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Published: May 4, 2018

How to Participate in the Prompts

RP: Come to the Discord to RP with your OCs figuring out the prompts!
dA: Submit an artwork or lit piece of your OC trying to survive the prompts!

Unlock traits, pets, MYOs, and art for participating!
You can participate in any prompt at any time in 2018!

Welcome to the 2018 story arc! ((ends with prompt 20))
The story arc is open to all Ambaran OCs!!

Prompt 20: Rebuilding....

"It is time to start a new chapter and to pick up the pieces of our shattered lives. The dark creature is gone thanks to the mighty sacrifice of our Emperor Creid, his wife and child left to wonder what has become of him. The darktouched (as they are now called) seem fine in all ways except some discolorations, and so they continue their lives much the same as ever. The two new Ambrivan Royals, peaceful and serene, have come to aid the Empress until the Crown Princess is old enough to take the throne. Their hearts seem pure, and they do their best to bring happiness and peace back to the people... We move forward together now, a force to be reckoned with, into what we hope is a bright future!"

--- Marretola "Marta"
... My Final Entry ...

PRECLAIMED: Gentle Royal Ambrivan by iLantiis PRECLAIMED: Lady Royal Ambrivan by iLantiis
Princess Lesarra by iLantiis

How does your OC interact with the new royals?

What do you see as the future of the Ambaran people under new leadership?

How have the events that elapsed and the darktouched changed your OC?

Prompt 19: A Bittersweet Future

"The Ambaran people touched by the black goop are stained though they seem no worse for the wear... some of the Ambrivan's gems seem to have clouded over as well, but their magic seems to be intact... In the battle, our fearless leader and Emperor, melts away with the giant creature as the creature made one final swipe, snagging our Emperor and dragging him down too... We searched for days trying to find our Emperor. Two unknown Ambrivans from the mountains helped us, both of royal descent. The Empress and Princess are beside themselves with grief. The battle was won, the danger is passed, but the cost of life and our Emperor is more than most of us can bear. And now these new royals - we all look to them and our Empress for guidance on what to do next..."

--- Marretola "Marta"

Who are the new royals, and what will they do with Ambaran and the royal family?

What is happening to the people touched by the black goop? Will they be ok?

Is our beloved Emperor gone forever? Or will he come back? Do we want him to???

Prompt 18: To Battle We Go!

"The battle is hard fought. The Emperor takes the lead as he and brave soldiers and citizens charge into battle! The Circle appears, dark robed and chanting, hurling spell after spell at the mighty heroes of Ambaran... The Haaloman deflect the dangerous magic as the Seresans drag the members of The Circle to the depths of the sea. The charging Ambrivans reach the giant black figure, and in unison, they come together to fire off one massive spell into the sky! The BOOM is heard around the world as the shockwave sends shudders to the core of the planet. Moments later, hot white light rains down upon the planet, scorching the great black beast - it howls in pain and dismay! The creature melts away into nothing... tho something seems to happen when the melting black mess touches the Ambaran people...."

--- Marretola "Marta"

The battle is done, but is it really over?

What is this strange darkness that hovers?

Is your OC one of the ones touched by the dark substance from the melting creature?

Prompt 17: Darkness Revealed!!

"The chanting comes down in a booming voice as the party screeches to a halt, the sun blotted out by a giant dark figure materializing in the sky... A single dark hand comes down and grasps at the Emperor, missing but only so slightly... The crowd of Ambaran residents roars in terror and begins to flee... Only a few brave souls stay behind to battle for the future of the planet!"

--- Marretola "Marta"

The party and Lerex are in ruins. Does your OC stand and fight?!

Why is this dark being here - why did it strike out at the Emperor first?

What kind of magic does your OC have that can help fight or help others to stay safe?

Prompt 16: SAVED! Time to party!

"The chanting seems to be gone now! The cursed children are all adults again, and we have found our Emperor! Everyone seems to be safe and accounted for! There is a huge party in Lerex this weekend! The Seresans and Haalomans are sure to be there too. I can't wait to go!"

--- Marretola "Marta"

Now that everyone is saved, will you go to the party?

