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TheCartoonWizard's avatar
I am particularly fond of the number 8 
Masterofworlds22's avatar
does anyone have the gif version
Damn the links are gone.... never use a free image host... but I am too lazy to fix em all in each post so here is a package:…
Masterofworlds22's avatar
thank you very much!
Khushi-1428's avatar
A sarcastic face of Twilight Sparkle...
Lobie5's avatar
I've always thought horses were pretty, but... not in this way! :O_o:
Dredwardfinn's avatar
Now this is some smug looking face :)
Drflash55's avatar
I've seen you do it! In the future!
*this face*
spottlover's avatar
you guys should look at spottygeeky57 art she is really good
Veteran1972's avatar
"I hope no one smelled that"
Salamander-095's avatar
um... idley staring at me is... kinda not what I kinda had in mind
SLB94's avatar
Uh twily why are you looking at me like that?
KenedyStorm's avatar
:icontwilightsmileplz: :iconsays1plz: You and me aint nothing but mammals....
                                                          ...since both of our kinds give birth to babies and not eggs.
superchao101's avatar
Um....ok....*looks left and right* I think I left the stove on *runs to the door and it lock* O_O LET ME OUT!!!!!
TenchiSebas's avatar
Why its so hot? *w* WHAT THE F*CK WRONG WITH ME! :c
Invisible-Neko's avatar
Probably because it looks very similar to an orgasm face, and orgasm faces seem to turn on humans the most. .-.
DeathNyan's avatar
Can you do Fluttershy?
Maybe some day... she has different eyes so it is not just a simple recolor.
DeathNyan's avatar
Ok then, I look forward to it.
CosmicTail42's avatar
:blushes: Woah...
Alright Iks, you just earned yourself a new watcher :+devwatch: :thumbsup:.
Thank you so much for answering my request. :thanks:
statoose's avatar
Ha, nice. Any chance of a GIF version? Ya know, so we can embed it?
statoose's avatar
Oh, wonderful! Thanks!
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