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No blending... yet. Just to give you an idea of how I work.
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Nov 18, 2008, 12:37:10 PM
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this is amazing! i've learnt so much from you already and there's still so much more to learn! but i'm still flabbergasted as to how you get your proportions so spot on. any tips? =)
you're a huge inspiration, by the way. =)
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See this is the kind of stuff us artist lust for! That unfinished peak into how you work!
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That is very old stuff indeed!
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haha I saw the dates after I posted but the comment holds true :-) I'm sure your technique has changed since this. Your new stuff has a smoothness to it that I don't think this could have. I also like seeing the progression of your "Glossy eyes" its very cool!
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do you use a ruler when you cross hatch?
cause i tried it... but it never looks clean like this <3
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Oh no, not at all, the point is not to get a regular patter, that's incidental - the point is to get a relatively smooth initial layer.
very impresive the expresion on her eyes very real very nice and i thin we all get the idea of how good you work is
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Very impressive! It must take a long time to do this in such detail!
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More impressive than needlework:-)
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really pretty!
you have all the veins of her eye, I like the realizem.
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Crosshatch, then blend?
I have this chronic tendency of over-smudging or over-shading.
I envy how your portraits can have a lot of white or negative space in them, and yet have so much volume.
Very nice drawing, very talented artist.
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I never go for full photorealism, so you probably must not follow my technique if that's your aim. I do lots and lots of layers of crosshatch, and the final 1-2 layers circulism. Then I might or might not blend, depending on the feel I need for the piece.
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you are a very tallented all of your works,wishi could draw like you can
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I know this is going to sound SUPER stupid but... HOW do you blend? And what paper do you use?

I want to be able to draw like you. One day, maybe, if life is very kind to me, I'll draw 1% as well as you.

Thanks for your reply in advance :D
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Blending is something that can easily be left out, sometimes I choose to blend quite a bit make things look smooth, sometimes less and sometimes not at all. The important bit is the pencil work one does before deciding whether to blend or not :hug:

I use extra smooth Bristol board - it's not easy to use as you can;t really afford to use an eraser, but worth it because of the quantity of detail it allows.
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Cool. I'll try to get my hands on some of that tomorrow. I've been drawing on cheap inkjet paper because I was struggling to find paper smooth enough to do what I want with. I will upload some trials very soon. Thanks
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neet i should try it
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Thank You so much for sharing tips!!! Ur so talented!
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oh so its not like one sided.. u blend in like a 45 degree way..
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i really wanna see u try:D
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