Are you pessimistic or optimistic? Will the peace last or not?

What does your OC wear and do at the party? Do they meet anyone interesting?

Prompt 15: The Sacred Life Potion

"The chanting, though still audible, has diminished even further... The Ambrivans, Seresans, and Haalomans have all found their part of the ingredient-list and returned safely with it though there were many close calls. As the potion is being made, many tall tales are told and heroes emerge and are heralded for their bravery! Many will go down in history for their service to the kingdom! And now, behind closed doors, the Sacred Life Potion is being made... How long until we have our people back?"

--- Marretola "Marta"

What kind of story does your OC tell?

What is your OC's prediction of how the potion will work?

How does your OC react to not being selected to help make the potion?

Prompt 14: A Cure by Sea, Mountain, and Land

"The chanting, though still audible, has diminished! Research indicates that there IS a cure! There is a seaflower they need but it only blooms in the dark cave of the Gleana... Such a dangerous job that only Seresans can do! There is a crystal that only forms at the very top of the mountains where the mighty dragon lives... A hugely dangerous job that only Haalomans can do! And they need the dirt from a place each Ambrivan has walked... So everyone Ambrivan must venture to the home of every kidnapped Ambrivan to gather that dirt - a daunting job that only the Ambrivans can do! So the quest is on! It is time to reverse the magic of The Circle!"

--- Marretola "Marta"

How does your OC participate in the mission for the cure?

What dangers are out there for traveling Ambrivans to find the dirt everyone has walked on?

How does your OC(s) react to the legion of 'children' who are found, including the "child emperor?"

Prompt 13: The Great Rescue!

"The chanting, though still audible, has diminished! Ambrivans and Haalomans get together to converge on the location and save the missing people! The Seresans keep up the magic to quell The Circle. What will the brave souls traveling to save the people encounter? Will we ever see any of them again?!"

--- Marretola "Marta"

What does your OC do? Help the Haalomans or help the Seresans?

What do the brave people going to save the lost find when they get there?

What does countering the chanting actually accomplish???

Prompt 12: A Path to Victory?

"The chanting seems louder now than ever! But the Haalomans and Seresans have figured out the pattern of The Circle! Can the Ambrivans concentrate all their magical power together on one location in Ambaran to relieve us of this nightmare and stop them from raising a Dark Lord?? Or will we not be enough to break through the wall of chanting??"

--- Marretola "Marta"

What does your OC do? Join the fight or wait it out?

What is The Circle and why are they bend on raising a dark lord?

How did your OC help the Haalmoans and/or Seresans help find the chanting?

Prompt 11: The Circle and the Dark Lord

"The chanting gets ever louder and louder!! And the child they found, Lady Reiklan, speaks in rhyme about a plan... a plan of arrival for a darkness coming... a lord that can control it... a Dark Lord being summoned by The Circle. The land will be washed in darkness, a new order born, and life as we know it will be killed off... How will we survive this?!"

--- Marretola "Marta"

Does your OC believe the tale of Lady Reiklan about a Dark Lord?

What does your OC think the Ambrivans in charge should do?

Will your OC help find the source of the chanting or fight this threat?

Prompt 10: Lady Reiklan and The Circle

"The chanting takes our minds on crazy journeys now... faster and faster. And the child they found: she claims she is Lady Reiklan of Jorjarron and that she was aged from an adult to a child by a clan of chanting Ambrivans! She says they are 'The Circle... where everything around in the end.' This secret society has everyone abuzz!"

--- Marretola "Marta"

How does your OC react to the story Lady Reiklan tells?

What does your OC think the secret society, The Circle, is doing?

How do you think the young Lady Reiklan will be restored to her former age?

Prompt 9: The Child in the Dark Robe

"Faster and faster, the chanting continues... permeating the sea and sky and all across the land! And now, so suddenly, a child appears?! Wearing a dark robe no less, this child looks like it was once an adult gone amiss! What will this child say; where will this child take us?!"

--- Marretola "Marta"

How does your OC react to the child arriving?

What does your OC think happened to the once missing adult?

