Movie Maker [yes, my PC can't handle Windows Movie Maker properly, so you know its getting SERIOUS] I became rather silent. Since I was somewhat forced to buy the CC membership last year, I thought- hey why not make animated speedpaints? I am quite inspired by Hotdiggedydemons speedarts, so lets see! Its 20 Euro and I am a poor student so I wanna get the most out of it after all >:U Plus I can use my laptop which is for university art only, fuck it, at least it can handle that mess of a program!

Upcoming personal works!

Okay this is quite a big thing for me. Looking through my folders from 2015 to 2017, I noticed a sad trend- I had tons of good ideas, but I never really went through with anything properly so many works stayed as rather messy sketches. So I picked up the good files [so glad I started to safe them all, I literally have no works from my former years back then unless friends saved it for me...] and I will rework them, combining them with the skills and new found productivity I have now! We are just one month into 2018 barely and I have more than 30 older files ALONE that want to be finished! Be prepared for a flood of work you might remember from very old sketchdumps / WIP dumps- but polished and all new!

My graphic novel!
This is a big one guys. As I am close to my bachelors thesis, I will work on the script and the sketches for my upcoming graphic novel which might or might not be published later on [if not, I might start a webcomic but lets see as this is quite a step, not sure if I can handle this!] I really can't wait to show you the product once its finished, its a big dream of mine to be able to produce comics / graphic novels as I am a storyteller at heart! The story will evolve around Laika and Silber, two reckless misfits who are tired of their old lifes. So what do they do? Getting themselves into quite a few problems just so they might start a better one! It started as a simple scavenging mission, but ends in something much more... Its sci-fi / fantasy, so if its your jam you are very welcome to follow their rather weird journey through the galaxy!

Patreon + Etsy / Tictail!

I might not be able to create a patreon this year because its a very big responsebility towards my [potential] patreons as I am not a big fan of letting patreons wait / giving out rewards that are not up to my standart due to pressure. BUT it is planned once I have finished my bachelors degree / design deploma next year in february so I would be happy, if someone would like to be my patreon [with rewards worth the support]! Once I have established myself, I will also either open a tictail- store or an etsy [or maybe both WHO KNOWS] to sell some merch and goodies. Currently I am in the phase of planning, collecting ideas for possible goodies, materials etc. Planned are large vinyl stickers, charms, necklaces, posters and maybe even T-shirts. I am also thinking about tasteful furry gear and small crafted thingies such as figurines. But thats far in the future. I will focus more on the now :3

I think that might be it for now!
So yeah, this are my plans and things you might look forward to :)
Hopefully, I will be able to achieve my plans. I will work hard on this!

Much love,
Owl :heart:

First of all, I have to thank all of you who decided to take a look at my stuff and watched/rewatched me BIG TIMES.
It really means alot to me you can't believe!

I haven't set up everything fully yet, but I already feel it was such a really good decision! Only a few weeks left of studying and I finally have semester break again [which strangely this time is quite longer than the other spring breaks, but who am I to complain :V] which means, finally I can work properly and follow some plans I made plus I can spam my art now that I found my mojo back :^) Be prepared for [hopefully] some Overwatch / Warcraft art, furries, fantasy and lots and lots of dragons!
I even bought the first Wings of Fire book, I am quite interested into the series and I can't wait *v*

I am doing art / icons for 3 month premium membership. So if you are up for it, send me a note :3c

Currently closed, might be opened later <3

When I hit 100 watchers, I will hold a little raffle as a thank you from my behalf :heart:
Its still a bit to the 100, but I want to spread some good vibes to let you all know ^_^

Have a nice day and don't forget: keep calm and spam everything with dragons,