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Harry wept

By Ilae
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Harry had used up all six hours from his Time-Turner, and there were still no clues, and he had to go to sleep now if he wanted to be functional at Hermione's trial the next day.

The Boy-Who-Destroyed-A-Dementor was standing in the middle of the Hogwarts trophy room, his wand dropped at his feet.

He was crying.

Sometimes you call your brain and it doesn't answer.

The trial of Hermione Granger started on schedule the next day.

- Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality, Chapter 79

My heart went out to him because for goodness sakes, no one should feel like this at eleven.

This drawing is rather rubbish, I think.
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Remember of deceased girl! Find the Moaning Myrtle!
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Naw. One of those moments where you realise that he really is only eleven. Poor poor baby Harry. XD
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This is an awesome drawing! Much better than anything I could do!
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Oh my, comments. I never get comments.

I actually did want to draw him in the trophy room but I didn't know how. He shouldn't be kneeling though, I thought, because the fic said 'standing' so I pictured that.

I'm glad people like it (:
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Not a rubbish drawing. At all. /slaps Ilae in face with wet kipper, Monty Python style, for even thinking that.
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This is cool and all, but I do wish you'd expand it to show the Trophy Room. And also, maybe you could have Harry be kneeling? You're great at drawing, I just think those details could take this from a 'cool' to a 'Super Freaking Amazing Epic Awesome'. It's certainly not rubbish- keep doing what you love because you love it! You have talent, and I hope you continue to practice and develop it :)
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