How do you interact with this scared child?

Prompt 8: The Haalomans & Seresans Join the Search

"Faster, faster, faster, the chanting continues on and on... Now with the beating of wings and the splashing of tails as the children of the sky and warrior of the sea join with us to find the Emperor and missing Ambrivans... and to find the source of the endless chanting!!!"

--- Marretola "Marta"

How does your OC react to the new species joining the search?

How do you feel about Gaijur offering riches to other species to get their help?

What are people saying on the streets about the chanting?

Prompt 7: The figurehead named Gaijur...

"The chanting is fast now. The Amrbivan people are restless. Chaos and crime is rampant without a leader. Gaijur, and virtually unknown secondary official, has taken it upon himself to become the new Ambrivan 'Leader.' He has locked the rest of the royal family away 'for safety.' Though he is now contacting the rest of the Ambaran people, the Haalomans and the Seresans, for help. At least there is that..."

--- Marretola "Marta"

Will your OC join the search for the Emperor?

How does your OC react to the rest of the Imperial family being locked away?

What is your initial impression of Gaijur?

Prompt 6: The Eve of the Kidnapping!

"The chanting stopped for just a moment. For just a moment the world stood still and silent. Then an unearthly scream erupted from the palace. The Emperor! The Emperor! Their voices drowned out by the renewed chanting... Our greatest fears are alive and well now..."

--- Marretola "Marta"

What did your OC do during the eerie silence before the kidnapping?

The Emperor has been kidnapped! How does your OC react?

Does your OC join the search? What do they do?

Prompt 5: On the Wind; In the Sea

"The chanting has grown so loud that the denizens of the sea have surfaced and the children in the sky have come down to the mountains... all to hear and find this mysterious song! Seresans can barely swim the chanting is so loud and obnoxious! The chanting disrupts the flight of the Haalomen, causing them to collide in the skies and fall to the land below... Even Ambrivans are now having trouble with daily tasks and communication! When will this aberrant noise stop?!"

--- Marretola "Marta"

How does your OC interact with the other Ambaran residents?

How does your OC overcome their personal racial issues?
Is your OC looking for the source of the chanting? What have they found??!

Prompt 4: The search is on!

"The chanting is part of my life, my very being. And now the stomping of military feet through the streets as they search high and low for the missing Ambrivans is mixing with the chanting, giving it a uniform and eerie beat. The Emperor as made it clear that the chanting will not win. I wonder what I am supposed to do as a citizen now that the military has taken over on a royal whim??"

--- Marretola "Marta"

Does the presence of military stop the looting and rioting?

Do you feel safer with the military around (literally everywhere)?
Is this a kind of oppression masked by altruistic duties and deeds??!

Prompt 3: Chaos in the Streets

"The chanting has grown louder and louder - it reverberates through the mountain, echoing repeatedly. The streets are in utter chaos as people riot over the missing rich and try to take what isn't theirs. The Emperor has issued an edict that the military will stop everything to try to discover the whereabouts of the mission people. But who will stop the rioting I wonder??"

--- Marretola "Marta"

What does this edict from the Emperor mean for the security of Ambaran?

How will everyone stay safe amongst all the looting and rioting?
What is your OC doing during all this??!

Prompt 2: The Missing Elites

"The chanting seems to never end and now the mine owner has gone missing? I wonder where he could have gone? Maybe a vacation, but he doesn't usually leave his business like this. Come to think of it, I've heard of other rich and famous going missing too. What is going on with this world nowadays!?"

--- Marretola "Marta"

What are the elite Ambrivans disappearing to?

Has anyone discovered where the chanting is coming from?
Who will be next to disappear??!

Prompt 1: The Chanting Begins

"The chanting happened almost overnight. One day there was none, and the next day it was like noise pollution in every city on Ambaran... It permeates every aspect of my life. I can't talk to my friends, take a phone call, or even shut it out by going underground. It just keeps on... I am living in my own personal bubble now, just trying to blot out the noise though it is starting to become almost soothing..."

--- Marretola "Marta"

What is the chanting?

Where is it coming from?
How does your OC cope with it?

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