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Drizzt - The Unholy Warlord

By Ilacha
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I´ve done it again...sorry but this is one of the Forgotten Realms Characters that i love . I wanted to show a Pic with Drizzt in Action,down in the Underworld...
This Pic shows a Fight between Drizzt and a Undead Warlord
OK.First for all : Dizzt Fans who know all Drizzt Storys,this is only my Imagination. I dont know all Books from him ,but i thought it could be a Scenery or situation that could happen to him (or did that happen?! dont know
Hope u like it ....

So this is the:new: version,that i had to repaint.The pic was completly redone, the old one was destroyed by a harddisc crash .I know it looks a little bit different,because i decided to paint more details,and correct the Warlords face, armor, skeleton bodies, the cavern and some colors.Hope you like it more that the old version...
:tombstone: to my old work.
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10/10 I LOVE this!
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Thank you , I appreciate it..
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I wondered who drew this amazing pic!! :wow:

I've had it as my tablet wallpaper for the longest! XD

So glad I found the original artist of it!! ^_^
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Stunning work! =D Truly one of the best fanart pieces for Drizzt I've seen! I highly recommend the books too!
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Wow...this..this is radiating! 
Unbelievable. I wonder if Wizards of the Coast has seen these?  Or Salvatore?  Amazing.  I didn't look further yet- have you tried any other characters?  Cattie-brie or Artemis would be interesting...
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Amazing work. I love how his foot is pushing the dirt off the edge. Give that right touch of action!  
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I know Yoda always said size matters not, but damn... that's gotta be a bit intimidating.
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I've yet to read far enough to know who the Undead Warlord is.  But seeing him now, he kind of reminds me of Sauron.
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Truly breathtaking piece. I love the detail of the armor and swords, and the smoke (or is it unholy vapor?) drifting from the Warlord.
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This is my favorite representation of Drizzt, and most closely matches to how I envision him. How I love him. Wonderful work.
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Awesome work!I like it!
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Very nice, I'm a huge fan of Drizzt. I've got all of Salvatore's books with Drizzt in them with the exception of the latest three. I hate that Salvatore's publishers decided to discontinue the collector's editions. On a side note I noticed Drizzt's scimitars are really long but it in no way affects the awesomeness of the artwork.
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I honestly have to say I could see this as a cover for one of the books. You aren't Todd Lockwood in disguise, now are you? o_-
Kimmuryiel's avatar
all you have to do is turn his cloak green
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Sooooo epic *drools*
Sublime! Oh my it's a marvel how my eyes can wander around to discover the details. Good stuff, right there!
Ragnarok6664's avatar
Epic, think the skeleton warriors look splendid
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You have made a Forgotten Realms fan very happy
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