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Amazing composition and I do feel the mood of the character who must be strong and powerful.

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Love the whole composition here. Simple in brush stroke allowing the eye to breath yet beautifully detailed in the right areas. Keep it up!!

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SOOO AMAZING! :D Love the values and lines wow <3
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This is amazing ^u^
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really great work !
i love the feeling in this piece.
"the silent knight" is the title that came to me ever since i saw this picture.
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A more humble pose on the subject's part would make this work excellent.  Nevertheless, it's still really good because of the atmosphere.  Mysterious, gloomy but in a really peaceful way.  
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This is gorge. I love the contrast and details on the cape.
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you know composition – this is fantastic! The lighting, atmosphere – I feel like I'm standing there, behind the knight... and nice use of lighting – bravo! 
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Great!, I can feel the challenge between the knight and the mountain, with that imposible and defiant edge pointing straight to the knight.
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Lighting: Excellent, muted and yet more than adequate.
Colors: Well-controlled, enhancing the image and providing focus but not distracting.
Proportions of the figure: Beautifully accurate.
Attention to detail in costume and scenery: Superb without being in any way disproportionate. (I love the drape of his cape over his left leg.)
Composition: This is where this painting blows me away. The way you have it arranged - the foreground slope with the knight standing on it contrasted with the background peak - creates a sense both of stillness and a hanging, fragile tension. I don't see anything happening in particular to break that tension, but it's still there, humming in the background like a plucked cello string. Everything is so still, and yet... and yet... Masterful.
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Whew, reading this I was sure you were going to get to something you think is horrible about the picture :) Glad you like it!
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Sorry, didn't mean to panic you - I just like to be specific about what I like in an image, rather than saying generally "this is cool", because it gives credit to the individual pieces and parts that make a wonderful painting what it is. I very much like it. :D
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Great picture ! Love it!
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Sweet, I hope he or she has a weapon on the other side, all defense makes for a hard offense. Post more often man I love your stuff its way inspiring! 
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Pondering where he'll build his castle? :)
Great work!
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amazing, I love the edges and shapes you've created in this piece. Really captivating!
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just wow.. wow 
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