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Tue Oct 16, 2018, 7:26 AM

a second kitty raffle yas!!

VelenieAdopts has hit 100 watchers! A new amazing raffle has emerged!! [OPEN] 100 watchers Giveaway/Raffle Go and check it out!!

health news

This new diet (Low FODMAP) I am on is working pretty good - it isn't perfect but is working as well if not better than my medication (I am actually OFF my gut meds right now). I really miss pizza tho!!! Anyone know of any good gluten-free, tomato-free, garlic-free, mostly veggie-free pizza options I can try??? Seems like such a tall order!!! Also tis the season for my Raynaud's to start acting up ;3; I am super not excited about that - gloves are already out just to drive my car so my hands don't break out too bad touching the cold steering wheel. Winter seems to be coming on strong already. I am not excited - give me back summer!

working on...

I finished my trades with Kenly. Next up is an ACEO for the grand prize winner of the Pakkeli-Cluster raffle AND the next Wonderling! The next Wonderling is.... DARK! The Widower will be done sometime this week, and I am super excited about the palette I picked for her! If all goes well and I am approved, I will be making a Dextroluma too! Huzzah for a male MYO!

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I poofed for a short while. Sorry.

I did. It was for health reasons that I don't really want to delve into. Just know that between work, kid, visiting family, and an upcoming surgery, I may poof again (probably a couple more times). Just know that I am still lurking even if I don't have the energy or time to respond right away - I will get to you!

My Public To-Do List...

Ugh it is long. This is what I am working on and the order I hope to complete them in:

Last two pieces for Kenly
Dark Wonderling Adopt
Starling in a Sweater for CrystalAnimamates 
Winner ACEO for Pakkeli-Cluster 
Finish my end of the Brooch Maker
Ambaran Adopts (3 or 4)
Starling as a SU Fusion? for CrystalAnimamates 
Male Wonderling Adopt
Rare MYO Kamitsune for KamiTsuneAdopts 
Sailor Queen Huya for Dwarf-Alliance 
Starling prepping for school for CrystalAnimamates 
OMG MYO Kamitsune for KamiTsuneAdopts 
Wanderer Wonderling Adopts (4 to 8)
Drixton Finish for Thornyl-Oasis 
OMG MYO Kamitsune for KamiTsuneAdopts 
Sailor Ilmare for Dwarf-Alliance 
Bowtiful Wonderling Adopts
Vivi and Greff (two separate works)

In between all this, some stamps, more DnD stuff up, Dwarf-Alliance storyline prep, judging for NextTopSenshi , lots of Pakkeli-Cluster shenanigans LOL, and more (but hopefully not toooo much more XD). Gotta grab a few more adopts too AND updated some TH bios /: This list will easily and most likely take me to the end of the year LOL

And a Fresh Start in 2019?

I have a calligraphy pen! Not sure how this will go, but I want to attempt calligraphy at some point lol I also plan to do more ACEOs heading forward AND do more photography! After my To-Do List is completed, I will be taking time out to just draw my OCs that I never draw. My commissions will close in the beginning of 2019 to give me time to just draw whatever and whenever inspiration hits. I feel so dry and ugh right now having to do whatever said prompt states or how someone else says it has to be done... So I am gonna just draw for me at the beginning of 2019 for a while and see how that goes.

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Get a chance to win an adorable kitty! VelenieAdopts reached 50 watchers - :la: - So it is time for a raffle! The layout is simple and the prize is super cute! I must confess, I have a slight army of these kitties myself lol

Just hurry! The deadline is October 10, 2018!

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is it already almost halloween?!

Thu Sep 27, 2018, 8:23 AM

YAP and check this out!

I have a friend with a HUGE GOAL to create 200 pieces of art in October!! //dead I don't know how she will get it done, go check her out, SailorSunPhoenix , check out some of her groups, and check out two other projects that she could use some feedback on!

Halloween ATs and Commissions (Open):new::pumpkin: If your birthday is on Halloween month or you know someone that has a birthday please let me know I would love to draw them gifts on their birthday on Halloween month.:pumpkin::new: 
Pre-order is open. However the pictures will not be posted until Halloween month arrives. 
I'm open for Halloween Commissions and Art Trades
Don't be afraid to talk me about what you want. 
Art trades are open for Halloween month. However if you want yours to be Halloween themed, i would like mine to be as well, 
If you want to a AT just Note me under subject "Halloween AT"
My Art trade Rules:
I accept Traditional to Traditional
I accept Digital to Digital
I accept Traditional to Digital
I will accept gifs for gifs
I will accept gifs for a drawing.
Inktober/Sketchober Trades are acceptable as well
:new: Halloween $$$$ payment
Note me for Cash commissions subject "Halloween payment"
Drawing will be Halloween themed
Cash is $5 USD only for a
  Halloween MangaSo as the title says and also plus the Halloween Ats, commissions and gifts i'm doing 
not to mention the 200 drawings i'm doing as a challenge, there is something else i plan to do. 
A story of how 
.   .   .
would you guys want to see the comic i make of that? 
comment below your thoughts please.
I love to hear what you guys think of that

Art Updates...

