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Looking out for me! Yes indeed!

Journal Entry: Sun Jul 8, 2018, 2:19 PM

Karma at Work

I was in a car accident this past week. My car has one issue (driver's side mirror is now missing) but is safe and driveable. I am unhurt minus a fairly short panic attack right after I was hit. Emma was in school and not in the car for this!! And a good samaritain tailed and caught the guy who sideswiped me and brought him back to the scene where he took the blame for the accident (guy was in a box truck and had no idea he had hit me when he merged into my lane).

Someone was watching out for me.
That could have been so much worse on so many levels!
Some good I have done seemingly has protected me thankfully!

I am waiting on his (the other driver) insurance company to "investigate" the accident. I already got the quote on the mirror. It is $230.04 which isn't bad at all. I just need the insurance company to hurry up so my mechanic can get the parts and fix my car. You don't know just how much you use that dang mirror until it isn't there anymore lol!

Bruiser Update

He is doing GREAT! The meds are working well and he seems to be mostly back to his old self. He doesn't even act like he is in pain which makes me want to take him off the meds. But I am not going to - don't worry. I don't want to take him off, have him starting having massive pain again, and not be able to catch it back up to where he is now. Playing catch-up with pain isn't a good way for Bruiser to live, and I keep reminding myself of that.

Art Update

It is coming lol Obviously I have had an issue this last week plus another issue I don't really want to speak about too. It has made squeaking art in a little hard when I have had to spend nearly every free moment on the phone with various people / companies. I am working on my Crystal Animamate tonight, Taaffeite Starling. Probably tomorrow night too depending on how late my body lets me stay up tonight. After that are a couple MYO Adopts I keep putting on the backburners. Then some more work on the Senshi Brooch Maker backgrounds. Random stuff will be mixed in as needed. Random always has a way of happening lol

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Feeling Better - Hope you are too!

Journal Entry: Fri Jun 29, 2018, 5:46 AM

Grandma Update

So I got to videochat with my grandma finally. I was super happy to hear her voice though she sounded frail and looked gaunt. She was very concerned that my aunt didn't brush her hair well since she is too weak to brush her hair herself right now.

Turns out what happened is she forgot to take her meds for several days and also wasn't eating possibly??? No one is really sure but that is the best they can come up with. We have dementia in the family, and everyone is concerned (doctors included) that she is showing signs of it. Someone has to live with her now to make sure she eats, takes meds, doesn't leave the stove on, etc. I am not sure who is going to do that, but someone will be taking on that challenge who lives up there with her. My dad left in higher spirits to come home than when he left to go up and see grandma. So that leaves me in better spirits too.

Me Update

This whole grandma things had gotten me down pretty low - it didn't help that it came right at the close of what happened to my dog and that whole fiasco. Thank you to everyone who reached out to me, commented, sent thoughts, love, and prayers, and who offered up their time to me to talk if I needed it. That means the world to me. That support really lifted me up and carried me when I needed it most. So really truly thank you all so much!!

I am coming out of my depression funk. I feel tons better today though I am a little concerned I might be going manic - I am coming up from my depression pretty fast. I would rather be manic than depressed though haha. In preparation, I paid all my bills and went grocery shopping since I tend to shop a lot when I am manic :/ Gotta make sure we are set before the mania hits! I got this!

Bruiser Update

Bruiser is doing a lot better. The pain management isn't perfect but he is close to back to his old self: playing, chewing on rawhides, able to jump up on couches, running around the yard, barking at squirrels, etc. He comes for love again too and has started being social with us again. The vet also called the other day to check up on him. It was great to relay good news to her!

Art Update

Art stalled, clearly, during the grandma crisis of 2018. I will be picking it back up now that I am coming out of my depressed funk and can possibly concentrate on something besides anger, sleep, and crying. I have a couple secret things to do first, so don't expect anything public immediately :3 Outside of that, I will be working more on the Brooch Maker BGs, some adopts, and a while mess of OCs that need some loving.

