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Simply 7

thank's for the 100.000 pageviews!!!!!! *____* it seems like a dream XD i'm so honored and grateful!
thank's to everyone,really

•but.. thank's to :icongaarajamie88: i have to cosplay Karin =___= for ours stupid bet ( he catch my 100.000 visit) damn =_______=

•i know, i had to do a sasusaku, but, after the last chapter...and without my inspiration..YES,i wanted to do a team7 drawing, Naruto seems satisfied X3

•but i'm sorry for the colors, are really shit, in fact i've use an action ( by Loviyou ) and on the right the colors without god PLEASE,
SOMEBODY learn me how to colors!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TT___TT

for who want the lineart: [Link]
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I love team 7 (:
It's gorgeous!
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I hate to say it but Naruto's face is melting and looks a bit too wide on the side where it is melting . So long as you fix that then it would be excellent.
T.T This is the way things should be!! Beautiful work! Love all their expressions, you've kept them in character
CozUzumaki's avatar
this is amazing!
RiseDarkMoon's avatar
really great
I wish I can colored like this :heart:
krilin86's avatar
che colori chiari!! come mi piace
DYMx's avatar
Pretty colors :love:
And what do you mean by 'last chapter?' Did it put you off?
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thank youuu<3
the last chapter of Naruto XD
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You're welcome :aww:
The last chapter was great. Sakura got all depressed when Sasuke name was mentioned and again Naruto acknowledges that she still has feelings for him. So he tries to cheer her up :nod:
GhostAlly's avatar
I really love how you used the colors. It's so pretty! :)
mitzune-neuya's avatar
wow it´s kinda coool! ^^!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Arya-Aiedail's avatar
Congratulazioni! ^^
sorceressmyr's avatar
Love the color and naruto's expression, truly <3
ilaBarattolo's avatar
thank you very much myr, i'm so glad you like it!
btw thank's for the watch :hug:
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wow!!!1 i love naruto face!!! amazing work!

and the colors are pretty cool... really love this team 7 drawing.. one of the best i have ever seen ;D
wolf0808's avatar
wow i love it!
i especially love the effect with the smaller images to the right!
i like the colours! so pretty ^^
great job!
Boohoo343's avatar
oh yummy.
i love it =D
Nishi-bee's avatar
Its so beautiful!
Team 7 is :heart:
i hope they reunite soon! :D
and i love the colors you used x3
Miyuki987's avatar
è davvero meravigliosa:heart:
non ti lamentare della colorazione è davvero ben fatta!! sei l'unica che conosco che riesche ad usare bene le actions sulle fan art XDD
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I actually really like the colors here, including the action. :P Very nicely done! *faves*
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