I got sidetracked redoing my whole stinking website!!! has had a ginormous revamp! It has the new branding now, brand new layout and design, and I finally bit the bullet and updated my commissions... Yeah, they got updated on dA too - so if you want to commission me, there are some things I accept only on dA but the majority is done via my website only now...

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hello new art XD

Sun Sep 23, 2018, 6:41 AM

branding decisions made...

As you can see, I finally came to a decision on a new logo. It is WAY busier than my any previous logo but still contains the same elements of all previous logos. It also has more than two colors which is vastly different than all previous logos. So far the vast majority of everyone really likes the change :3 I am still getting used to it myself, but I do like it. It is just different than what I am used to lol Also I will probably be using the following as the new logo header on my website. Too redundant?? Or ok??

Lantiis Logo 2 Small by iLantiis

wonderling adopt ahoy!

Another Wonderling has made an appearance! Two are now currently available (one with a pending offer I am considering). The next Wonderling up will be the lovely Dark Wonderling! Then the boi and then the Bowtiful one (which will be a raffle I think). 
OPEN OTA Wonderling 0001 by iLantiis  ON HOLD Wonderling 0002 by iLantiis

when art seems distressing...

Some friends recently let out of the bag how they feel about their art... I watch all their art closely, even if I don't comment on it (time restrictions usually but sometimes it's the app or I've already commented once somewhere on it). All of those friends have amazing art and styles, have improved immensely over the past year, inspire me to try hard and do new things, and they encourage me when I feel down...

And I literally have no idea what to say to them to make them feel better because I also hate my art, hate what I see is a lack of decent progression, hate the lack of love for my art by others, and hate that I feel like a bad person for it all. I feel unsuccessful all around when it comes to my art and me as an artist... So I totally get it, and I just want to burrito all my friends and roll all over them to show my undying love for them and their art... But they live so far away (and may not allow me to roll all over them lol).

Friends and followers, how do you feel about what I put out there?

More importantly tho, how do you feel about what YOU put out there?

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it feels weird lol

Tue Sep 18, 2018, 9:19 AM

New Profile Stuffs

I have my new-ish profile up. Really all I did was change colors and some pixels/icons lol I changed my avatar again tho, and it is so weird! I am used to seeing the teal crystal. And hello, did not know the button code could be ORANGE! LOVE IT! My new profile and journal colors are Pink, Teal, and Gold. Not sure if this will translate over to the website, but I am rather digging the dark motif with a splash of color for my dA profile. Think I can, maybe, last longer than 2 months before changing it again??? LOL


UGH THE BANE OF MY EXISTENCE! I got injured via a blood draw at the VA, so for two days I could not use my hand it hurt so bad to move it (my drawing hand nonetheless). The two days after that were working slowly on the Wonderling adopt, Warrior Princess, and on website stuff for my Twin Oaks client. Now I am super crazy behind :/ I don't even know if I want to finish it at this point because it will be 3 sketches a day for several days to catch up which will make me rush and the product will be shitty... And can we get a HEEEEEEEY STRESSFUL?!! Like I have other stuff I have to do, so I think I may just drop Sketchtember and just sketch as I have time.

New Branding Ideas

I really like the gray circle with a L and crown, but I might mix it up a little to incorporate the three colors I like AND make the L more visible... Gonna do away with the slogan at the bottom... Cute but not me anymore. Right now, I just feel all POP OF COLOR so the drab gray and white only has got to go. Now to spend some time researching some new fonts to use. YAY! That is actually a LOT of fun lol. And I need to get on my website - I will be doing some pricing changes to commissions as well.

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all kinds of irrelevant stuff

Tue Sep 11, 2018, 8:21 AM


I am doing the thing. I have gotten behind only once and caught right back up. Of course this IS only day 11 lol. Anyways, my plan is to finish Sketchtember, ink those sketches for Inktober, and then color/finish those lined pieces for Drawcember. I am totally cheating guys. //isflogged


There is a widget on my profile with all the pertinent links for you if you have any interest in Wonderling adopts. As far as the art portion goes, I am swamped with Kindergarten homework (2 projects in one week is NOT okay) and doctor appointments this week, so nothing is getting done at the moment. I am still sketching the hades out of them (all THREE forms now!! WOOT). I hope to have a couple Fused forms up before the close of September and some Wanderer forms too. Then we can move into December with a few more Fused forms and buckets of Wanderer and Shard forms... And then hopefully open the first storyline come January 2019.

