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Available on apparel items here; [link]

A portrait piece of Lugh, a light deity, but in short he's good at everything he does. Let into Tara in a time when only the best artisans were let in. They pretty much had the master in every art&craft type there was, but when Lugh asked them if they had anyone that was a master at ALL crafts they admitted they didn't, and he got in.

He's featured here with the spear that, in the Welsh version of one of his tales, pierces a stone to kill the hunter which had an affair with his wife. And, in the irish version, he himself is killed by it, after his wife finds out a way to kill Lugh and tells her lover.

He's also holding a stone sling, which Lugh used to disable Balor's (his evil grandfather, Champion of the Fomorians) all-destructive eye. In other versions Lugh blinded Balor with a spear made by Goibniu, and thus we return back on the spear.

Knotwork is done with gold inks, and some silver dots.

Better image version, plus print file has now been provided
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Hi :wave:

I'm writing an article (for a free french webzine : [link]) on men and sacred males/divinities.
Can I use your a reproduction of your creation (with your credits and link of course) ?
Thanks for your attention !

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Hiya Xael! As long as it is for non-profit work, and my full name and website is mentioned I'm happy enough :)
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I love this version of Lugh. keeps with the traditional artwork style.
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Many thanks! If you like this one, do check out the portrait of Morrigan as well :)
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I love the colors! also, thanks for the info behind the picture, really brings it to life.
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Thank you kindly!
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Hi your exquisite art has been featured here:[link]
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Wonderful work :).
I think you may be interested in the Medieval-Fantasy Group. If not, please ignore this! It's a young group (I've founded it yesterday) but we are now open to new members . The purpose of our group is to find people who love the whole Medieval culture, and create things more or less connected to that period. We happily visit drawings/sculptures etc of knights, dragons, elves, people, people who reconstruct weapons, adornments and outfits. You can always join more than one group
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Sounds grand! We're can I find this group?
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Great work, I envy your Celtic knot work, when ever I try the simplest of knot designs it falls apart like a ball of string.
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Thank you kindly Cybopath! And don't give up, just keep trying :)
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Oh, this is beautiful!
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Thank you kindly :)
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Oh my god, this is amazing! It looks like an illustration from one of the old books :)
I've felt like I've had a connection with Lugh recently, and I'm not entirely sure why...I should really look into it more.
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Thank you so much! Lugh can be a gem to work with, but be careful you don't end up being used
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You're very welcome!
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