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Been absent a lot...which fills no one with surprise because I suck at keeping up with shit.  I do have a range of new and glorious excuse though so here goes.

I hurt my back in the fall...had surgery in the spring, and am better.  Mostly.

This is mostly a perfect storm of horrible timing though because around the same point that this went down, my mother in law's life also sort of fell apart.  She's moving in with us.  Now...I can hear the collective sound of folks expressing sympathy for such an awful thing as to have your MIL move in with you.  Cease.  I love her.  She and I are like the same person  in many ways (which says something about my husband no doubt...) except she's a total extrovert while I am the living definition of introvert.

However, our little house is NOT gonna hold us, our crap, our 2 cats, 1 doofus dog, and her, her 3 cats, and her monumental collections.  She's got more collections than I do and she's been at it longer.  She had a 4 bedroom house.

I say had because we ordered a new house, packed her up, and put her things in storage.  We gave away over 250 boxes of things...and still had around 300 to move.  Her home was in Miami...ours 3.5 hours north of that.  So I've been spending most weekends driving down to help her pack and sort and clean.  All while I'm not supposed to be bending or lifting.  Heh.  I am not a good patient.

Our new house will be epic if we get in.  The top floor has a bonus room that will strictly be for the nerdy stuff.  We plan to do it up...complete with a set up for every old gaming system we own all set up with the current systems.  We will pretend to be grownups downstairs.  That will be epic has a fancy tile backsplash and everything.  I keep having dreams where I'm not allowed in because I'm too silly to live in a place with a fancy tile backsplash.  Somebody stands at the door and tells me I'm not cool enough to go in.

The stress of all this is exhausting.  We won't even put our current house up for sale until we're out of it.  There's no way we can show this place with all of us plus 6 pets.  I am NOT looking forward to paying 2 mortgages at once, so we hope it sells fast once we're gone.  :(  I really love our house.  I wish we weren't moving, but hopefully we will find good people to take care of it.  Anybody looking to move into the Tampa area?  I've got a nice little 3 bedroom with a silver office for Transformers toys.   (The realtor did her best not to faint with horror....)

I will attempt to answer messages later today, but I did want people to know why I'm such a lurker/slacker THIS time.
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Pajunen Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2019
Thank you for the fav!
AuroraMoonfire Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2019
You still hanging in there? I've managed to write a little bit each day for awhile now. Nothing is being written in a linear fashion still. Feels like putting together a 1,000 piece puzzle without knowing the full picture. :) Poetry has always been easier for me. I may at some point pick your brain over a few ideas of mine. Hopefully your back has improved and no other body systems have given you more trouble. 
illmatar Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2019
Pick my brain on writing when it returns from real life craziness.
illmatar Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2019
I guess. At the hospital for scheduled back surgery...been here for 8 hrs food since midnight. Surgery is held back for some emergency for hours now. Must be bad. Sorry for whomever it is but alsoHUNGRY!
AuroraMoonfire Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2019
Holy shit balls girl! I hope you made it through surgery okay. Hopefully now you won't be in such pain. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger, right? What did they do to you? 

I'm not ready for any brain picking just yet and will certainly wait until you are ready. Actually talking about some of the ideas I have are a little embarrassing but I figured you'd get it cause **gestures at Maelstrom**. The only other person I would have bounced ideas off of turned out to be psycho.

Sending healing your way! 
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