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<<<Please ignore this post if you're not into Kingdom Hearts YAOI! Thank you!>>>

This is a post about the Terra/Ventus(TerraVen) pairing of Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep. For more info on the characters, please visit KHBBS official website -

The point of this post is: I will feature your TerraVen fanart/fanfic/icons works in this post! Comment on this journal to provide me the links, thank you!

Also, feel free to comment here about what you think of this pairing. No flamming please! NO SPOILERS please!


1. It has to be your own creation.

2. If it's an icon collection, it has to be made out of official game arts or game screenshots. (please stop stealing arts from dA or Pixiv to make icons!)(btw you can use my pics to make icons though, I don't mind =v=a <3)

3. No flamming of any other pairings/characters.

4. It has to be, of course, Terra x Ventus. (not necessarily to be YAOI/BoyLove. just these two together is okay <3 oh and it doesn't matter who tops lolol)

This journal will be updated weekly. (hopefully)


:heart:update Sep 11:heart:

HIIII GUYSSS!!!!! NA BBS is finally out!!!1!!!!1!! oh god I'm so excited orz have you all played the game by now? I already beat it of course |D

SO what do you think of the terra/ven pairing now? please tell me anything!! anything you think of the game is okay, please comment to let me know. THANK YOU.

sorry for my absence lately, I've been really busy with works and life and stuff...


2. Hi -- Colored by :iconcakoir:

1. Please, Stay by :iconrumbleroarthelion:

1. colored woaini by :iconwatashiveracasan:

3. TerraVen Fall into Darkness  by :iconrinkulover4ever50592:

1. TerraVen W.I.P. by :iconlittle-caitlin:… - Lovely Terraven icon made by :iconmeleiyu: thank you so much dear!


:heart:.:TerraVen Screenshots:.:heart:

TerraVen screenshots Vol.2 download
TerraVen screenshots Vol.1 download

WARNING: Major Spoilers inside. Download at your own risk.


:heart:.:TerraVen ARTS:.:heart:

1. 0w0 2. I will follow you into the dark 3. huuuuug 4. Long long ago 5. NO SHOWER NOOOO 6. kitty nap 7. u_u 8. woaini 9. iloveutoo 10. hi 11. kitty nap 2 12. I know 13. I'll come back to you 14. ZzzzzzzzZzz 15. stars

lineart (please feel free to color them)

by me

1. snow white 2. eating 3. oh 4. TERRA VEN by :icon7cher:

1. Commission 85 by :iconkitten-chan:

1. TerraVen Horizon 2. TerraVen Afterglow by :iconrinkulover4ever50592:

1. Terra x Ven for illbewaiting 2. Terra x Ven Sunset Love by :iconroxas-destiny:

1. Because I Love You by :iconmagic-the-echidna:

1. TerraxVen by :iconjolynnmangaka:

1. TerraVen by :iconartmuffin-chan:

1. TerraVen by :iconlamentfull-miss:

1. VenTerra_Fat n' Happy by :iconahllydeze:

1. Smile by :iconstarphones:

1. Blow Me Away by :iconnamineh:

1. I Love Only You 2. Kiss On The Nose 3. Kiss On The Neck by :iconxxnumber13roxasxx:

1. Don't Go -- Colored by :iconcakoir:

1. Friends by :iconmonkeystorm9:

1. terraven by :icon7cher:

1. BBS-rrawwrr by :iconleojiaz:

1. Our Destiny by :iconxtwoheartsx:

1. scary movies - terraven by :iconshugotenshii:


:heart:.:TerraVen FANFICS:.:heart:

1. Reunion (warning: MAJOR SPOILERS) by :iconx-chaoticdawn-x:


:heart:.:TerraVen CLUBS:.:heart:

:bulletblue: :iconterraxven: :bulletblue:

:bulletblue: :iconterra-x-ven: :bulletblue:


:heart:.:TerraVen LINKS:.:heart:

:bulletblue: Terra x Ven Y-Gallery Club :bulletblue:
:bulletblue: Terra x Ven Fanfiction :bulletblue:
:bulletblue: Terra x Ven LJ Community :bulletblue:

(anyone make a TerraVen community on FFN please? :3)


please comment if you have anything to show me! I really appreciate it! >3<


Commission STATUS: still on hiatus! *SHOT*

Commission List:

hoshiko2 - 50%/0%
wolffeather - 0%
NinjaNobody - 0%
MoonlightSunlight - 0%
Mrs-E-Sparrow - 0%
dantemasta - 0%
Yuuhiko - 0%

NOTE: I don't read notes/messages/request etc, because dA's message center doesn't work for me! Sorry.



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