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Published: June 9, 2015
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Character Personality

Full Name: Alexandra Marie Knight

Nicknames: She simply wants to be called Alex and nothing else. She's been denominated Red by her older brother, Rodrick, and called Marie by the time her mother was alive, but now she highly dislikes her middle name.

Date of Birth: April 24

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Race: Human/Vampire

Orientation: Straight

Marital Status: Single

Alignment: Neutral

Height: 5'10''

Relatives: Rodrick Knight (Older brother)
                  Marilyn Knight (Mother, deceased)
                  Jonathan Knight (Father)

Power(s): When utilizing her vampiric abilities, she has increased strength, speed, vitality, and durability, plus powerful senses. Her eyes turn red she is alarmed, enraged (or at least highly annoyed, which is often), and/or using her vampiric abilities. She is able to wield two familiars, however with consequences. Has slow regenerative abilities.

Attack Style:

    ·      She's definitely one for offense and doesn't always think things through. Basic combat martial art style is used, knows how to wield some weaponry. Very dependant on her abilities. You do not want to piss her off.

    ·      Even though she has two familiars at her disposal (an electric-fire elemental puma and a crystal eagle), she refuses to use them unless she truly doesn't have any other choice left. The reason to this would be the fact that upon calling at least one of them (she is able to use both, but it can drain her energy), she falls close to insanity, and even though her eyes would only be set on the enemy, she'll do anything to get to them, even if it means hurting those she loves simply because she won't recognize them at the moment. Sometimes it's easy to snap her back into reality, but other times it'll take some work, and not the easy kind. She isn't one to kill others, but when at the brink of insanity, she might just do so if she doesn't snap back to reality soon. 

Strong Suits:

    ·      Fast runner, even without her abilities being active.

    ·      She can defend herself easily against casual attacks and surprise attacks, however don't try to jump on her even if you're her friend unless you want a good smack on the face.

    ·      She's highly resistant to physical impact. 

    ·      She isn't one to fall into pessimism easily, unless it involves the ones she loves getting hurt.


    ·      Due to a car accident in her childhood, which cost the life of her mother, she has a fairly large scar on her torso, a smaller one on her chin, and a bad leg that ocassionally acts up, casuing her to limp.

    ·      Stubborn. Very, very stubborn. Not in a good way.

    ·      She can be provoked very easily, and she has quite the bad attitude.

    ·      She likes to do things her own way, which can cause trouble.


    ·         Highly Sarcastic- She is terribly sarcastic, really. Not very approachable due to that, either. To some people it's even considered annoying as to how sarcastic she ca really be, but she's already gotten used to the insults. It's not very easy to talk to her, and although she looks like she could not care any less for anything, she secretly has a soft side. She wouldn't want somebody dying in front of her, which is why she refuses to kill, or even actually take a human's blood (or any blood for that matter). She can put up a fight, though.

    ·         Your Average Tsundere- As mentioned before: cold on the outside, but has a secret soft side! She's decided that she won't get absolutely anywhere if she opens her heart so easily or acts nice from the very beginning, so that's why she can be so rude at points. Like I said, she wasn't always like this, but after having turned into what she currently is now, having pleaded and begged for mercy and not given any, she's decided to change her attitude.

    ·         Dauntless- Well, some things haven't changed about her, and one of them would be her dauntlessness! She's brave and daring, though sometimes it can result in her stubborness (and believe me, she can be quite stubborn). However, even though she can act like so in different situations, there always comes a time when fear strikes her, be it from a complicated situation, or maybe just her average fear of needles and spiders~.

    ·         Short Tempered- While she may be patient for some things, for the most time she's pretty short-tempered, and it shows. She can't stand waiting for too long or being told what to do so often, especially when it comes from someone with no authority over her. She gets annoyed over anything for some reason, and nobody understands why. Sometimes it shows when her eyes turn red, and it might just not be a good sign.

    ·         Secretive- She keeps plenty of secrets to herself. Due to her getting into trouble often, she's found herself keeping her activities to herself, and she doesn't really go out too often. She's asked why plenty of times, but she usually answers with some excuse. Due to her sarcastic attitude, most people don't bother to keep questioning her, and if she's continuously questioned, she'll simply get annoyed.

    ·         Reasonable- When it comes to situations she knows she can't handle by herself, even if it hurts her pride, she'll ask for help if needed, or stop what she's doing in order to ease the situation, whatever that may be. When in an argument, she usually likes to win, but if left no other choice, she'll accept defeat, even though she won't like it at all.

Favorite Color(s): Vibrant Green, Orange

Likes (general):  Her few friends, small animals (preferably cats), seafood, loose clothing (you'll be able to see why if you see her with tight clothing), free time, games, pulling the ocassional prank.

Dislikes (general): Really fancy or poofy dresses, exaggearated makeup, obnoxious people (her brother included at points), using her familiars, pointless fights, being a target, her job, extremely crowded areas, needles, spiders.

Stats- (10 is high, 1 is bad, 5 is average) (Bold is when vampiric abilities are used)

Agility - 6 (8)

Speed - 7 (10)

Strength - 6 (9-10)

Defense - 5 (7-8)

Durability - 6 (10)

Intelligence - 6


    ·        She has a fear of needles and arachnophobia (fear of spiders). She may seem tough, but she's easily creeped out by simple stuff like that! 

    ·        She used to practice soccer when she was younger, however stopped doing so after a car accident she was involved in as she made her way home with her mother after her last practice. Currently, she doesn't want anything to do with sports.

    ·        Her father has grown very distant ever since her mother died, therefore causing Alex's attitude to change as well. Don't get her wrong, though, she still has a soft side in her, even though she doesn't look like it. She just doesn't like to show it, believeing it to be a weakness at points.

    ·        She doesn't like it when she's called Alexandra, and she definitely dislikes it when people figure out her middle name and use it. She quickly shuts them up afterwards, though.

    ·        She lives alone in an apartment complex, currently completing her senior year. She has a part time job as a waitress at a small diner (and she generally doesn't like it, but for some reason refuses to quit) from Mondays to Thursdays and some Saturdays (one week yes, the other no), from 4:00 p.m. to closing time (9:30 p.m.).

    ·        She has two friends that won't leave her alone for anything, and even though Alex's demeanor appears annoyed, she's glad that she has them with her, and they both know that well. Their names are Anna and Beverly.

    ·        She was not born as that, in case you were thinking of that. She was turned into one against her will. But you try getting that story out of her sometime, why don't ya?

*Aclaratory note: That mouth shown in the reference drawing? The one with the longer fangs? It's how it's supposed to look like while her abilities are in use! Semi-pointed ear is natural, however if you'd rather draw her with a normal ear, feel free to do so!

Oh my God, I made another reference sheet. AND IT'S HUMAN, AM I DYING SO SOON. *checks self continuously* Okay, no I'm not. I think.

Anywho, lookie here, I made a reference for that red-headed chic I've drawn a few times already, hooray.
Frankly, this was fun to draw, actually :XD: It makes me happy to know that I actually managed to draw something like this for once in my life ;u; Full body human, of course! With decent anatomy and everything. I am happy. Still have to work on hands though, BUT I'M GETTING TO IT, SO SHUSH.

After typing all that (took me a few hours in the course of 2 days, with all the editing and thinking), I got really motivated to roleplay as her ;u; Sadly I have yet to find someone to do so with, BUT WHATEVER.

But uhm, yeah. Life updates. Uhm. Yeah, no, I think this description is long enough, I'll probably do a journal someday. 

Everything here was made by me
Made in Paint Tool Sai with Wacom Intuos 4 graphics tablet

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