DnD Freebies

I am STILL uploading the basic content of my world, Klodontes. Aradiss and Calencse are up right now plus all the maps for each continent. Weredragons are also available for anyone who wants a challenging addition to any game! I will eventually upload characters to be used as NPCs (per the poll results tho, I will generalize them and not upload actual character sheets so they can be easily incorporated into any game/campaign regardless of edition played).

Personal Crap

I have like seven doctor appointments coming up in the next 2-3 weeks. Nothing major - most is just yearly stuff like x-rays/MRIs, pap/LEEP, eye doctor for glasses, and something NEW! I am joining the VA program for weight loss and management. I meet with my dietitian in two weeks!!!

Then, of course, there is my lovely daughter and her homework. I can't do art on work + school days because we don't have enough time in the evenings those days for homework, dinner, dishes, chores, pets, etc AND me doing art. It just isn't possible. So I can ONLY do major art pieces (outside random sketching and some lining which I can do at work) on Saturday and Sunday evenings, and then Wednesdays and Thursdays between bills, yardwork, laundry, and other appointments that crop up... My life is TOO busy nowadays!

Pokemon GO

I am revitalized! I am playing again (I suck, but I work at a pokestop so have PLENTY of gifts to give)! They have friend codes out now. If you play and want to add me, please use the following code:

4226 3327 9823

I send gifts out every day except Wednesdays and Thursdays - I'm not at work those days lol If you send me one, I will fight like hell to send one back. If you don't send me any and I have leftovers after reciprocating those who sent me one, I will probably send you one anyways. XD

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Hello Friends!

Sun Aug 26, 2018, 12:10 PM


I am still working away on Wonderlings. The journal Wonderlings: The Divine Shards has information on RARITIES now!! More information is coming, and FOUR adoptable Wonderlings are in the works.

Website Fun!

I caught a client needing a website and branding, so I have largely been working on that. Now that the hard part is done, I will be maintaining the site for them and have a bunch of content coming up to finish the base site (as soon as my client gets a breather from the litter of puppies that were born today!). So yes, for the past couple of days, a good deal of my time has been diverted on this project.

SM Brooch Maker

Still working on this. This will be my last large collaborative project that I do without pay. I am getting the last few backgrounds ready to go before submitting my final file. Lots of time has been spent here as well, and when I have completed my portion, I should have some extra free time for other art :3

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Wonderlings: The Divine Shards

Sun Aug 12, 2018, 9:42 AM

Blue Heart Bullet (Set o1) by AngelicHellraiser  Adopts & Upgrades   Blue Heart Bullet (Set o1) by AngelicHellraiser  Heroes   Blue Heart Bullet (Set o1) by AngelicHellraiser  Villains   Blue Heart Bullet (Set o1) by AngelicHellraiser  Storylines   Blue Heart Bullet (Set o1) by AngelicHellraiser

About Wonderlings

Wonderlings are shards of weapons used by gods that had enough power still in them when they fell to Earth that they fused with a sentient being when they touched them (usually a human). They are the silent heroes (or evil-doers) of the human world - literal magical girls and magical guys! They live to fight and find competitive ways to curb their warring spirits when there are no battles to be found.

Wonderlings can be any age - once they fuse with their creature though, they slow down on aging thanks to magic. Their fused form gains speed, strength, and the desire to fight! And they have a crystal(s) on their body somewhere that shows the type of weapon and god they were torn from before they fell to Earth and fused with another creature. Should those crystals become cracked and dim, Holy Wonderlings slip down the slope of evil and become Dark Wonderlings...

Holy Wonderlings:
Any Available Shape - geometric or otherwise

white (healing), pink (emotion), blue (water), green (nature), brown (earth), light purple (psychic/kinesis), red (fire), light blue (speed or flight), light green (wind), yellow (electricity), orange (sonic/sound), rainbow (radiant/holy)

Dark Wonderlings:
Slit (Darkborn Wonderlings Only), Any Dark Cracked Available Shape

black (destruction), dark pink (nightmares), dark red (magma), gray (shadow/darkness), dark green (venom), dark blue (ice), dark teal (speed or flight), dark purple (psychic/kinesis), dark yellow-orange (necrosis), dark rainbow (chaos)

Wonderling Forms

This is the most basic form of the Wonderling. It is a piece of a god's weapon, and it can not do much else other than change its appearance...

