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March 8, 2009
:bouncyhai: by ^Ikue is a wonderfully animated emoticon. The bouncing, shading and expression of it are supremely excellent - although this is just the third attempt of this deviant at making them! And I am sure there are many more fantastic emoticons to come.
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As per some wonderful advise and some requests I have updated the bouncyness. I added a mouth, took me forever to decide on one that looked good. trust me when i say this is the best i can do XD I also added a n extra squash when he lands the final time, it's not so abrupt anymore. I extended the spaztic hand wave a few more frames, i think it was needed. And finally I updated the colors. The one before was okay, but i found the color a bit to drab.

whadduya think?

check the first version here

I had several requests for a plz account and for this to be added to zikes and I'm happy to say it finally is ^^ for the plz account I had to remove one of the bounces so that it would fit the 15kb size limit I hope it is still as enjoyable.

zikes on dAmn: :bouncyhai:
plz avatar on dA: :iconbouncyhai:

made another one :B

This is technically my third attempt at making an emote. The other one I am still trying... it's not going as well as i hoped ^^; animating these buggers aren't that hard, it's the pixel work that gets me. Any pointers from real emoticonists?
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