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WOC: Character lineup 3: Outlanders by Illiterate-Swine WOC: Character lineup 3: Outlanders by Illiterate-Swine
Ok, this is the last set of main ish characters

Bull, The exiled general of the Covenant: Besides, being exiled from the Covenant. Bernard's life was pretty unfortunate. (Due to Wednesday's curse, of course)  Bernard used to be Daemon's sparring partner and close friend. Augustine had her exiled on the belief that she was plotting the assassinate him and Alice.

Cresto, Merchant of the outlands: A professional thief and merchant. He cheats his way around and isn't easily identifiable since his method of camouflage is to dress like a turtle. He burnt his skin with a type of acid that turned it green and a strange texture. If caught, he hides in his bag for protection. Cresto came across Bull when he tried to take her armor set. Bull ended up allowing him to sell her helmet for a place to stay, he agreed to the terms and now they travel together.

Thalia Dias, head servant in Alice's court: Daemon placed Alice in Thalia's care the week before he had to leave the covenant. Filled with too much fear to work for Alice, Thalia tried to leave to the Covenant multiple time but all her attempts failed. She gave in and began putting more effort into her job. Thalia and Alice eventually got along and began to tolerate the each other.

I know Thalia isn't technically from the outlands but I couldn't fit her anywhere else. 
Bull is in fact a female. I honestly made her for jokes in the begging but now I want her to be a more serious (maybe) character
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