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Son of Mars -prequel-


Do I not destroy my enemies when I make them my friends? -Abraham Lincoln

Hey, hey, Remember back in Son of Mars when Abe offered a penny for Jake's soul? Death replied: "Not this time your majesty."
So who was the first?

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There's a message in ancient Greek. What's the translation?
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Talitha koum: "Little girl, I say to you, get up!"

It's from a story from Mark 5:…
So emotional. So beautiful.
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"She will hold the deathless in check"
Nice prediction!
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Dude, this is great work. The final panel makes it perfect with for foreshadowing to the fries-eating, adding the element of bitter-sweetness
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What's billy doing there?
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Abe forgot to mention she'll also do things to that princess that'd make even the most jaded sex worker blush.
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whoa...once again, you continue to be-looow my mind.
keep them coming, you creative genius, you!
gracias por el gran trabajo de arte acabe de ler la version en espanõl
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What do the words on the. 10th panel mean?
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What is Billy doing there?
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But how did he end up there?
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Abe lincoln is quoting jesus
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Abe lincoln - jesus christ much.
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did billy kill marcy?!?!!
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Not intentionally ;)
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Panels 9 and 12.
Nice reference work there!
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Good on you for catching the reference :D
"I will no longer accept a penny the next time we meet, your majesty..."

Sneaky, on Death's part as well as yours :D

I get the impression that this corresponds to the 'fine print' that's such an infamous part of contracts, especially deals with the Devil/Death. 

I absolutely love your work. I have the highest hopes for you! It would be wonderful to see what you could do with an entire comic, supported by the AT crew...but in the meantime, don't stop being awesome
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I appreciate it :) True Death wouldn't make bargains like that, but they seemed like friends :)
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My have now taken a liking to the following characters: Death, Abraham Lincoln, and Hunson Abadeer
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I already like Marceline. :)
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