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Chromiphone For the iPhone

1-10-2009 Added a download for the current theme,

23-12-2009 You can get the theme from Cydia (search "Chromiphone" in Cydia)
I added it a while ago to the ModMyI Repo and forgot to update it here that you can install it from Cydia :P

To install, copy the folder 'Chromiphone.theme' to /Library/Themes/ on the iPhone/iPod Touch.
Then open Winterboard and select 'Chromiphone'

All icons are painstakingly created by me (well, almost all of them, some of the icons I found on the net), All of them are custom shapes that I will upload after I finish with this theme.

This theme derived from Google Chrome's design, clean and very good looking, hence the name "Chromiphone" :D
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I install and active this theme is good, but in top where signal and time slide is still black, not like according to theme. What should I do?
thank you so much
Love it! But is there a way to turn off the lock/unlock sounds? Can be a distraction in meetings. Thanks!
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But on the other hand, why complicate things when you can just put your phone into silent mode?
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Here try this: [link]
Drop the .theme folder into /Library/Themes/ and enable it in Winterboard.

I don't have an iphone to test it, but if I remember correctly it should work.
I'm just replacing the lock/unlock sounds with empty sound file...
Love it, but is there anyway to turn of the unlock and lock noises? Can be distracting in meetings. Thanks!
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As soon as I get a hold on the new iPhone 4 I'll continue with the theme, as well as modifying it to suit the higher res on the new iPhone.
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Awesome. I'm a Google Chrome fan btw. :)
I heard there's a Chrome theme for Safari called Chromafari.
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i just downloaded the theme in denviantart and copied it trough winscp on my 3g. awesome theme, but i am missin the icon.
even if i download the theme trough cydia the icon is missing
some solutions to fix that?

Thanks for this awesome theme! Any chance of getting some more icons?
wow, like this! i'll gonna download on my iphone for the theme :D
+fav **
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Can you tell me how to change the label font colors?
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Open the file "Info.plist" in the root of the theme and change the strings for the keys "DockedIconLabelStyle" (Labels for the icons in the dock) and "UndockedIconLabelStyle" (all the other icons that are not in the dock)
With a little CSS knowledge you can style it as you want.

also look at the keys "CalendarIconDateStyle" and "CalendarIconDayStyle" to change the look of the text on top of the calendar icon
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I added a download for the theme
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nice... i like this theme...
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I want download this them. Thanks.
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Very nice!!!
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Very sleek - you should put this on MTF when its done - you'll generate a lot of interest :P :peace: :onfire:
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drop me a line when its finished..
shalom v' lehit chaver
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really clean as i like :)
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