Once a Wonderling changes its form, it must adapt. To adapt, the shard takes on an inquisitive Wanderer Form and tests out various living creatures to fuse with. Typically they stop testing when they find a human to fuse with - also the more intelligent a creature, the harder it is to fuse and the more likely they need permission to fuse. The only abilities the Wanderer Form has are fusing and levitating besides basic necessary movement. They are very shy and skittish in this form since they cannot defend themselves...

Once the Wonderling finds the creature it wants to fuse with and the creature allows it, the fuse becomes permanent and the new Fused Form starts to live out its life. Part of that life, thanks to the innate natures and desires of the shard, are to do battle! This form is the FULL form of the Wonderling where it has access to all of it's abilities and powers. 

Wonderling Rarities and Stages

This information only applies to Wonderlings in their FUSED FORMS. Wonderlings have the following rarities: unvaried - remarkable - unique - fabled and the following stages: one - two - three.

They have crystal(s) and crystal cluster(s) in different locations on their body based on their stage - each stage/rarity can contain the elements from the previous stage/rarity but a Wonderling cannot ever attain elements from a stage/rarity they have not achieved.

Wonderling rarity and stage can change by fusing with other Wonderlings though it is uncommon for FUSED FORM Wonderlings to fuse with others like them, instead they find a Shard Form or Wanderer Form to fuse with since those forms are in need of assistance anyways (Dark Wonderlings WILL try to force fuse with a FUSED FORM Holy Wonderling though, so be careful!).

These Wonderlings have only one power type they can draw from (ie crystal and color). These Wonderlings have no weapon/item.

Stage 1 Unvaried: One crystal with one ability.
Stage 2 Unvaried: One crystal cluster with two abilities.
Stage 3 Unvaried: Two crystal clusters with three abilities.

These Wonderlings have two power types they can draw from (ie crystals and colors). These Wonderlings have a small and simple weapon/item.

Stage 1 Remarkable: Two crystals with two abilities.
Stage 2 RemarkableOne crystal and one cluster with three abilities.
Stage 3 Remarkable: Two crystal clusters with four abilities.

These Wonderlings have three power types they can draw from (ie crystals and colors). These Wonderlings have a medium-sized non-ornate weapon/item.

Stage 1 Unique: Three crystals with three abilities.
Stage 2 UniqueOne crystal and two clusters with four abilities.
Stage 3 Unique: Three crystal clusters with five abilities.

These Wonderlings have four+ power types they can draw from (ie crystals and colors). These Wonderlings have any type of extravagant and ornate weapon/item.

Stage 1 Fabled: Four crystals with four abilities.
Stage 2 FabledTwo crystals and two clusters with five abilities.
Stage 3 Fabled: Four crystal clusters with six abilities.

Increasing Wonderling Rarity and Stage by Fusion

Short Version...
Fuse with any other Wonderling to get a +1 bonus.
At a +3 bonus, your Wonderling advances one stage (or rarity if at stage 3 already).
When advancing to a new rarity, choose a new power from one you already absorbed.
If the Wonderling you are fusing with is more powerful and you remain dominant, advance to that stage/next rarity.
Most Wonderlings only fuse with wanderer and shard forms.
Holy Wonderlings can heal Dark Wonderlings
Darkborn Wonderlings cannot be healed
Darkborn Wonderlings can infect Holy Wonderlings

Long Version
You can increase your Wonderling's rarity and stage by fusing with other wonderlings in any form. By fusing, the dominant Wonderling (the one that remains in charge - usually the more powerful of the two) automagically gains a +1 bonus. At a total +3 bonus, a Wonderling moves up one stage. At stage 3, if a Wonderling moves up a stage, they move up to the next rarity and begin at stage 1 for that rarity. If you make it to the next rarity when fusing, you MUST take that absorbed Wonderling's power OR a power you have previously absorbed as your next power. You do not have to match/mimic abilities or crystal shapes - those are for you to choose but once chosen, they are also permanent.

By fusing and increasing one's power, a Wonderling NEVER loses power except if they are the non-dominant Wonderling in the fusion (they effectively get absorbed - most Wonderlings NEVER fuse with a fused form, only shard and wanderers). Fusing for power-ups IS PERMANENT. This isn't like the Wanderer Form trying on other creatures to see who they match with best. And YES you can "upgrade" your magical outfit, crystals, and weapon with each new fusion so long as the upgrade does not violate the rules for the rarity and stage you are currently in.

You CAN increase your Wonderling's rarity and stage FASTER by being pickier about who your Wonderling fuses with. If you fuse with a Wonderling that has a stage that is higher than you (instead of matching or lower), you automagically achieve that stage for your current rarity. IF you are at stage 3 of your current rarity and fuse with a stage 3 of a higher rarity, your Wonderling automagically becomes stage 3 of the next rarity in line. The final rarity at stage 3 does not lose the ability to fuse!!! HOWEVER forevermore, each time they fuse, they gain a new ability (meaning they go past 6 abilities).

