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Blue ribbon
Back home after a couple of weeks in Japan. The plan was to sketch outside but the weather wouldn't allow it. The colours (except for the strong blues) were all picked from a photo I took while on the plane.

Japan sketch dump:

Practicing side views:

First upload in a month? Life has been all sorts of hectic lately, so whatever time I’ve had left I’ve been studying (values, anatomy, balance mainly). This was an organic painting that just grew out of a sketch I had done. 

It was all done quite systematically which is good for a change, and I needed the boost in self-esteem that you get once you finish a piece. Every day I go without colouring something has me growing slowly more convinced that everything that came before was just a fluke. 

Here's some sketches I've done, focusing on keeping the lightning consistent, and the shadows-halftones-lights clearly separated:

Leo 2
Went for the opposite extreme this week, pushing other qualities of the character.
Focus this time around is on a clean separation of light/dark, simplicity of design and correct value relations. 

If you want to support me (and get access to the full scale paintings & my random musings about art) check out 


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Artist | Digital Art
Working hard to become a better artist! Finally starting to see some progress after a long time of nothing. Any comments or critique is more than welcome, no matter how harsh it is.

※I accept requests and commissions, but please be sure to check my past artwork to see what I'm comfortable with doing. My prices range from 50-100$ depending on the complexity of the piece.








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SkekKel Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Your gallery is so inspiring :) It makes me want to become better artist and each of your drawing brings smile on my face.
ili104 Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2018   Digital Artist
Thank you! It's a bumpy road, and I'm glad someone else than myself is getting something out of it.
TheArtributor Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you for becoming a member of :iconworld-of-capcom-club:
Celebrating over 6 years at dA!
Remember to treat other members well, and show support for your fav characters!
IdaeroAce Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2017  Hobbyist
You are ultimately so awesome! Love your arts! as Deydranos said, you should have more audience. There are soooo many hidden gems in here 0.0
p.s. I just found out about you from Eventhubs when I try to find someone else there lol
ili104 Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2017   Digital Artist
That really means a lot to me.

I've been down with the flu for four days now, and after the first day I joked that it was the longest I've been away from the pen in more than a year.

Three days in it started to get a bit scary. I know my own track-record when it comes to running, and just skipping a day is often enough for me to lose interest. I've been practicing really, really hard for almost two years now and thought that giving it some distance might blow up the bubble. Thankfully on the fourth day I sat down, pen in hand, eager to get started on this week's painting, and reading your comment only enhances this feeling.

Thank you.
Deydranos Featured By Owner May 6, 2017
Your paintings are great! :la: You really deserve a much bigger audience than you have right now! You should try adding some of your work to groups, I'm certain more people would love to find you!

Keep up the good work, I'm really excited to see your progress, it's very inspiring :dummy:
ili104 Featured By Owner May 6, 2017   Digital Artist
Wow, that's an extremely nice comment! Thank you :).

I know that I should be doing more promoting, spending time on the social bit too, but I still feel like my main focus must be on improving my art.
It's probably a pipe-dream -- and not only a tad unrealistic -- but I'd rather have people come here because they saw something they liked, not because I shoved it in their face. That said there's obviously a balance to be had though, and right now I'm being too much of a recluse ;)

I'll keep on trucking!
Deydranos Featured By Owner May 6, 2017
You're very welcome! :dummy:

I've been in the exact same boat as you; unfortunately there's so many artists out there, you might go unnoticed - not because of a lack of skill, but because they don't even know you exist. I found you because you were in my "newest deviations" stack right at the start of the page, which requires a truckload of luck. Yet you have also made lovely fanart of Tekken characters and if you had posted them to like a Tekken fan group, I would've discovered (and watched!) you soooo much earlier. (That Alisa one is amazing by the way c: ) You're already miles above the average deviantartist, so IMHO, you're already attracting people because of your skill :la:

TL;DR: You want people to come to your page because they saw something they liked... But how can they determine whether or not they like something, if they have never had the opportunity to see it? :meow:
ili104 Featured By Owner May 6, 2017   Digital Artist
Heh. Hence why I think that it's a balance.

You have to get lucky for sure, but you also need to have a product you can stand behind. I don't feel like I'm there yet, so right now that is my focus. I'll stay in my cocoon for a bit longer. 
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