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Thoughts and Thank You

Journal Entry: Mon Jun 25, 2018, 8:03 AM

Most importantly, thank you for all your kind, supportive, and caring comments on my last journal. I don't feel I deserve all of that, but it is appreciated and was much needed. I am sorry I haven't responded to everyone. I don't think I can - I am a little overwhelmed by it and by life right now. The same will hold true for this journal too I am sure. I am just overwhelmed.

Speaking of life, I have no idea how my grandma is doing. No one will update me - me being virtually the only one who isn't visiting her now. My parents say they will be in touch and that they will make sure I get to Skype with her. I believe them, but I am also deeply anxious about it.

The news has gone: grandma in hospital, grandma going home, back in hospital, afraid she dying, back home, doing better, back to dying, looking good and getting stronger... That was the last speculation my dad heard as he was about a 6 hour drive away yesterday.

Just a week or two ago, I was on the phone with my grandma. She went into this long drawn out speech about how she was ready to die and wanted me to know she loved me. Well that didn't sit well with me, and I told her no. I am selfish. I don't want her to die. She told me she was ready and happy to die.

So my shock and heartbreak was compounded when I heard the news about her health because I think she has been hiding from us all this time how sick she really is. I wanted die then and there knowing I haven't been there for her in her time of need. But she has been there for me - for all of us. And we are oblivious to her struggle and suffering.

That alone has made this whole thing so much worse. Don't ever do that to the people you love. Let them know - let them help in any way they can. I have so much anger and regret right now that I don't know up from down.

Just talk to your loved ones.

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Where to turn?

Journal Entry: Sun Jun 24, 2018, 11:32 AM

I really feel adrift. I keep trying to catch up and stay caught up, but life keeps throwing me curveballs. Between Bruiser's hip dysplasia and my grandmother slowly dying right now (everyone but me is going to see her this week, but I can't because ... money), I am just at a loss.

I don't know what to do.

Life is an emotional rollercoaster right now.

I want off. I want off really bad.

I keep trying to stay positive. I have a job. I have my daughter. We have a roof over our head and food in our bellies.

But I can't stop crying.

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Bruiser's Diagnosis.

Journal Entry: Fri Jun 15, 2018, 7:35 AM

For those who want the original blog, click here.

This is a compilation of posts from FB, so if you have me on FB, feel free to disregard this journal.

The BB Shot Finale

Bruiser is back from the vet. They did not do the surgery to remove the BB from his leg. While there, the vet noticed his hip muscles had deteriorated since she had last seen him less than 2 weeks before and rechecked the X-ray … concluding that he has hip dysplasia and arthritis that may have been aggravated with his being shot with a BB. No matter how it happened, they are sure the BB is not what is causing all his pain and walking problems currently.

Hip Dysplasia and the Abysmal look at the Future

So I was presented with two options: hip surgery at more than 3x the cost of the original surgery or attempt to medicate the pain for the rest of his life. I obviously can’t afford the surgery, so we are trying to medicate Bruiser to keep the pain manageable and give him a decent quality of life. I am really not looking forward to giving him a pill every morning, but the prospect of putting him to sleep is even less appealing.

Just so we are all clear, there is no option that I am ok with here. Even the expensive surgery to cut into his bone isn’t a cure-all for the pain. Basically I’ve been informed that my dog will be in pain for the rest of his life to some degree, and I have to decide when it’s too much pain and put him to sleep at that time… My emotions are so raw right now, and I don’t know what to do and am just praying I’m not making huge mistakes!

Bruiser’s First Day Back Home…

He’s alert and has been playing a little today (inside and out – chased a squirrel very briefly). The pain meds aren’t perfect but he’s more comfy than what he has been thankfully. He got a dry bath today; I also brushed him gently (lord he was stinky!). I was gonna bathe him, but I realized pretty quick if I did, he’d be shaking his whole body and didn’t want to put him thru that… So I went and got something to replace full baths with. He smells so nice right now, and we avoided all the pain!

We are slowly but surely adapting to the changes to make sure Bruiser is comfortable, clean, happy, eating/drinking, and as pain free as we can get him in all his favorite activities! Still a few more things to do, but at least he isn’t sitting on the floor whimpering in pain anymore! A victory! I keep telling myself, “One day at a time,” and moving forward from there. I don’t know how long he will be with us, but I know every second will be amazing!

