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the Doctor and Captain America

for a weekly thing I'm doing at [link]
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Considering the Doctor’s track record, I think it’s safe to say she never got it (or got it five mins before she died at least). 😕
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So you're the one who did this! I had this as my background for my phone for the longest time! Well done, I love it!
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That is, actually heartbreaking. I normally hate Dr. Who stuff, but I really, really like this a lot.
rababco's avatar
Aww, this is really sweet.
xwwextacox13x's avatar
Awwww! I don't follow doctor who but this is adorable!
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Well done sir.
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OMGOMG!!! I love this! :DD
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awe....~ the feels..
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Love your work! Really felt bad for Peggy and Cap, and it's great how the Doctor is willing to help. I think this might be the first Doctor Who crossover I've seen with a superhero character.
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:iconcrycryplz: So many feels right now!!

This is such a WONDERFUL idea!!!
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What a really cute idea!
vapor-in-the-wind's avatar
Oh goodness. This is adorable. <3
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XD older sister, my dad and i had a crossover talk about Avenger's and Doctor Who.
Older sister: What if Tony had said "we have a time lord"
Little sister: "time lord?"
my Dad: "Doctor Who."
Me: "that would make it awesomer."
eternalpuppy's avatar
:') So sweet...
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Aw... This is adorable, great idea
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I love it when fandoms collide.
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awe this is cute
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Given who is delivering the letter it's more likely that it will end up in the hands of Uatu or maybe some random Celestial's.. Hehe! :P
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I love this. I always hated the fact that Cap would never see Peggy again. This is a brilliant solution.
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