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Ghostbusters 1,13

a page from the upcoming mini-series: "Ghostbusters: displaced aggression" (by Scott Lobdell and me, by IDW) featuring the brand new female Ghostbuster, Rachel Unglighter ;)

more info and pics... [link]
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OMFG COWS XDDD ... What about Janine D: I loved Janine! Venkman getting his butt saved by a girl.
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well issue #4 has a solo Janine backup story. ;)
writen by me and drawn by this guy [link] (this is a page from the story)
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seriously...let me guess...she is good in occult...know karate...and Egon became "a drooling puddle of hormones the instant he lays eyes on her"?...why creating a new ghostbuster when you have six already?...this is what rgb fan inside me said... but steel...i like style of drowing))
ps.sorry for mistakes.english is not my first language...
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six? there are only four ghostbusters, right?
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well...Egon,Ray,Winston,Peter...Janine can be if she wants to...and *shrudder* maybe...Loise...i dunno...mayde i'm wrong...and this comics is based on a movie...&
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Looks bitchin! Can't wait to read it.
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a female ghostbuster?О_о omg what about Janine??!!
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this totally makes me change my mind about cows o o;
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you didn't like cows?

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no no i likeow ,after saw it,i've MUCH more respect for themXD
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Looks great kai to plot fainetai endiaferon, ftanoun 4 teuxh omws gia na ginei zoumerh istoria? Krima pou paizei 8ema me ta proswpa, ton Venkman odws ton eixes petyxei mia xara!
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gamato to teras... lol
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Fainetai souper! tha to timhsoume!
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Η γκόμενα τα σπάει...
Ο Βένκμαν είναι ο Βίκτωρας;
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aaagkx eisai o deyteros poy to leei...

ok to kano kai to episimo disclaimer:
oi fatses ton xaraktiron DEN PREPEI na einai idies me tis fatses ton ithopoion gia nomikoys logoys.

Na deis kati Peter Venkman poy eixa kanei... idios o Murray. Alla...:(
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teleio....pes mu oti 8a r8ei ellada!!!???
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e opos ola ta amerikanika komiks... to paraggelneis apo ta komiksadika

(profanos tha eidopoiiso otan bgainei)
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This is an EPIC WIN! As a huge GB fan, I can say that I am looking forward to this, especially after the let down that was "The Other Side". You've already won me over with the art on this!
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great! I hope you won't be dissapointed :)
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That monster is muuuuuuuuuuuuuuucho scary! :P
iliaskrzs's avatar
heh... when I got the script I was "WTF??!"
metalformer's avatar
I can imagine that! You did a great job with that!
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