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Vitruvian Cipher



Maybe not that original, but I still thought it to be a good idea and wanted to do it.

Cipher has had some major development personality-wise since Infractus Fatality. He's still an enigma, and still avoid violence, although is somewhat less focused on being fair.
He's also a bit more angsty/depressed than before, but hides that well with his lack of a face.

The 'Vitruvian man' illustration belongs to Da Vinci.

I should also note that Cipher's kind doesn't have genitals. Even if they'd be able to reproduce, there's no way their children would have the same abilities as them.
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orignalty is secondary to put ity out there with your own spin on it, which ya did. I got a machine man character by name of cipher as well, though he started human.