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A Kiss

By illli
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I couldn't put down my tablet cuz tomorrow is Monday...T_T

I didn't check mature content but 'M a little bit worry about M/M kiss.
Hope you're not disappointed or this not gonna make you sick.

Anyway, this scene came from my MOST favorite fanfic, The Propensities of Good Men ch.6 [link]
I tried to depict as possible as I can.
oh, and It's supposed to Dean kiss to Cas in this fanfic but I made mistake. sorry....
o, or, MAYBE my hand moved itself, hmm~
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Ugh. Cas, why you so handsome?
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I love what Cas says here XD
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I love Cas!! He says it's weird, but then he dives in for a kiss anyway!! X3
So cute!!
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ok i gotta tell you a secret. tomorrow i should go to school.. but i didn't feel well today... but not too bad, just a little bit. i playing with the thought of staying at home tomorrow. you just convinced me to do so XD and you actually didn't do anything. (except drawing BEAUTIFUL AND SWEET DESTIEL THINGS AWW!)
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Thank you so FREAKING much for showing me this fanfic.
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.........:la: lovez :heart:
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awwwwww!!!! this is adorable!!! *hand sneaks to favorites*
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ooooh that's lovely!
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OMG!This is fantastic, I'm now going to go and read The Propensities of Good Men, excuse me.
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..... What more can I really say, hm?
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how 'bout say LOVE DESTIEL? lol
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Maaaay-be.:] Maybe not... :D
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I have been reading this fanfic now, and I am seriously... XD THIS IS HOT :D I luv your works :hug:
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oh, thank you dear~ :hug:
and I'm sure u will enjoy the fanfic as it's gonna be more and more interesting!
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I am already at eleventh chapter ^-^ Ohmygosh O-o This is incredible :D
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oops, already? then you came close to the final, 4 more left.. surely incredible yayaya! XD
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yay! Dean is taller! I knew it! Cause Misha is the shortest of the three. I love ur art with them. :hug:
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thank you so much and 'm glad u enjoyed! :hug:
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I'm on the final part, havent slept for three days streight as I wanted to read it from the beggining befor i read the end! And i've still been crying but even more over parts I cried at last time. Its so beautiful. luvin da fic <3
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oh, u finally got through all the fics! way to go!!
Yea it was a bit sad sometimes but also beautiful.. just fantastic, got no word can describe the love story isn't it? lol

anyway.. worry for late rep, I was a bit busy these days...
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