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Published: May 12, 2018


Erd, the patron saint to Mammuna (the Goddess of Magic), is celebrated today for her forethought to transfer Mammuna's ambient magic into the gems of Ambaran. In doing so, Ambrivans are able to learn and use magic, combine magic in new ways with life and technology, and help heal themselves and the world they live in.

On the days before Erd's Blessing is celebrated, Ambrivans gather together in groups and practice magical shows, talents, and acrobatics. They sign up for individual, small group, and large group slots and, the day of Erd's Blessing, they display their abilities in great shows of showmanship! The Imperials wrap up the celebration with a show of their own (in Habrina City only - though it is televised for the nation).

Erd's Blessing Events

Practicing for the Magic Talents Show
Being a vision of success at the Magic Talents Show
Watching the Imperial Magical Display
The attaching of a new magic stone to one's tail
Learning a new magical talent/ability


You can participate in every event, visual and literature works, with every Ambrivan you have. Each finished work earns you an Ambri Coin. Remember that ambri coins earned can get you lots of other things like pets, upgrades, magic, and more! If you create a work getting to attach a new magic stone to your tail for new magic, that magic MUST BE elemental magic. You may only gain ONE new magic during this event. The effects are permanent unless you choose to give up the magic at the end of the event.

Event Ends June 1st

Ambrivan Physiology and LorePhysiology
Ambrivans are short, about 3'5" to 4'5" for females and, on average five inches taller for males. Adult petite or lean Ambrivan females weigh around 180 pounds, athletic or muscular female Ambrivans weigh around 200 pounds, and while not common, over weight Ambrivans do exist (males weigh 20-30 pounds more than females on average). Ambrivans can live for 150-180 years on average, with 1-20 being young, 21-50 being children, 51-80 being teenagers, 81-120 being adults, and 121-180 being elderly. Most Ambrivans do not live past 180 (tho some do - the oldest on record was 200).
Ambrivans are stout and do not injure easily. They jump high, run fast, but are clumsy in water without special training. They are hardy and do not suffer in the cold like some creatures do tho they overheat easily in the summer and fall. They get claustrophobic easily - they prefer wide open spaces... tho some have overcome this and work in mines or live in forests. Most Ambr
The Ambaran Pantheon: Gods and GoddessesAndra, Goddess of the Ebb and Flow of Life & Queen of the Gods
Andra is the dual headed goddess of the ebb and flow of life. She controls the path of life for each Ambrivan in her care from conception to the moment they pass into death. She is short and stout, appears pregnant, has two heads with black hair and a light blue body with dark blue markings (spots), legendary ears, eyes and ribbons, and a crown of short horns. Like all gods, she glows lightly.
Rhideno, God of the Second Awakening & King of the Gods
Rhideno is triple horned god of the second awakening. He controls the path into death for each Ambrivan brought to him from Andra. When Rhideno awakens passed on Ambrivans into the world of death, they join the after life with those who have come before them, gaining a second chance. Rhideno is tall and lanky, has four arms, dark gray skin with black stripes, legendary ears, eyes and horns (+1 horn on his forehead), legendary ribbons and

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