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WOC: character lineup 1 (desc for more info) by Illiterate-Swine WOC: character lineup 1 (desc for more info) by Illiterate-Swine
Oki, so I wanted to start a new comic. OQBW is still going to be a thing and I already started the first page. I just don't wanna post it yet. These four are the only main characters I'll need for the first 2/3 chapters but I have more to make for later chapters. I actually wrote everything before hand so I know what I'm doing unlike how I started OQBW.
This might be a bit length. So starting from left to right:

Augustine Watts, The Emperor of the Covenant: Well, he's more of a tyrant, he lead his army into the Covenant and brought havoc to it's streets. The people soon surrender and he took over. Augustine is a strong believer of absolutism and does anything to increase his power outside the Covenant.

Alice Watts, Augustine's only daughter and Empress of the Covenant: Alice was only six at the time Augustine takes control of the Covenant. She appears soft spoken and kind but as she ages, she begins to exhibits her father's cruel behavior. To the people, she is believed to be even worse after her father disappears and leaving her in totally control of the country

Daemon St.Vincent, a lone warrior: Daemon was three when his mother was executed and taken in by Augustine. Augustine, who didn't have any sons, raised Daemon to be a ruthless knight to replace all the deemed incompetent ones. Augustine and Daemon never really formed a close relationship but Daemon grew attached to Alice. During Alice's rule, Daemon stayed as her second in command. After a while, Daemon leaves the covenant by the demand in Augustine's will.

Wednesday St.Vincent, Daemon's mother and the high priestess: Wednesday had a vision about the falling of her beloved country. In fear of her son's life, Wednesday hides Daemon away in their little cottage. Raids were conducted throughout the city and Wednesday's actions soon caught up with her. Augustine had ordered her to be locked away and executed for having such a high rank in the Covenant and refusing to accept Augustine as her new ruler.

(after the second cast lineup sheet, I will probably never type this much again. Also I know what a Covenant is, I just want it to be the name of this empire)
JazzTrash Featured By Owner May 18, 2017  Student General Artist
oh where do i begin??
Austin watts - love his info, sweet and to the point , his get up compliments his personality so well, fuzzy boot and coat gives that rich but roughness i see in his face And the gauntlets/ his hands , he's really working that gold very nice!The rough hair too, and his fuzzy beard , its lovely . i'm interested in the story behind his leg being as it is but i'm sure that is in due time! Personally maybe to me a , i suggest different red to the coat or slash  around him, it seems like that is blending a bit in the coat but like i said that 's just me. 

Alice Watts- i like how you dont tell she is 100% bad at the beginning but  that she just learns from her dad , then grow worse than him~ Its an interesting intake on that scenario~.    But first, she hot ok! like a total dominatrix ~ the detail in her hair catches me the most as well as idk maybe her lipstick, deadly red <3

Daemon- hot hot hotie , he looks s well kept a clean boy<3  interesting he was to replace the king but the daughter gets the kingdome instead, but alas she is by blood.  special eye there has me interested~

Wednesday: oh this lady looks powerful , its sad she had to die! what a good mom to hide her son- makes me think other singing  that Prince of Egypt song  Deliver us , the part the mother sings~  the green you choose for her outfit complements her skin color and her eyes intrigue me 

cant wait to see more of this story and how it play out! as well as the new characters!
Illiterate-Swine Featured By Owner May 18, 2017  Student Digital Artist
Thank you, I honestly had more fun writing about them then drawing them.
Out of these 4, I'm mostly proud of how Augustine came out. Also I shall have Augustine explain how he lost his leg. Probably, when he's training Daemon or I'll have Alice explain to him.

Wednesday's short time in the comic will be very eventful. I don't want to make her just background noise just because she dies early in. But she will be referenced to a bit after death.
After Daemon leaves the covenant, he won't take off his helmet much. So he'll slowly become a wasted beauty lol
I'm not sure if I'm going to make the comic or the next character list after this, I just don't want to give out too much plot through the character descriptions.
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