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Drizzt - Deathtrap

By Ilacha
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Drizzt surrounded by several enemys,another dangerous threat.LOL In this pic i wanted to show some other characters like the huge orc (my favorite) a wicht,and soldiers...and yes Guenhwyvar and Wulfgar ,but i have massive problems with my Screen. I have to change the Hardware... :( PS:I will do from some closeups of several characters like the Orc or the Wicht or Wulfgar. Concerning the armor from Drizzt,I took some time to think, about the shape, functionality and when you watch all the buckles and follow the form you will see that the Armor works.
Hope you like it...
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© 2007 - 2021 Ilacha
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Hello Ilacha! Do you sell or have available a higher resolution version of this wonderful artwork? 

Thank you!!
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Awesome work! Definitely one of the best Drizzt fan art pieces I've seen. Amazing work on the lighting. The light source is all coming from generally the same spot and all the characters are well lit.

Thanks for sharing your work!! =D
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This is just BEAUTIFUL!! Inaba 50X50 icon 

Excellent job on Drizzt's armor, too! :heart:
I think we all know who's really walked into a trap here...
I grew up reading these books.  Easley and Elmore both tried him- and failed, in my opinion.  You have the best I have seen on the internet.  Nothing overdone.  Amazing work.
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They don't know it yer, but the bad guys are about to get heir asses handed to them in chunks. Great work.
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After almost 7 years past since i found your painting... this is the best Drizzt wallpaper i could find... Today he is guarding my workplace desktop. Thank you for your art, and everything...
Ilacha's avatar
You are welcome, Im glad you like my work ;-)
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thats a badass pic bro
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What an epic battle it would come. Cautious approch of the enemies show us how dangerous their opponent is.
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friggen bada$$ dude!
This is drizzd for me as i always imagine him ,
Samething I was thinking
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Great picture
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I see this as the dustjacket of the next Salvatore book. Thank you for such amazing art.
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Another awesome piece with Drizzt as the center piece. Nice touch with adding Guen and Wulfgar to the scene. The armor is perfect on him, form fitting but flexible to allow any movement he needs whilst in battle.
Talia77's avatar
I do enjoy the details in this very much :)
i love this ... nuff said
This is a great piece and I love the details. I do have one question: the man in the left foreground, is that Warlord? One of the original D&D named-npc's? If so then that is just one more layer of awesome to add to this piece. Thank you.
Crap, I meant Warduke, not Warlord. Getting my old, bare-chested, warrior D&D and DC Comics character mixed up in my old age. Thanks again for the amazing work!
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Cannonly incorrect. Drizzt would never wear such a rediculous amount of armour and his is built like a human female.

But fangirlness aside, this shows some extreme talent
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this may be bad ass.
ChakotayDgryphon's avatar
Wow... Just... wow. Move over Lockwood, you have some serious competition. :XD:
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