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Rainbow Dash fly13

Vectorized from S2E20.
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rainbow dash my little pony mlp brony 
Dancing Turkey Icon  lol sorry dashie Papyrus's Tears 
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im sorry but someone has recolored your art…
Well the video is gone and its not my art to begin with.
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The first time I saw this animation I thought, "Wow I just love that! It just seems so befitting for her to rest her head on her folded arms as she hovers softly." I wanted to do that too, hee hee. :D

Thank you so much iks83 for using your God given talents to present such a present!

God bless

With well wishes ~ from Monturrock :iconmonturrock:
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Rainbow dash is the best pony!!
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my stupid computer wont load!!! :facepalm:
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Simply amazing!
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Here, have a fave.
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How Rainbow Dash watches My Little Human. lol
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Very awesome, and so smooth!
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Whenever they do this in the show, it kinda makes me wonder if pegasi aren't actually made out of ultra-lightweight foam or something. How else are they supposed to float in place like that while barely even flapping their wings? LOL
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I assume some sort of passive pegasi magic buff is at work.
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Yeah, more or less. If you looked at their stats, they've probably got a special antigravity ability or something.

...Cheaters. I want a special antigravity ability. >_>
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She seems very interested in how the adds on the sidebar are going to play out
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