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Fantasy Baby Creature Adopts - closed

I decided to try out some adoptables again and have been working on these between a commission :D My sister CobraVenom then decided to try out making some designs on my bases too! The top row are mine, the bottom row are her designs. If you are interested in one, please read the details below!

:bulletblue: PRICE :bulletblue:
- $10 AUD each
- 800 points
- Price is negotiable. Give me your best offer and I may accept it!

:bulletblue: Info :bulletblue:

- These adoptables are depicted as baby versions of original species that I have created. Of course you are free to draw the character however you want at whatever age.

- These horse-like creatures have tough, leathery skin. A fierce, proud race, they are well adapted to harsh environments and battle. Sharp plates of hard bone grow from their bodies and serve as protection when fighting. They grow very large and adult males display impressive horns and fins.

- Lupaerians (pronounced loop-air-ian) are creatures the size of a large dog with the wings of a bird and instead of fur, they are covered in a short coat of feathers. As hatchlings their wings are small and they are unable to fly, but as they mature they grow powerful, large wings and are able to fly long distances. They are able to grab and hold some objects with their long toes. In general they are a friendly, playful species.

- These gentle, timid creatures reside in forests in small herds and are not often seen by outsiders. They have long, thick but silky hair and a mane to protect them from the cold weather in which they live. Their large ears are very sensitive, giving the Dreons excellent hearing. They are quite small and skilled at hiding themselves as a means of escaping predators.

:bulletblue: What are Adoptables? :bulletblue:
- Adoptables are designs of a character and/or species created by an artist which you can then buy and use as a character for whatever purpose you want.

:bulletblue: RULES :bulletblue:
- You can claim as many as you want (discounts given for multiple purchases).
- Prices are negotiable.
- Adoptables can be reserved for up to 3 weeks.
- Once purchased, you can use the character for any purpose, including in art, literature, roleplays, etc.
- Credit when you use the design is appreciated but not required.
- Once purchased, you can change the design as much as you want in any way, including gender and species.
- When you purchase a character, you are allowed use and reupload the artwork for that character as long as credit is shown on or near the image. I can supply a cropped version of your adoptable(s).
- Do not resell designs.
- These are not open species.

1. - SOLD to RamenChicken
2. - SOLD to Killveous
3. - SOLD to WhingedDreamingRose
4. - SOLD to Killveous
5. - SOLD to Lycisca
6. - SOLD

If you'd like to buy one or more, please leave a comment or note with the adoptable(s) you'd like!

Credit for the reference photos goes to:

Equidron: slime-stock
Lupaerian:… xDante-stock
Dreon: Ariel-Bubbles
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Hello. As you have a No Resale stated in your description- I am asking that you buy this adoptable back from me for the price I paid for it. If this does not happen within three days I will resell it on my FA as part of a large auction of many adoptables as I am under no obligation to hold onto an adoptable I am not using.

Please see my journal for more information.

Thank you.

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Hey there, thanks for letting me know. You're welcome to sell it, I don't mind, but I would appreciate it if you sold it at no higher than the original price ($10) and perhaps if you also linked back to this deviation so the new owner knows who drew it :)
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Everyone who has KEPT their deviant art page (and not deleted their submissions) will be credited in the artist comments on the FA auction. I in no way will be claiming I drew anything (except the extra art I did of them).

thank you x
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Cool, thanks!
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Can I trade for #6?Heart 
Ilenora's avatar
Sorry, #6 is actually taken. I just forgot to update this ^^; Thanks anyway!
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how do you get points because i`ve been wondering for a long time, may you tell me how please
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Sure! FAQ #279: How do I earn Points?

'Currently, the only way to gain Points is by purchasing them yourself, or by receiving them from one of your fellow deviants.'

To buy points, go here:…

Otherwise, deviants who already have points can donate them to you as gifts, or you can do things like sell adoptables or commissions. To set up the donation widget on your page, go to your profile ~Arrancar00 and in the top right hand corner you should see an 'Edit Profile' button. Find the Widget that's called Donate Points and add that to your page. Hope that helps!
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Is #6 still available?
I guess you wouldn't take an art trade for it?
I don't really have that much points unfortunately : /
Ilenora's avatar
Sure! I would be happy to accept an art trade :la: I can send you the info of what character I'd like drawn in a note, if you'd like :)
luyfsa's avatar
I'll be waiting your note then XD
RVR-And-More's avatar
Do you take points?
Ilenora's avatar
Since the last two adoptables haven't sold yet, I will accept points for these ^_^
One would cost 800 points, however I would be happy to accept 500 :)
Killveous's avatar
I will offer $7 for 5. >w> ?
Ilenora's avatar
Oh, I'm very sorry, but 5 has been reserved already :( By someone over on my sister's account [link]
I am just in the process of updating the image to reflect this. Sorry about that! However, the other 5 are still open, and I am willing to accept $7 for any of them if you would like to claim a different one?
Killveous's avatar
Oh I am so sorry, my mistake- I through it was open. :O
No thanks, the other species wouldn't fit into any of my stories. If you will be doing more colours of 5 then I would be very interested :> the other one doesnt tickle my fancy lol
Ilenora's avatar
Yeah, I'm very sorry about that, I didn't get around to updating it before you commented ^^;
Okay then, well that one was designed by ~CobraVenom - if these ones sell well we will definitely be doing more, and in that case I'll see if she would like to do another similar one ^_^
Killveous's avatar
second thorts. Coz i chatted to friends <3

My boo likes 2 a lot and I will get that for her for $7 and possibly can I have 4 for like $6?
So thats a total of $15 for the two? :>
Killveous's avatar
killve is best at maths.

or maybe she tips as well.

Ilenora's avatar
Hehe, that's great! :la:

I would be happy to let you have #2 for $7 and #4 for $6. I'll send you a note with the email address to which you can send the PayPal payment, and they will be yours as soon as the payment comes through :happybounce:
May I just ask who #2 will be going to?
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I love the Equidron designs
Ilenora's avatar
Thanks very much! :la:
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