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Mini Ribbon

A cute lil pixel perfect ribbon for all your photoshop needs. Made this and the texture late last year for a side project that never saw the light of day. Clients loss if your gain :D

Any questions feel free to ask. :)

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Lovely! I used it for a flash game. Thanks!
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Great! Can i used¿?
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:lmao: God I love Jess. XD

ANYWAY. I love the texture on the ribbon! Now, if only I could think of a place to use and abuse this thing. *ponders*
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we love pixel perfect :iconlajumpplz:
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cute indeed :aww: i may use this sometime
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*must resist urge to ask silly questions*
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Can you make me one that's just two shades more brown?
Does it look good with the font "Papyrus" instead?
What about Comic Sans?
This is all organic, right?
Were any African children starved in the making of this?
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I can yes... but will it? :evileye:
Everything looks better in papyrus! :dummy:
Comic sans is the debil :devil:
100% bio degradable too! :weed:
Yes, had to hide their rice bowls. They simply refuse to work anymore without negative reinforcement. :ninjaeat:
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I bow down to your exceptional use of emoticons for every answer :worship:
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