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Hey, I really like the art. I am looking for art to use for a card game I am creating and this would fit perfectly with the theme; do you mind if I use it? (its for a prototype but still I am asking to make sure)
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This guy seems to be stealing your art and selling it on Ebay.
You should report him and help get him banned. 
I know another guy whose art he's stolen, and, though he's been reported for it, his stuff is still up for sale.…
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Thanks Joseph. I will report him.
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Hope he gets banned, fined, whatever can happen.
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great character, i love the style!
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Interesting take on the Satyr- like how you have gone for a different take.
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I like this picture. It is a good scene, the different grounds look well-separated, but the figure if my favorite part of this. Hardcore. Keep it up!
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Oh brother, is he that certain someone you would not wish to meet in a jungle or some back alley...

Brutal and excellent !
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Very cool character!
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