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Positive Words

Journal Entry: Fri Jun 8, 2018, 6:27 AM

Nabbed from StefBani . She made me ugly cry in the best way ever! I am going to do as Stef did and include my favorite work from her gallery. I am not going to do a bunch of other friends tho. I know and love so many of you that it terrifies me to leave anyone out (yay social anxiety!!). So I am simply going to reciprocate the love given already.

I do encourage everyone to either reciprocate or try this in full.

Star! This journal is to comment on the person themselves~ (not about art or fiction, etc)...

Star! For each comment they receive, they can (or at least try) to say something nice about you (the one who commented).

Star! Remember, positivity~ If you don't know the person well, say something you think about, feel, or get inspired by... really, it can be anything as long as it is POSITIVE.

Let's see how far this can go (here's hoping~, we need to have more positivity in life so help us out~).


You are the sweetest: truly you are. You have the kindest disposition, always something nice to say about the people around you, and you manage to find the positive in otherwise dark moments. Tho I have never asked for it, I feel confident if I needed it, you would give me the shirt off your back (and anyone else who needed it too). You are filled with light and love - it shows when you speak of the man you love, when you speak of your friends, and when you speak of the things you enjoy doing. Despite what you may think, you have the strength of a thousand suns and have endured more than most have at your age with class, grace, and humility. You are truly inspiring.

Deep in the Sea by StefBani

The raw emotion in your art nowadays is brilliant! This one work here always makes me smile and is the one I come back to most frequently. The pure joy captured here is contagious! Thank you for bringing this joy to my life and the lives of all your watchers!

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Voyage to the Unknown: Artisan Crafts

Journal Entry: Tue Jun 5, 2018, 7:20 AM

I was kindly invited to do this by FizzyPinkBubbles . Heart

Voyage to the Unknown... you've probably seen these journals around, but what are they exactly? Well...

"The idea is to browse through a category or sub-category that you don't necessarily visit frequently, or that you browse the least, and collect some of the art you find stands out! The point of this is to challenge ourselves and discover new art in the process." - Mrs-Durden

Please don't forget to visit the Voyage to the unknown: Master Journal to find out more about this amazing project, and if you end up making one, link it in the comments! Oh, and don't forget to use #TheVoyage in your journal feature!

I will not be tagging anyone, but feel free to do your own if you like.

The Artisan Craft gallery was the one I chose for my Voyage to the Unknown.


Needle Felted Fox by YuliaLeonovich

Wooden Box Fox by ChibiPyro  Zelus Paws by LobitaWorks

Brown Jackalope king by hontor

Vintage Style Toad on Lotus Leaf Palette Magnet by ArtofLaughinAnnie Cat Mosaic by KupoGames

Humming bird (FOR SALE!) by NastyaLapka

Pink Sakura Cat by Ailinn-Lein  Fantasy Fennecs by nicsadika

Poseable Handmade Artdoll - Pigmy Dragon Hatchling by whatleyswildlife

Pink bat by SweetSign White Fantasy Animal by hon-anim 

Mature Content

Atalanta cosplay Fate/Apocrypha, Grand Order by NayoCosplay

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Happy Day! I am back from vacation!

Journal Entry: Fri Jun 1, 2018, 8:25 AM

Took a Mini-Vacation with Family

My brother came down for a visit (he lives in ND and I live in AR). It was just a spontaneous visit with the grandparents that we glommed onto. Read more and see more here!

Siblings and Cousins by iLantiis
Our View at the Lake by iLantiis  Silly Cousins by iLantiis

Artists Aware has a star!

FizzyPinkBubbles was caught on camera ala DeviantCringe on Youtube! We all got a giggle and a fun time out of our new star admin! Watch the video here! And remember that we DO NOT advocate harassing or any type of contact between anyone and any thief or troll.

Upcoming Art

Ambrivan Adopts x2
Seresan Adopts x2
Bearded Lady Pakaasu NPC
Pakkeli Adopt x2
BMBG Work (secret tho lol)

Pink Gems by MissToxicSlime
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A Request? Simple? Hard? IDK...

