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Al: Hey Sergent. Look at the bright side, at least we're gonna see the Arm Slaves in full 3D glory!
Souske: But Zac Efron will have my role. AND HE'LL BE RIDING IN YOU!

Wow, that news really ruined my day.
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I upload my models so that other people may appreciate them and Sketchers may learn form them. Heck, I really wouldn't mind if they use them for their fanart/artwork. There's just a little thing that I want in return. Credit.

It's not that hard to type the line "Credit goes to XXX" under the image or at the bottom of the comments block right?

There are some people who would go an extra mile by claiming it's theirs. Now that really popped a vein.…
That guy loves to hide comments. Especially the ones that will put him to shame. Fortunately, I was thinking a step ahead.
"It looks identical because I used your model as reference"(not the actual words though)
Oh really... even the details under the shield?

I would've let this matter pass since he initially didn't claim the model to be his original work.
Despite this, I will still upload my future Sketchup works on the 3D warehouse.
My RX-78-2 Gundam model won't get it without your help. Thank you very much! :D
I've signed up for CAD training and I'll start on Friday this week, so no SkecthUp projects til I finish my month long course.
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