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Suni's Diary: The Race for a Cure!

Mon Jan 14, 2019, 9:50 AM

How to Participate in the Prompts

These are all REACTIONARY prompts meaning you show, in some way, your OC(s) reacting to the information in the prompt(s). You can do every prompt or none ... and anything in-between! These are just for fun, and the best of the best will earn rights to create special MYOs with rare or one-of-a-kind traits/pets!

RP: Come to the Discord to RP with your OCs and interact with us there!
dA: Submit an artwork (at least half body + color) or lit piece (250+ words)!

Welcome to the 2019 story arc!
Open to all of Ambaran: Ambrivans, Seresans and Haalomans!

Prompt 5: The Race for a Cure!

"The Ambrivans have come together to find a cure. But can a cure really be found among all this sickness now? Are we a little too late? ... Or maybe just in time? More and more Ambrivans turn up with the sickness every day. Even some Seresans and Haalomen are being found infected as well. Will this infection continue its spread and infect our home to its core? What will become of me, my family, my friends, and everyone else?!"

--- Suni ---

Prompt 4: The Dark Tendrils that Reach for Us...

"The trees and land are starting to darken. What are those tendrils of darkness that stretch out to touch us? Steer clear of the patches of sickness that infest the land! Is the air truly the only safe place? Yet even now, the tendrils reach skyward, seeking to clip our wings... They delve deep searching bury the merpeople of the seas... And they crisscross the land, blackening everything they touch. The Ambrivan Royals are up in arms about this now! But what do we do?!"

--- Suni ---

Prompt 3: The Sickness that Spreads...

"More and more now fall into the 'black sickness' as the Ambrivan Royals are calling it. It spreads with every movement, every touch. Will it come for us, the angels of the air? Will it taint the amber waters of our beautiful and lively world? They seem so trusting of each other though, so capable of being this way and living their lives as though all is well. Am I the only worried one? Why has this sickness chosen now to start spreading? Surely I am not the only one to feel the wind: something is coming..."

--- Suni ---
OPEN: Cursed Ambrivan - Sew'n'Spell (Female) by iLantiis  CLOSED: Cursed Ambrivan - Lashing Out (Male) by iLantiis

Prompt 2: The Darkness in the Land...

"I saw it today, the story my leaders told is true - I saw it with my own eyes! The darkness is seeping up into the land... welling up like a geyser about to explode... patches of darkness everywhere as if something were trying to break through! I am afraid, afraid of the land... so to the air I take but my wings grow weary... Where will we go? What can we do? Do we dare touch it? The scientists are alarmed now. The landfolk and waterfolk are in a state of disarray... What darkness is this and to whom does it come for?"

--- Suni ---

Prompt 1: A Trembling in the Wind...

"I touched a tree the other day, a great big one, big as can be!! It trembled under me though my weight is nothing to such a giant being... What could make the tree tremble so? So to the air I took and dove up and down, and the breeze shook beneath my wings as though the very fabric of the sky would tear apart... How can this be? Flying overhead I gazed down and the great waters rippled where no disturbance could be found. Even the oceans shudder...

What, I wonder, comes this way?
What does our precious world know that we have yet to learn about?"

--- Suni ---
NPC: SUNI: Sunset Blossom by iLantiis

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