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Rainbow Dash sleeping 2

So I remade the sleeping Dash gif I posted some time ago. 90 kb less and 25x bigger.
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Aww… She's always adorable when she sleeps.
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Can I use this on my profile? If you say no I will remove it immediately.
Sure, its not like I have the rights. ^^
ZephyrHadouken's avatar
*Heart Attack* Call the ambulaaaance ! So Cute !
RainbowDashyMD's avatar
Woah her ears don't move when she tilts her head :O
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039520's avatar
RD sleeping in my favorites while I type this comment
JohnnyDeppsGirl4life's avatar
darn wish i saw this before i made my PMV coulda used this at the begining lol
Just something I've been wanting for a while..

Someone should take this and make a screensaver out of it, like just this gif but floating around on a black background or stationary in one corner

Anyway, I love this =D
kittylover975's avatar
Can I use this as my Webcam?
039520's avatar
haha fucken banned! BOOM! BABY!
ThatRandomFurry's avatar
Uhm... sure?
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Nyerguds's avatar
Wahhh, that looks so comfy! :3
MajkaShinoda626's avatar
Awww, I LOVE IT!!! :3
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