As stated previously, most Wonderlings only fuse with wanderer and shard forms. They are in need of help and purpose, and fusing with them and absorbing them gives them the help they were seeking and the purpose they needed. HOWEVER Dark Wonderlings can and will fuse with fused forms as well as wanderer and shard forms to take over an adversary or just simply to be evil.

If a Holy Wonderling fuses with a Dark Wonderling (or vice-versa and the Holy Wonderling ends up dominant), a crystal will darken on them and/or crack. Even tho rarity and stage can be increased this way, once ALL of a Wonderling's crystals are darkened and/or cracked, they become a Dark Wonderling. ONLY a Holy Wonderling with healing OR holy powers can reverse this effect. In effect, Dark Wonderlings CAN BECOME HEALED and be Holy Wonderlings again. DARKBORN WONDERLINGS CANNOT BE HEALED. And Darkborn Wonderlings can use necrosis or chaos powers to "infect" a Holy Wonderling, darkening and/or cracking a crystal with a single touch (Dark Wonderlings alone do NOT have this ability even if they have necrosis or chaos powers).

The Wonderling World...

Wonderlings are just humans who once had a chance encounter from a shard form or wanderer form Wonderling*. They live on Earth, unable to escape the planet and return to the Land of the Gods in their semi-mortal form. So the Wonderlings set out to do what they do best: wage battles and compete.

Holy Wonderlings have a deep hatred for Darkborn and Dark Wonderlings, and Darkborn and Dark Wonderlings are notoriously mischievous, arrogant, and volatile. Holy Wonderlings are often a touch more patient, caring, and they are less impulsive than their counterparts. Wonderlings, regardless of holy or dark, take on many of the elements of their creature (usually a person). Some are slobs, some work a lot but never make it on time, some enjoy swimming or reading, etc.

Life for Wonderlings is tame and boring when there isn't a battle to be fought. But with Dark Wonderlings around, something nefarious is always in the making so Holy Wonderlings stay in tune with their surroundings to catch the next bad-guy or gal that threatens their new home, Earth.

* Crossovers and Wonderlings of other species are allowed though each of you must check on the rules with each CS creator before making them. It is forseeable that species everywhere with Gods/Goddesses could potentially have some divine shards fall to the planet in question and fuse with one of the sentient beings there. FYI though: My adopts will be human and storylines will pertain to Earth for the timeline I set up for Wonderlings.

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Wonderlings: Magical Storylines

Sat Aug 4, 2018, 7:10 AM

Blue Heart Bullet (Set o1) by AngelicHellraiser  Adopts & Upgrades   Blue Heart Bullet (Set o1) by AngelicHellraiser  Heroes   Blue Heart Bullet (Set o1) by AngelicHellraiser  Villains   Blue Heart Bullet (Set o1) by AngelicHellraiser  About Wonderlings   Blue Heart Bullet (Set o1) by AngelicHellraiser

Wonderlings Overview...

Wonderlings are magical shards that can morph forms (they have 3 forms). When they fuse with a human, their fused form (3rd/final form) makes the human a Magical Girl or a Magical Guy (or whatever gender your particular OC is - we don't stand on ceremony and recognize everyone no matter how they identify - I just call all of you Wonderlings because that is what you, ultimately, are XD). These amazing creatures are called Wonderlings and have have magic powers and abilities they use to save (or harm) the day! Good Wonderlings are HOLY while Evil Wonderlings are DARK.

Depending on the state they fused with their human in, Wonderlings can come at a variety of levels: Unvaried, Remarkable, Unique, or Fabled, each with a power or powers determined by the level. Each level has three stages, and each stages has crystal clusters and abilities assigned to them. An Unvaried Wonderling has fewer powers and crystals than a Unique Wonderling; a Remarkable stage-1 Wonderling likewise has fewer abilities BUT the same power(s) as a Remarkable stage-2 or 3 Wonderling...

A Wonderful & Magical Story!

The magical storyline will unlock when we reach 20 Wonderling adopts / MYOs!

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Finished lining Taaffeite Starling!

OMG is it possible?? I had her almost lined but had to do the brooch still and fix some other lines that just looked like shit. I finally have lines I am willing to color!! Do any of you do that? Like line something 50 times until you are willing to do something with it? It used to not take me so long but lately my hand shakes so bad that it is impossible to get a decent lined work in the first (maybe) 10 attempts lol

Taaffeite Starling Lines WIP by iLantiis

Medical Bullshit

Some of you may have seen the rant if you are on my private facebook. If not, then here it is again simply because I came to work and first damn thing this morning, I had a guest asking wtf was wrong with me!! It's medication-induced movement disorder people. I'm fine. I do not have to pee. I do not need to take a walk. I do not need an ambulance!!! I just can't stop moving!! I can't flippin' help it - asking me to stop produces nothing but pure rage!

