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I honestly didn't want to make a journal about my commissions again but I want a thing and don't have enough points. PLEASE PITY ME Screeching  ADDED SOME SHIZZ (weep)

The Swine's Commissions

Commission info sheet by Illiterate-Swine

Examples and Additional Info.

Lineart has a good enough example

Price for Lineart and Headshots---- 5Points 

Coloured Examples:

Crem :gift: by Illiterate-SwineLacey :gift: by Illiterate-Swine

Price---- 10Points 

Coloured + Shading Examples:

Straw biter :commission: by Illiterate-Swine


Coloured+Shading w/ Background:

Pride Forest  (speedpaint link below) by Illiterate-Swine

Magic Tactics :commission: by Illiterate-Swine


Also Ref Sheets and Icons/Pagedolls:

Now, It's been a while since I've made a legitimate Pagedoll/Icon so the given example will be old so just imagine it but if I drew it as of recently


Alleyne's ref (2018) by Illiterate-Swine

Jasper ref by Illiterate-Swine

Supe llama by Illiterate-Swine ---- animated Icons and Pagedolls are a free option

Halloween bean by Illiterate-Swine  ------ Most likely what my icons will look like but w/o banner

Price for Icons/Pagedolls/Ref.Sheets/Animated etc---10Points 


  • I will draw anything (humans, furries, gore etc)
  • Additional Character(s) are still only 2Points each (4 characs. max) 
  • Lineless art is optional (no additional fee cause I like doing it)
  • I will work on it as soon as you ask and send ref of character(s)
  • Please send points (I don't think I should have to say this but after not being paid 3 times, I'm just trying to play it safe)
  • Don't badger me for the commission. I still have a crappy set up and school. The last thing, I need is to be reminded of something I am a hundred percent working on.
  • If I don't post it as soon as I hope, I will contact you. Don't flip

Let's have sum quality fun…

Imma make another one of these useless journals soon (•^-)
Cheraylove is dead yuss. ugh I used that for about everything and its kinda confusing cause I have to remember all the different passwords and stuff.

I guess you can still call me Cheray.
So here's the contest, check it out…

Peeps I tag

Kittenpaws360 anime101rose FizzyMiddyZ Music-Boat ChowieTheWhaleKitty Crippling-Depression
She wanted someone to gives her a shout and I personally believe she deserves it.
Well this is her ---> :iconwhizzerbrown:

I don't usually do these type of things but she is so close to 200 so pls helps her out. Also if you do go watch her, awesome.
If you pretend you didnt see this, thats fine. I don't mind.

(I'm not sure if she is a she or a he. I'm merely guessing so sorry if I guessed wrong)
OK! Im out for summer and just like last year I'm opening my requests. Soo all Summer long I'm going to do requests. Spread the word peeps. Also I'm going to start over my OQBW comic. I redesigned the girls and Chains. I'm going to delete the old ones and this new one might be digital, maybe. But thats it hope you all have a awesome summer and don't be scared to make a request.

Bye ~Cheray~
I was tagged by Rushingwater2 

1. Whats your favouri food?

2. Whats your Fave Youtuber? 
Jacksepticeye and the kubz scouts

3.whats your fave colour?

4Do you like yandere sim?
I love it

5.How do you like your veggies?
\6.Are you vegan? {i shortened the question}

7. What kind of music do you listen to?
I love any type of music

8. Will I enter your contest?
Sure, why not?

9.What do yI think about you? 
You seem really nice

10.Are you a bully or a victim?
Im neither

11.If i watch aphmau, who do i ship?
I only started watch aphmau so no one yet.

12.Do i miss the challenges? 

13. none. i dont like them

the 13 peeps i tag
Anyone. i dont know and i dont wanna. sorry

the 13 questions;
1. Quick, the worlds about to end!! What do you take in the vault with you?
2: Whats your Fav painting?
3. Would you rather have terrible friends or none at all?:
4: Doughnuts or Ice cream?
5:Minecraft or Terriria?
6: Who is you fav Fnaf character?
7: Do you get proper sleep?
8: What is the last thing you watched on youtube
9: Tell me about your ships?
10: What will you tell your children when you get older to annoy them?
11: Who made this tag? { I really want to know who had the time to type this}
12: Why don't you take a walk today?
13: Whats you lucky number? 

Im sorry that it took long but this was hard to type with one hand
I dont do them but I kind of like this one so I'm gonna do it. I was tagged by :iconbubbly-storm:

1. Post these rules.
2. Post 8 facts about your character.
3. Tag 8 other characters.
4. Post their names along with their creators' avatars.

Character: Tiger Lily

1: Tiger Lily is 19
2: Her birthday is October 18 {Thats when I made her}
3: She is a private detective when needed 
4: She is bi sexual (I guess you knew that already}
5: She dosen't like when people make fun of her friends
6: She does not know how to fight or understand what war really is
7: She is scared of the dark, clowns and beetles
8: Tiger lily's occupation is a garderner.

I tag: I dont really have anyone to tag. sorry

Im going to do the others like this……
So I just wanted to say a couple of things. First of, I used Twai's fox creator for my profile pic. I tried to make Dashing it came out pretty good so check it out on Doll Divine. Secondly, My comic, OQBW is still active I have been working on it almost everyday now. So Im going to begin to post again. Also, Ive been trying to limit the number of people in it since I dont want to put some of my very current and used ocs in it so please dont be looking for Sasha and Dia or any others. Lastly, I just wanted to say hi. I am in to many things and I barely get to talk to half... most of the peeps that follow me so thats it. 

2016. A new year and new me. I lied I'm still gonna be lazy. But I hope you guys enjoy your night and I'm gonna post something in the morning. I'm really tired and I just came back from church. So you guys know how it is.

Thanks for being patient with me this year. Love ya, Cheray
My passport is finally on its way. I don't have to be alone anymore. But for now, I need more sleep. Three days without sleep isn't really normal for me.