Journal Entry: Mon May 21, 2018, 11:32 AM

Artists Aware

Artists Aware is a site dedicated to helping artists through resources, education, and other bloggable means to protect themselves and their online content/business. The are new - or rather recently repurposed - moving from an exclusive interest in a fandom to now helping artists, fanartists and original alike (any and all fandoms plus original content). I am the original founder and am partnering with several other artists from the internets to help find resources and "issues" to blog about to hopefully help other artists and art appreciators.

Help Wanted

PSA/Callout-worthy content (sites, thieves, etc)
Two more artists interested in contributing (note me)
Artist resources (watermarking, signatures, reporting, etc)
Features (all artists across all sites)

If you point us to blog-worthy content, we will give a mini feature to you in the article the resource / PSA or Callout appears in. We share everything to our FB page and then admins and contributors share to our own pages as well. We don't have a huge audience (yet), but we have largely been focused on a single fandom (and lately rather inactive lol).

Comment or note with any questions you have.
Note to be considered for contributor tho.

Personal Stuff Upcoming
A prize for Selvarr - the lovely Aurora
Ambaran Adopts - request for Haalomans first!
More BMBG work - harps, bows, sword, and mirror!!
An awesome Pakkeli-Cluster NPC

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Life is Fun

Journal Entry: Tue May 15, 2018, 12:19 PM

The deal with icky walls...

I have been working at catching up - the painting is still happening. I am down to my hallway and three bedrooms now. It is super frustrating to have to put aside things I want to do for painting, but if you could see my walls, you would know why I am doing this. The kitchen and living room look so great now! I could live in just those two rooms!!! I will be finishing the hallway on Thursday, on my day off. I also have to plant a tree and mow the lawn LOL. Wish me luck!


Guess who created some art last week!!! That's right, me - all uploaded now too! This week (and probably part of next week), I will be working on a prize for Selvarr, a Pakaasu NPC, and adopts (Pakkeli and Ambrivans). After those and some more painting (of course lol) I will be working more on the BMBG with high hopes to finish the Harp and Bow/Arrow items. Once the wall painting is done and these other works are done, I will start back on my own art again - WOOT!

Secret Projects

I am the proud participant in two secret projects - one of which is already semi-revealed (you can find a new link on my profile here on dA plus updates on a certain FB page lol). I will update as I can on these projects as some of them may affect you in a very positive way! A non-secret project that has stalled is the addition of my remaining OCs to Toyhouse lol - someday I will get back to that XD (so  much work!!!) I am also secretly revamping my personal website (could we see a break from the pink???)! XD

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MIA for Adulting and other stuff...

Journal Entry: Mon May 7, 2018, 8:21 AM

It happened pretty suddenly!

I have been meaning to paint my new deck and the inside walls of the house for a while now. Well we know the first go at the deck ended in disaster with rain. So I had to get more paint and redo it. I also had to get the house moved around so I could paint... Well, my 4yo wants to help and her help is very unhelpful lol. So I have been putting it off and putting it of when all of a sudden, her dad wants her two weeks early for visitation.

SO!!! I agree to the plan, tear up the house, clean off the deck, and send my kiddo to her dad's. I have worked nonstop in the time she has been gone - up at 4am to get ready for work and by 3pm, I am home painting either the deck or the walls. In the couple of days I had, I got the deck done and 4.5 walls done with my mom's help.

The sad thing is, I just noticed this morning, those 4.5 walls need a second coat of paint, so I can't even put part of the house back together for Emma's return home tonight. Now I am painting second coats tonight!! My mom and dad volunteered to pick her up from her dad just so I could try and get these 4.5 walls completed before she gets home. I don't think I can do 4.5 walls plus trimming all by myself in the 4 hours it will take my parents to get Emma and come home. I'm really sweating it!

Once these walls are done tho, I still can't put the house back together. Wednesday will be the first coat of trim painting for the remaining two walls in the living room. Thursday will be the first coat of pain for those walls and maybe the hallway too if I have paint and time that day. Then I still have another week to go before I can put the house back together because painting a little bit here-and-there in the evenings won't get as much accomplished. It is a big bummer. But it will get done! (then onto three bedrooms!!!)