When your body requires constant movement and your hands shake uncontrollably most of the time (I have a hand tremor too), a lot of the art that does get done has to be redone. Think about your life if you never were able to stop moving - driving is a freaking peach! Sitting rarely happens. I sway, bounce, pace, and more nonstop. I also wring my hands nonstop and shove them in my pockets a lot to hide them. It is embarrassing and being called out on it makes it worse. This is why it takes me so long to produce art. Most of you are kind and don't mention the dry spells, but a couple people have in the past year and it is infuriating - especially when I am transparent about my issues and post them publicly on multiple websites.

Sorry for the micro rant, but damn it is just pissing me off to deal with this regularly at work nowadays. And it is starting to slip into my art world too.

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A Sketchy Decision

Sun Jul 22, 2018, 12:04 PM

I am thinking of doing another batch of just sketches - quick, dirty, unpolished - just when I don't have time for other art like during breaks at work, while cooking dinner, as I clean house or do laundry, etc. A couple people have recommended it since I don't have a lot of time to do finished products on account of my busy life. It just seems like such a good idea and so obvious, I can't believe I didn't think of it myself and had to ask for suggestions lol My brain checked out XD

Would you all be interested in seeing sketches?
Should I put them in scraps or my gallery?

Art on the way (as time allows)
Sailor Taaffeite Starling Reference
New Chibi Style (for Ambrivans maybe?)
Brooch Maker BGs (in secret of course)
A new TEAL profile and journal on dA
My Thornyl Drixton
My MYO Kamitsune, Fienna
My lovelies from Chedd: Vivi and Greff
More Ambaran Adopts (maybe in chibi form?)

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Looking out for me! Yes indeed!

Journal Entry: Sun Jul 8, 2018, 2:19 PM

Karma at Work

I was in a car accident this past week. My car has one issue (driver's side mirror is now missing) but is safe and driveable. I am unhurt minus a fairly short panic attack right after I was hit. Emma was in school and not in the car for this!! And a good samaritain tailed and caught the guy who sideswiped me and brought him back to the scene where he took the blame for the accident (guy was in a box truck and had no idea he had hit me when he merged into my lane).

Someone was watching out for me.
That could have been so much worse on so many levels!
Some good I have done seemingly has protected me thankfully!

I am waiting on his (the other driver) insurance company to "investigate" the accident. I already got the quote on the mirror. It is $230.04 which isn't bad at all. I just need the insurance company to hurry up so my mechanic can get the parts and fix my car. You don't know just how much you use that dang mirror until it isn't there anymore lol!

Bruiser Update

He is doing GREAT! The meds are working well and he seems to be mostly back to his old self. He doesn't even act like he is in pain which makes me want to take him off the meds. But I am not going to - don't worry. I don't want to take him off, have him starting having massive pain again, and not be able to catch it back up to where he is now. Playing catch-up with pain isn't a good way for Bruiser to live, and I keep reminding myself of that.

Art Update

It is coming lol Obviously I have had an issue this last week plus another issue I don't really want to speak about too. It has made squeaking art in a little hard when I have had to spend nearly every free moment on the phone with various people / companies. I am working on my Crystal Animamate tonight, Taaffeite Starling. Probably tomorrow night too depending on how late my body lets me stay up tonight. After that are a couple MYO Adopts I keep putting on the backburners. Then some more work on the Senshi Brooch Maker backgrounds. Random stuff will be mixed in as needed. Random always has a way of happening lol

Pink Gems by MissToxicSlime
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Feeling Better - Hope you are too!

Journal Entry: Fri Jun 29, 2018, 5:46 AM

Grandma Update

So I got to videochat with my grandma finally. I was super happy to hear her voice though she sounded frail and looked gaunt. She was very concerned that my aunt didn't brush her hair well since she is too weak to brush her hair herself right now.

Turns out what happened is she forgot to take her meds for several days and also wasn't eating possibly??? No one is really sure but that is the best they can come up with. We have dementia in the family, and everyone is concerned (doctors included) that she is showing signs of it. Someone has to live with her now to make sure she eats, takes meds, doesn't leave the stove on, etc. I am not sure who is going to do that, but someone will be taking on that challenge who lives up there with her. My dad left in higher spirits to come home than when he left to go up and see grandma. So that leaves me in better spirits too.

