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Beneath Us is an ocean of superiority. Humans reign supreme, Our technology ruling the planet. Animals cower before the steel hand of Man and His M.A.D. dream of domination. Jaguars, Mustangs, Beetles, and Impalas race across the planet on midnight tracks, and purr underneath Man’s delicate touch. Tucked away in safe cages at night, after a day of guiding Man. Osprey, Black Hawks, and Eagles are at home in airways, soaring through history. Little feathers discharge from steel wings tearing through and terrorizing Man, their roaring battle cries a reminder of Man’s gluttony for dominance over each other. The Seahorse an
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Favorite Color: Black

Age: somewhere between 18 and 30

Hello, I love video-games and discussing headcannons and lore, so don't be shy.

Favourite Games
Kingdom Hearts, FF VII, FF X, FF XII, Devil May Cry
Other Interests
Animals, the Planet

Mutations for 2020 Mutation Contest!

Mutations for 2020 Mutation Contest!

1) Mylan (MY-lin) (MyMy, Mymy, mymy) *NOT to be confused with Myrnin Appearing as a white marking version of the natural "Brindle" gene, this mutation covers all others in a homozygous-dominant form, and under all other mutations in its heterozygous form. It does not show at all in its homozygous recessive form. Can be minimal, medium, or maximal coverage on the horse. **Does NOT spread to head or legs **No effect on hooves or eyes **Supports mane stripes. **Stripes are NOT speckling colored! 2) Leavmealon (LEV-meh-lon) (LfLf, Lflf, lflf) Companion to FlowPow gene. This mutation affects the white markings and chimera markings of horses

To Do List

To Do List

Finish up the requests from the Year Round Padro Event Shedu Island: Get Zuri started with some single RPs, Might get another Malkan Solloby's surprise gift Bao's special gift 1/2 drawn GET WRITING!!!!!

Final Fantasy XII Fanfiction

Final Fantasy XII Fanfiction

Hey all, just thought I would drop this idea down here in hopes that someone is interested in reading it in the future or discussing headcannons and things. (Untitled) Vayne x Original Female Character (slight?) Q (stand in name) is an orphan growing up in the streets of Rabanastre. Together with her two "brothers", she does chores and runs errands for the Supply shop owner, Migelo. She yearns for adventure outside the city gates, tired of killing sewer rats in the Garamscythe Waterway. Her brothers are no exception. Their favorite past time is to see what the Marksmen and Hunters bring into the Bazaar from their kills. Inspired, the three

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