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Drawing Realism: Part One

Part two: [link]

So this is PART ONE of about 4 or 5 parts (maybe more like 7 parts? lol) for my super huge tutorial I am working :D

I have a lot of people asking how I use the tissue for blending, so it inspired this super tutorial!!!!

Not even finished with the eyes yet lol and this took at least three hours. I might be done over half the piece by now otherwise! jeez :aww:
Love making things like this though!

:bulletblue: Let me know if it helped at all and if there is anything you would like covered in the next part!!! and sorry for all of the spelling mistakes, in all of my 'trying to pay attention to detail', I forgot to go over for spelling errors lol :bulletblue:

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This is a great tutorial! It really helped me proportion and space everything out better.
illogan's avatar
I'm so glad to hear it helped!!!! I haven't had much feedback from anyone on whether this helped or not! :D
I'm glad it did for you! :)
Lilswimmer325's avatar
I'm glad you made it so it could help!
solid-paradox's avatar
OMGsh! I love your dog! I have a cat that lives off affection, love and kisses... would that work? :aww:
karlarei2003's avatar
Okay, I have everything except...uh oh.

WHERE'S MY SMALL DOG!? *looks under couch*
illogan's avatar
the small dog is important!! If you can't find him/her under the couch, I do suggest getting a picture of a dog, and cutting it out, and putting it near your art drawing area.
lol :clap:
karlarei2003's avatar
Alrighty. I'll definitely have one before I start working!
i like this. this is the cutest little dog...what's his name?
illogan's avatar
her name is Ariel, she is my tomboy crazy dog!!! :D lol
awwww.sorry,I dint mean to say it was a boy..I like your gallery a lot..who else should I look for since Im new on da?.who are some of your favorites that are inspiring like you? you remind me of my older sister accept she gets on my last [link] you have best friends on here?.soorry for all the dumb questions
i like this. this is the cutest little dog...what's his name?
Trish-the-Stalker's avatar
I love you, and your puppy. This was the coolest thing ever, including part 2.
illogan's avatar
awww sweet :D
Thank you soooo much!!! :love:
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Good luck with the tutorial. But honestly, they are things you just can't teach.
illogan's avatar
There are loads of tips and techniques that can be taught! I just had to figure out a lot if not all of them on my own because I didn't have internet most of my lfie lol
walking-on-air's avatar
Ooh this is great! :D Can't wait for the rest!
illogan's avatar
thank you for the comment! hopefully i can get the rest up soon D:
mariesini's avatar
Great I'm really looking forward to see the whole tutorial.
illogan's avatar
thank you for the comment! I hope to complete it soon!
patricemarie's avatar
cool this is going to be awesome when it is finished! Thanks for doing this. Tutorials are so helpful, I'm always really happy when someone takes the time to do one.
smoochypooprincess's avatar
it's already helping me, can't wait for the rest!
illogan's avatar
I'm glad it did!! :D
I think I'm working on the next segment today :)
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it's really helpful for me! i love you really .. :D it's awesome
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