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July 17, 2007
blood lust by =Ikue captures Audrey II in all its ravenous glory. The colors and wicked grin make it come to life.
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blood lust

Audrey II from the Broadway play slash movie "little shop of horrors" he belongs to them in his entirety not min in anyway nor do i claim to own him.

with that outta the way. here he is all pretty :D :D im pretty sure its a he anyway ... all the voices used were male even though its named after Seymour's love interest... i love the whole premise behind the movie though really great if you haven't seen please do.

this was done for a poster i had to design for a class, this is not how the poster looked i only added the bg and stuff for the poster cause she wanted me too,i like this and i hope you do too. everyone i talk to thinks it looks almost watercolory... so thats what i was going for.

took me about 6 hours to get this done... it was hell to save on my lappytop but it was worth it.


here is a [link] to the lined version
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Audrey II is awesome
Ikue's avatar
Yes she totally is! :la:
jugga-lizzle's avatar
Completely amazing! Im happy to stumble upon this because it shows so much of the things I know can be done, and want to do, and it will serve as inspiration for many moments to come Im sure! Thank you very much, oodles in fact!
Ikue's avatar
JoeCorreia's avatar
Like it better than the original :)!
Singapaw's avatar
The little shop of horrors freaked me out...

Ikue's avatar
:lol: Something about a giant man-eating plant just made my heart sing. :giggle:
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omg i love Audrey II he is so badass!! "if you want a rational it isn't very hard to see no no no! stop and think it over pal! the guy sure looks like plant food to me! the guys sure looks like plant food to me! the guy sure looks like plant food to me!! oh oh! he so nasty treating her rough! yeah smacking her around and always talking so tough! you need blood and he's got more than enough! yeah i need blood and he's got more than enough! you need blood and he's got more than enough!!!!!!!!!!!! So go git it!!!!!!!!"
LunaLilia89's avatar
dang, I wish the plant really looked like that in the movie, he's so cute! :heart:
OuijaBoardum's avatar
I adored that movie, and always wanted my own Audrey 2 xD :+fav:
Jrakob's avatar
Ive seen both the movie and the Broadway show (the one with the animatronic plant) it was way better than the movie, o though I hated the way the Broadway show ends,


everybody gets eaten by the plant, including Seymour and his wife. than some other guy finds it and a bunch of baby plants and sells them to the local towns people. all the baby plants are played by the actors that the plant ate throughout the play.
ChewedKandi's avatar
I've featured your work in a news article about vector art I've featured on VectorTuts+ as a round up as well as other pieces I've featured and links to the VectorTuts+ articles.

:heart: :hug: :heart:
SaTaNiA's avatar
This deviation is feature in my last journal :la: 6 Years on dA :la:
Let me know if you wish me to remove it :nod:

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Pretty damn awesome. Need to get this on dvd, only have it on vhs and don't have a god damn video player any more. love it.
Ikue's avatar
i'd love it on dvd myself :D if you find it let me know ;)
baker2D's avatar
[link] thats UK, however they may do international shipping or have an international shop. WIN! much love.
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