Art that will be done...

I have payments and adopts to finish amidst all this.

So, first on deck once the already painted walls have their second coat dried, I will be able to put my kitchen back together and use the kitchen table for art!!! Immediately, I will be finishing Stef's ACEOs and Headshots!

Once those are done, I will finish the living room and then tackle the past-due adopts for my group.

Then finally the hallway and tackling the BMBG files I had to put on the backburner for all this home renovation.

Character art, MYO adopts, etc are all taking a back seat until the above art and the painting of the bedrooms is done. Sorry guys. I can't have this hanging over my head anymore. I am really revved to just get it all done as quickly as possible, but it will probably be like a solid month before you see any new arts from me. :(

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Journal Entry: Tue May 1, 2018, 2:57 PM

I got an email back from the registrar in the Bahamas who are going to try and use the contact info they have for the site to get my stuff taken down. They say, honestly, they don't hold the servers and whatnots so can't remove it themselves, but since I can't get in touch with the site owner, they would try to do that for me. So there is that. I looked up more info on copycover and found another place to report abuse too:

Try reporting there if you have no luck with the registrar. I am making a report there now. Good luck guys. This sucks but you CAN get your stuff removed.

Try my links. As of right now, they don't work. My art is gone from the site, even works I didn't list because I gave them the usernames they were under. Will it last? I don't know, but it is a victory for now, and I am putting this to bed.

+~*F2U*~+ Pink Heart Pixel +~*F2U*~+ Pink Heart Pixel +~*F2U*~+ Pink Heart Pixel 

Yes there is a site out there taking our shit again. It may or may not be a phishing site. It IS a scam. They ARE making money. Their ICANN info is FAKE. They are with a LEGIT registrar from what I can see. This is what I emailed to (… )

DO NOT email and flood dA with your problems with this website. DA CAN DO NOTHING FOR YOU. In this regard, YOU MUST HELP YOURSELF.

My Email to Internet Domain Service BS Corp.

To Whom it May Concern,

I would attempt to address this to the site and site owner themselves, but as they have neglected to provide any identifiable information or way to contact them through ICANN (I went and looked them up at WhoIs), I cannot resolve this in any other way than through you.

The following works are my intellectual property.

I am Elizabeth Whittaker aka Lantiis aka iLantiis aka The-Lantiis and operate through

The following work is my property, a gift given to me by the artist GabiStar who is also on

These works are my property. I did not approve the posting of these works (or any of my works) on the website (for sale or otherwise)……………

Furthermore, I think you need to see the following journal entry and the amount of comments of people gearing up to attack as their works are also being taken and sold without their permission: ... There are more journals but you should only need one to see that the site is violating copyrights all over the place. Just look at the ICANN info they provided to further see they have no plans on being contacted. The site itself is speculated to be a phishing and scam site too, so you may want to look into that.

Regardless of everything, I want my name and intellectual property removed from immediately.


Elizabeth A Whittaker

(I included my personal contact info and address to which you HAVE to do in legal matters like this.)

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Noping to Nopeville

Journal Entry: Tue May 1, 2018, 12:21 PM

Well life has got me like...

I don't even know. I have been on an emotional rollercoaster for what feels like months now - both home and work. I am behind in art from depression and this emotional rollercoaster. It keeps raining, so I can't finish painting my deck. It is gonna rain the next couple of days and possibly have severe storms - I am not cool with that. Mother Nature don't care. Gonna go home and check on and edit the storm shelter tonight when I get off work - that will be loads of fun. Also I have been hung up on a thousand times today alone... I hate being hung up on. I really hate it. Just ugh.

...rant over...
Thanks for listening.

On the brighter side, my daughter is cute af!