Me Update

This whole grandma things had gotten me down pretty low - it didn't help that it came right at the close of what happened to my dog and that whole fiasco. Thank you to everyone who reached out to me, commented, sent thoughts, love, and prayers, and who offered up their time to me to talk if I needed it. That means the world to me. That support really lifted me up and carried me when I needed it most. So really truly thank you all so much!!

I am coming out of my depression funk. I feel tons better today though I am a little concerned I might be going manic - I am coming up from my depression pretty fast. I would rather be manic than depressed though haha. In preparation, I paid all my bills and went grocery shopping since I tend to shop a lot when I am manic :/ Gotta make sure we are set before the mania hits! I got this!

Bruiser Update

Bruiser is doing a lot better. The pain management isn't perfect but he is close to back to his old self: playing, chewing on rawhides, able to jump up on couches, running around the yard, barking at squirrels, etc. He comes for love again too and has started being social with us again. The vet also called the other day to check up on him. It was great to relay good news to her!

Art Update

Art stalled, clearly, during the grandma crisis of 2018. I will be picking it back up now that I am coming out of my depressed funk and can possibly concentrate on something besides anger, sleep, and crying. I have a couple secret things to do first, so don't expect anything public immediately :3 Outside of that, I will be working more on the Brooch Maker BGs, some adopts, and a while mess of OCs that need some loving.

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Thoughts and Thank You

Journal Entry: Mon Jun 25, 2018, 8:03 AM

Most importantly, thank you for all your kind, supportive, and caring comments on my last journal. I don't feel I deserve all of that, but it is appreciated and was much needed. I am sorry I haven't responded to everyone. I don't think I can - I am a little overwhelmed by it and by life right now. The same will hold true for this journal too I am sure. I am just overwhelmed.

Speaking of life, I have no idea how my grandma is doing. No one will update me - me being virtually the only one who isn't visiting her now. My parents say they will be in touch and that they will make sure I get to Skype with her. I believe them, but I am also deeply anxious about it.

The news has gone: grandma in hospital, grandma going home, back in hospital, afraid she dying, back home, doing better, back to dying, looking good and getting stronger... That was the last speculation my dad heard as he was about a 6 hour drive away yesterday.

Just a week or two ago, I was on the phone with my grandma. She went into this long drawn out speech about how she was ready to die and wanted me to know she loved me. Well that didn't sit well with me, and I told her no. I am selfish. I don't want her to die. She told me she was ready and happy to die.

So my shock and heartbreak was compounded when I heard the news about her health because I think she has been hiding from us all this time how sick she really is. I wanted die then and there knowing I haven't been there for her in her time of need. But she has been there for me - for all of us. And we are oblivious to her struggle and suffering.

That alone has made this whole thing so much worse. Don't ever do that to the people you love. Let them know - let them help in any way they can. I have so much anger and regret right now that I don't know up from down.

Just talk to your loved ones.

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Where to turn?

Journal Entry: Sun Jun 24, 2018, 11:32 AM

I really feel adrift. I keep trying to catch up and stay caught up, but life keeps throwing me curveballs. Between Bruiser's hip dysplasia and my grandmother slowly dying right now (everyone but me is going to see her this week, but I can't because ... money), I am just at a loss.

I don't know what to do.

Life is an emotional rollercoaster right now.

I want off. I want off really bad.

I keep trying to stay positive. I have a job. I have my daughter. We have a roof over our head and food in our bellies.

But I can't stop crying.

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Bruiser's Diagnosis.

Journal Entry: Fri Jun 15, 2018, 7:35 AM

For those who want the original blog, click here.

This is a compilation of posts from FB, so if you have me on FB, feel free to disregard this journal.

The BB Shot Finale

Bruiser is back from the vet. They did not do the surgery to remove the BB from his leg. While there, the vet noticed his hip muscles had deteriorated since she had last seen him less than 2 weeks before and rechecked the X-ray … concluding that he has hip dysplasia and arthritis that may have been aggravated with his being shot with a BB. No matter how it happened, they are sure the BB is not what is causing all his pain and walking problems currently.

Hip Dysplasia and the Abysmal look at the Future

So I was presented with two options: hip surgery at more than 3x the cost of the original surgery or attempt to medicate the pain for the rest of his life. I obviously can’t afford the surgery, so we are trying to medicate Bruiser to keep the pain manageable and give him a decent quality of life. I am really not looking forward to giving him a pill every morning, but the prospect of putting him to sleep is even less appealing.

Just so we are all clear, there is no option that I am ok with here. Even the expensive surgery to cut into his bone isn’t a cure-all for the pain. Basically I’ve been informed that my dog will be in pain for the rest of his life to some degree, and I have to decide when it’s too much pain and put him to sleep at that time… My emotions are so raw right now, and I don’t know what to do and am just praying I’m not making huge mistakes!

