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Imperial Ambrivans
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Published: February 17, 2017
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A Quick Start Guide
Ambrivans and the Scrouse are closed species created by me, Lantiis aka E. Whittaker.

Lera and Creid

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【 Name 】 Melodia Almalera Reidai Generast Jr. and 
Azulan Hadren Lierarc Keordia Platus Macreedan the 4th
【 Called 】 Lera and Creid or 
Empress Lera and Emperor Creid
【 Ages 】 Lera: 89 and Cried: 97
【 D.o.B.s 】
 L: 7th of Lith and C: 1st of Risto
【 Genders 】 Female and Male
【 Orientation 】 L: Straight and C: Straight
【 Skin / Markings 】 L: Tan / White and C: Blue / Dark Blue
【 Eyes / Hair 】 L: Blue / Red and C: Green / Blond
【 Gems / Powers 】 Rainbow / ALL Elements
【 Height / Weight 】 L: 3'10" / 201 lbs and C: 4' 4" / 217 lbs
【 Origin 】 Ambaran
【 Species/Race 】 Ambrivan

About Lera & Creid

Ambaran is the planet where they live, and they stay in the main city, Habrina City, where their palace is. They are gentle rulers who believe in the laws of the land and the abilities of their people. While they show kindness to those who follow the law, they are strict with those who break the law. Lera and Creid are lifemates tho their status was arranged unlike other lifemate pairs who choose their partners.

Home Life and Family
Proud parents to Lesa, their baby girl, tho they are a little overwhelmed at the moment. A nanny is definitely in order! While most of the day is work work work, taking time out for each other and their child always makes the schedule of events. Creid believes in family and family time, so it is important for him to have time with Lera and Lesa.

Work and Fun
Colors: Purple, Gold, Silver
Dresscode: Always Semi-formal to Formal

Lera and Creid are always at work or ready to be working. They never know what might come up that needs their immediate attention so they are always dressed for formal events and dignitaries. They spend their days reviewing laws, budgets, and signing important documents.

Everyone bows to the Imperials and they are not to be touched by anyone outside the vetted staff of the palace.

Lera's Reveal to Creid | The Queen is Pregnant! by iLantiis  Lera's Bump | The Queen is Pregnant by iLantiis  Creid in Baby Class | The Queen is Pregnant Event by iLantiis

【 Likes 】
  • Princess Lesa
  • Music and Poetry
  • Fruits and Fermented Drinks
  • Lera: Playing the Flute
  • Creid: Reading Poetry to Lesa
【 Dislikes 】
  • Unruly Citizens
  • Having to decide criminal's futures
  • Lera: Paperwork
  • Creid: Hot weather
【 Hobbies 】
  • Lera: Sculpting
  • Lera: Composing Music
  • Creid: Poetry Writing


Common Skin Color, Markings, Tail Ribbon Color, Ears, Tail Underside Color
Uncommon Tail Ribbons, Eyes
Rare Marking Colors
Legendary Gemstones
Angelic ---
Genetic Superior ---
Mutations ---

Common Skin Color, Markings, Marking Color, Eyes
Uncommon Ears, Tail Underside Color
Rare Tail Ribbons, Tail Ribbon Color
Legendary Gemstones
Angelic ---
Genetic Superior ---
Mutations ---

All about the Ambrivans and their SocietyPhysiology
Ambrivans are short, about 3'5" to 4'5" for females and, on average five inches taller for males. Adult petite or lean Ambrivan females weigh around 180 pounds, athletic or muscular female Ambrivans weigh around 200 pounds, and while not common, over weight Ambrivans do exist (males weigh 20-30 pounds more than females on average). Ambrivans can live for 150-180 years on average, with 1-20 being young, 21-50 being children, 51-80 being teenagers, 81-120 being adults, and 121-180 being elderly. Most Ambrivans do not live past 180 (tho some do - the oldest on record was 200).
Ambrivans are stout and do not injure easily. They jump high, run fast, but are clumsy in water without special training. They are hardy and do not suffer in the cold like some creatures do tho they overheat easily in the summer and fall. They get claustrophobic easily - they prefer wide open spaces... tho some have overcome this and work in mines or live in forests. Most Ambr

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