Now if only she can act right lol

Things coming up that I could use a signal boost for...
EVENT OVER: The Big Deal EventThe Big Deal lasts until May 31st!
What's the big deal?!
AmbrivanSociety is now home to three semi-open species! And to celebrate, we are allowing 5 lucky members the option of creating their dream Ambaran OC! You can create an Ambaran OC with ANY TRAITS you choose! No limitations! Once all the slots are filled, that is it for the freebies. BUT for $3 or 300 points, you can by a slot!
Limit one free slot per member.
Limit 2 buyable slots per member.
Comment to claim! That's it!
Building your OC
Click here to see all the bases and trait sheets!
Using that link, you will be transported to the founders gallery where there are usable bases (if you want them) and all the trait sheets for each species. Follow along and have fun! Create your dream OC!
OCs must be finished by midnight May 31st CST.
If you need an exte

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EVENT OVER: The Big Deal Event

Tue May 1, 2018, 12:11 PM

The Big Deal lasts until May 31st!

What's the big deal?!
AmbrivanSociety is now home to three semi-open species! And to celebrate, we are allowing 5 lucky members the option of creating their dream Ambaran OC! You can create an Ambaran OC with ANY TRAITS you choose! No limitations! Once all the slots are filled, that is it for the freebies. BUT for $3 or 300 points, you can by a slot!

Limit one free slot per member.
Limit 2 buyable slots per member.
Comment to claim! That's it!

Building your OC

Click here to see all the bases and trait sheets!
Using that link, you will be transported to the founders gallery where there are usable bases (if you want them) and all the trait sheets for each species. Follow along and have fun! Create your dream OC!

OCs must be finished by midnight May 31st CST.
If you need an extension, please note the group to request it.
Babies and pets are NOT included in this event. Adults only.

Freebie Slots

1. Selvarr (Haaloman)
2. ---
3. ---
4. ---
5. ---

Buyable Slots


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Check it out!

Journal Entry: Fri Apr 20, 2018, 6:24 AM

Awesome Artist Alert!


Fabulous Raffle Alert!

<da:thumb id="740175178"/>

Working On (in order)

Bullet; Pink Stef (Payment) Bullet; Pink
4 ACEOs and 2 Headshots
Bullet; Pink Ambaran NPCs Bullet; Pink
Bullet; Pink BMBG Bullet; Pink
Finish Harps
Bow and Arrows
More Senshi Items
Bullet; Pink MYOs Bullet; Pink
Drix the Thornyl
Fienna the Kami
Aduskis the Dextro
Bullet; Pink My OCs Bullet; Pink
Bernard in his Starpop Jacket
Vivi Lumiarl and Greff Jaald

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The Lists

Journal Entry: Sun Apr 8, 2018, 12:03 PM

My Art To-Do List


Bullet; Pink Commissions are open! Bullet; Pink
none currently

Gifts / Payment

Bullet; Pink Stef (Payment) Bullet; Pink
4 ACEOs and 2 Headshots

Art Projects

Bullet; Pink BMBG Bullet; Pink
Finish Harps
Bow and Arrows
More Senshi Items

Bullet; Pink Adopt Generators Bullet; Pink
Finish Seresans
Finish Haalomans
Baby Haaloman Special

My Own Art

Bullet; Pink Adopts Bullet; Pink

Bullet; Pink MYOs Bullet; Pink
Drix the Thornyl
Fienna the Kami
Aduskis the Dextro

Bullet; Pink My OCs Bullet; Pink
Bernard in his Starpop Jacket
Vivi Lumiarl and Greff Jaald

I want...

Bullet; Pink dA-Related Bullet; Pink
MOAR Pakkeli
MOAR Nishi's
MOAR Kami's

Bullet; Pink Real Life Related Bullet; Pink
Take Emma to the Zoo
Season Pass to Magic Springs (me & Emma)
Swimming Lessons for Emma

My Real Life Projects

Bullet Pink Bullet Pink Get Emma into Kindergarden lol Bullet Pink Bullet Pink
Bullet Pink Bullet Pink Fix the Deck / Repaint Deck Bullet Pink Bullet Pink
Bullet Pink Bullet Pink Paint the Livingroom and hallway Bullet Pink Bullet Pink
Bullet Pink Bullet Pink Paint the Bedrooms (3) Bullet Pink Bullet Pink
Bullet Pink Bullet Pink Cut back the shrubbery: front yard Bullet Pink Bullet Pink
Bullet Pink Bullet Pink Cut down the walnut tree: backyard Bullet Pink Bullet Pink

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Mother Nature Hates Me

Journal Entry: Fri Apr 6, 2018, 8:17 AM

1st, Effing Hail...