Bruiser’s First Day Back Home…

He’s alert and has been playing a little today (inside and out – chased a squirrel very briefly). The pain meds aren’t perfect but he’s more comfy than what he has been thankfully. He got a dry bath today; I also brushed him gently (lord he was stinky!). I was gonna bathe him, but I realized pretty quick if I did, he’d be shaking his whole body and didn’t want to put him thru that… So I went and got something to replace full baths with. He smells so nice right now, and we avoided all the pain!

We are slowly but surely adapting to the changes to make sure Bruiser is comfortable, clean, happy, eating/drinking, and as pain free as we can get him in all his favorite activities! Still a few more things to do, but at least he isn’t sitting on the floor whimpering in pain anymore! A victory! I keep telling myself, “One day at a time,” and moving forward from there. I don’t know how long he will be with us, but I know every second will be amazing!

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Positive Words

Journal Entry: Fri Jun 8, 2018, 6:27 AM

Nabbed from Crystalomic . She made me ugly cry in the best way ever! I am going to do as Stef did and include my favorite work from her gallery. I am not going to do a bunch of other friends tho. I know and love so many of you that it terrifies me to leave anyone out (yay social anxiety!!). So I am simply going to reciprocate the love given already.

I do encourage everyone to either reciprocate or try this in full.

Star! This journal is to comment on the person themselves~ (not about art or fiction, etc)...

Star! For each comment they receive, they can (or at least try) to say something nice about you (the one who commented).

Star! Remember, positivity~ If you don't know the person well, say something you think about, feel, or get inspired by... really, it can be anything as long as it is POSITIVE.

Let's see how far this can go (here's hoping~, we need to have more positivity in life so help us out~).


You are the sweetest: truly you are. You have the kindest disposition, always something nice to say about the people around you, and you manage to find the positive in otherwise dark moments. Tho I have never asked for it, I feel confident if I needed it, you would give me the shirt off your back (and anyone else who needed it too). You are filled with light and love - it shows when you speak of the man you love, when you speak of your friends, and when you speak of the things you enjoy doing. Despite what you may think, you have the strength of a thousand suns and have endured more than most have at your age with class, grace, and humility. You are truly inspiring.

Deep in the Sea by Crystalomic

The raw emotion in your art nowadays is brilliant! This one work here always makes me smile and is the one I come back to most frequently. The pure joy captured here is contagious! Thank you for bringing this joy to my life and the lives of all your watchers!

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Voyage to the Unknown: Artisan Crafts

Journal Entry: Tue Jun 5, 2018, 7:20 AM

I was kindly invited to do this by finakiyomo . Heart

Voyage to the Unknown... you've probably seen these journals around, but what are they exactly? Well...

"The idea is to browse through a category or sub-category that you don't necessarily visit frequently, or that you browse the least, and collect some of the art you find stands out! The point of this is to challenge ourselves and discover new art in the process." - Mrs-Durden

Please don't forget to visit the Voyage to the unknown: Master Journal to find out more about this amazing project, and if you end up making one, link it in the comments! Oh, and don't forget to use #TheVoyage in your journal feature!

I will not be tagging anyone, but feel free to do your own if you like.

The Artisan Craft gallery was the one I chose for my Voyage to the Unknown.


Needle Felted Fox by YuliaLeonovich

Wooden Box Fox by ChibiPyro  Zelus Paws by LobitaWorks

Brown Jackalope king by hontor

Vintage Style Toad on Lotus Leaf Palette Magnet by ArtofLaughinAnnie Cat Mosaic by KupoGames

FOR SALE: Humming bird by NastyaLapka

Pink Sakura Cat by Ailinn-Lein  Fantasy Fennecs by nicsadika

Poseable Handmade Artdoll - Pigmy Dragon Hatchling by whatleyswildlife

Pink bat by SweetSign White Fantasy Animal by hon-anim <da:thumb id="748181348"/>

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Happy Day! I am back from vacation!

Journal Entry: Fri Jun 1, 2018, 8:25 AM

Took a Mini-Vacation with Family

My brother came down for a visit (he lives in ND and I live in AR). It was just a spontaneous visit with the grandparents that we glommed onto. Read more and see more here!

Siblings and Cousins by iLantiis
Our View at the Lake by iLantiis  Silly Cousins by iLantiis

Artists Aware has a star!

finakiyomo was caught on camera ala DeviantCringe on Youtube! We all got a giggle and a fun time out of our new star admin! Watch the video here! And remember that we DO NOT advocate harassing or any type of contact between anyone and any thief or troll.

Upcoming Art

Ambrivan Adopts x2
Seresan Adopts x2
Bearded Lady Pakaasu NPC
Pakkeli Adopt x2
BMBG Work (secret tho lol)

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