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Entu Nadia of Craven

A noble girl who was born with a gift... but it was manipulated and abused by her house. She was the center of a false religion, and the House depended on her to gain capital. For fifteen years, she never knew anything else until one fateful stormy night. Her father committed the ultimate taboo and kidnapped her.

Forced to leave her with two runaway servants, Rion and Zain, they were left in charge of getting her out of the House's reach and into the Southern Lands. But with a desperate and vengeful House running after their heels, their journey left no room for luxury travel. Forced to abandon her noble heritage, Nadia experienced life as a commoner and the trials of traveling with a short-tempered hybrid boy and a veteran guard of the House.


Brief synopsis of an rp that is still ongoing. Anyway, kinda wanted to make fanart of my character as it finally hit a stage in the rp that I've been planning for AGGGGGGGES.

Anyway, wanted to put some practice in. 
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This is a very good premise for a very amazing story, One that has kinds of action, drama, romance, and adventure, withing the description. I love the design as well, reminds me of Haku from Spirited Away, only merged with Seiryuu in Chinese folklore, and a lover. I truly love this, and hope to see more soon. One other main key concept is how the story is started from this one piece of art. I for one love this dragon design, it shows off its curiosity, and hunger for food with fish. I truly can't wait for more. Well done.
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Looks kind of like Haku from Spirited Away
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oooooo *admires and bows to awesomness* so cool! :D
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The awesomeness and beauty is overwhelming!^^
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It's so beautiful
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Woah!! This is SUPER cool! Great Job!!! :D
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Dang wow. Awesome work here^^ I love the way you draw your dragons. Such a graceful design!
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This is simply beautiful! Fantastic pose and I really like the atmospheric feel to this!
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Hey my name is Nadia x)
Beautiful work ^^
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pretty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Cho Kyuhyun Shocked 
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Amazing!! I wish I can draw like you
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Neat story! I always enjoy those sorts of stories tbh
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Ah yes, it came out beautifully! :) Nice job!
And a fine synopsis of the roleplay as well~
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Looks great :) I like this style^^
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this is beautiful ;v; I really love the shading and hues!
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whaooo beautiful :)
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Very cool, your oc ?
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this is absolutely stunning! I love it so much :D
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She looks beautiful. Amazing work!
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Very beautiful! I love how smooth and flowing your line-work is. Nice job.
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