I left work on Wednesday under a tornado watch. After collecting my child from daycare, I went home to make sure the shelter below the house was set up incase the watch turned into a warning and we had to take shelter. All good so far - clearish skies and no hail to speak of.

As I exited the shelter for the last time, I heard a plip-plip on the leaves and was like DAMN IT'S ABOUT TO RAIN. I still had to go up the back steps and across the deck when the first pea-sized hell hit my shoulder. So nope, not rain. I start running, and as I come around the back of the deck, I see my 4yo hanging out the back door with her hand outstretched trying to CATCH THE HAIL. I scream GET OUT OF THE WAY as I am running full speed towards her and she just looks at me like HUH?

FFFFFFFFFFFFFF so I ended up, full tilt run, grabbing her and launching her and myself into the house with only minimal injuries from the hail. My child was not impressed and I was pissed.

The end.

2nd, Deck Misfortunes...

SO!!! I checked the weather ALL DAY Wednesday and up until 9am Thursday. And this is important because I was planning to paint my deck with a water-based paint on Thursday. Weather app says no rain until FRIDAY. So yay. Got all the shit together and went outside.

Nice and partly sunny. Not too hot. Not too cold. Really quite perfect! Awesome! Started painting the deck with my mom. Everything goes freaking amazing! The deck is looking fantastic fam!


Wtf. We scramble to grab our shit and go inside... WATER BASED PAINT GUYS. I have to repaint the whole effing deck - was not dry yet... Took us 4 hours with two people to get just that far.

I cried.
Audible sobs.

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Ambaran FAQ

Fri Apr 6, 2018, 7:51 AM

General Questions

What do you mean by semi-open species?
You can create your own OC (Ambrivan, Seresan, or Haaloman) with common, uncommon, or rare traits for free - as many as you want. You still must credit me, iLantiis, for the species as they are still my original species, but you get to make up to rare MYOs anytime you choose (not babies or pets tho).

How do I become a breeder?
You must be an admin of the group and mod of the Discord to breed and adopt out your designs. Note the dA group to be considered.

What's the deal with the Ambri Shop?
The Ambri Shop is where you can purchase items, upgrades, enhancements, whatever for you your Ambaran OC. Each artwork you produce (visual or written) gets you a coin to exchange in the shop (note that if you produce a wip and get a coin, the finished work does not also get you a coin!). Some upgrades, however, are only purchasable by points/paypal.

What constitutes an "Ambaran OC?"
An ADULT Ambrivan, Seresan, or Haaloman. Babies do not count (and cannot be adopted without money AND an adult of the same species). Pets (like the Scrouse) also do not count.

What kind of society do they live in?
Ambrivans live in a modern society with magic and technology mingled together. They have all the creature comforts, modern housing, shopping, a killer fashion industry, etc.

Seresans live in a medieval society that is riddle with infighting and constant power struggles. They are nomadic warriors and do not have nor use technology (even if gifted to them).

Haalomans live in a renaissance style society filled with progressive invention, artistry, and a bit of flamboyant and carefree living. Haalomans are fun and love to learn and have fun (they can use technology if an Ambrivan gives it to them).

About the lands and civilizations of Ambaran

Is the water really yellow on the mainland?
Yes, the water on the mainland is sulpheric and does smell slightly of rotten eggs. This is because the base of the mainland is volcanic. Ambrivans and other species on the mainland that need fresh water to drink must boil the water or purchase already prepared water from a store. The "fresh water" on the mainland is safe to swim in but if too much is drank without being purified, one can become ill. No, the lakes and rivers are not warm or hot like hot springs.

How often do eruptions happen on this volcanic mainland?
Not often. One hasn't happened in over 100 years tho smoke does billow out of the mountaintops occasionally and sometimes the odd magma rock will be ejected into the skies (watch out below!).

There is a dragon on the map. Is there really a dragon in the skies?
Yes, there is. A couple actually. Be careful with your Haalomans XD

I can't find a city I want my OC to live in. Can I make one up?
You can. Just be aware that for it to be canon, more than you has to be there, and it must be mentioned in the RP on Discord.

Can my OC live in a castle?
I don't know, can they? Haha of course! If you have a story showing they can afford one, go for it! They can't be "royalty" though. If you want a royal or imperial OC, you must note the group.

Do Ambaran OCs wear jewelry?
Yes they sure do! They can wear anything we can wear and anything you can think up! Get creative!

Can the species intermingle?
YES! Ambrivans can meet both Seresans and Haalomans though Seresans and Haalomans DO NOT get along so should not be put in a situation where they would meet. There is no crossbreeding tho. Sometimes love affairs can happen, but due to how each species reproduces and mates, the romantic relationship is mostly emotional and not completely physical.

Species Anatomy and Physiology

Do Ambrivans have hair on their bodies (besides their head)?
Yes, they have fine hairs that grow between small scales on their skin. The scales and skin itself is a matte gray color while the fine hairs that grow are a rainbow of colors and a vast array of patterns. The hair feels silky smooth and dries very quickly when wet. It does not do much for keeping warm.

Do Haalomans have feathers covering their bodies?
No. The only feathers they have are the ones on their trait sheet plus around their neck. Like Ambrivans, they have fine hairs that grow up between small scales on their skin. The scales and skin are a matte gray in color but the fine hair that grows can be any color of the rainbow in any pattern.

Do Seresans have body hair like Ambrivans?
No, they have scales on their skin which are much larger and harder than what Ambrivans and Haalomans have and come in different colors besides the matte gray of Ambrivans and Seresans.

Do Ambrivans have pointy teeth?
All the species (Ambrivans, Seresans, Haalomans) have pointy teeth. The only ones with fangs, however, are Seresans.

How big are Ambrivan feet?
Think of the paw on an animal. They basically walk on their toes as their feet are rather small. They compensate for balance with their tail.

Are the ram horns in front of or behind their ears?
Either - and it is more an ear choice than a horn choice. You see, it is a matter of comfort for each individual Ambrivan where they put their ears... So, however your Ambrivan wants to do their ears (in front of or behind their ram horns), is fine with me.

About the Ambaran RP

Where is the RP located?
The RP is located in our discord. You must be the owner of at least one Ambaran OC to participate. You cannot play two OCs at a time.

What can we do in the NSFW RP?
Well, all the stuff you can't do in the general RP lol. NOW, there are some exceptions: if it is getting too steamy or fluffed up in extensive blood and gore, a mod will ask you to take it to private messages. Also, NSFW events are not ever canon.

How does an RP event become canon?
The thread must close and not be NSFW for it to be considered for canon status. Admins will come together on such threads and discuss the possibilities of adding canon status to a series of events. The only other way to gain canon status is to be a sanctioned event for the RP, and at its close, all the goings-ons within will become canon. It is important to note that sanctioned events are never NSFW.

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I need simpler things in life :3

Journal Entry: Sun Mar 25, 2018, 8:21 AM

I have a lot going on haha *STRESSES*

Just taking it all day by day with my daughter right now and prioritizing certain art and other projects. I am close to sealing my deck and painting my living room and hallway walls in the house. I bought everything but it keeps raining here UGH. Emma is really excited to paint - I am not lol (especially with her "helping" me haha).

Art projects getting priority right now:
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Commissions always jump to the top of the list. Commission me here :heart:

New Website (may be temp - may be perm)

I have been having difficulties with my website and can't even get on it long enough to update it before it boots me out.... so I went to Weebly and made myself a quickie one and actually REALLY like it lol You can see it here if you are curious. I have redirected my old website there already and it may be a permanent solution XD

My Closed Species Updates

We have a lot going on at AmbrivanSociety lately - as some know, it is usually rather quiet haha. BUT we are transitioning to a semi-open species and hope to have that fully ready by May 1st this year. We also have a MYO and Raffle going on now, Adaisa's Day, and the Ambri Shop and Open Adopt Tracker got a full revamp. We also now have a Discord!


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