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Here to make you laugh.
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No turns over thorns
Of a broken moss rose brench
Rose red fallen apart the firts day 
Of december, i am liening in frozen moss
Cheaky like a fox on its runaway
In your mouth, my blood run in veins
In your mouth, in the dirt of a alfabet witch
Lies in fornuate tale of fatale
thorns, slowly turns the shadow away
Tear me apart once again, I don't care anymore
Of a girl's cheek, eyeshadow width
The burundy lies in the wine
Teared is my soul, it is old as gold
I rose up over the dust fine
In a fantasy dream, real world realm
Rose like a thousand phantom phoenixes
Scream and thunders of storms
Your lies, I change those for my asterixes
:iconikrines:IKrines 4 0
The Nursing Room by IKrines The Nursing Room :iconikrines:IKrines 6 4 Cow Yoga by IKrines Cow Yoga :iconikrines:IKrines 6 12
Stand Up For Me
There was a time I could go
There I would go
Anywere without a single fall
There was time of happiness
There was things I couldn't forget
Don't me let go alone
Again, I would fall
I fall into a pool
Of unsure and unknowns
Don't be a fool
I stand up for you
Stand up for me
Stand up for me
Please I need you
I don't want to be alone
I just don't to alone again
Stand up for me
Stand up for me
Stand, I need you
:iconikrines:IKrines 3 10



I never tried Llama trade, it is incredibly efficient method to hoarding llamas.
It took me 25 minutes to get 399 llamas and it didn't withdraw my offer automatically, so I ended with 401. Grump 
I got two new Watchers
3 coments on my page, normal day less than one.
1 favorite on a deviation
1 comment
1 fancy llama
And I managed to get my stats up to getting 10 llamas for every 1 sent.
I broke my pesonal record for recieved llamas in 24hrs, might be better. 
Llama by IKrines

So what is your ammount of llamas?
I wonder how  long it would take me to get exactly 399 llamas through Llamatrade, btw it is only an experiment, My goal is to get a stats of getting 10 llamas for one sent.
Welcome to the swinging thread! I mean singing thread!!!!(best muscal perfomance evar).
Do you sing?
Do you like to sing?
If you sing, what kind of genre or songs you usually do?
Do you have any trainning in it?
Can we hear it?

Do you sing? Sometimes, but my singing is terrible, more that my voice is annoying, I have the lighest girl voice imaginable.
Do you like to sing? Yes
If you sing, what kind of genre or songs you usually do?
I have done almost anything.
Do you have any trainning in it?
Actually I have, I was in a choir as younger.
Can we hear it?
Unless peope are really eager to hear it, i won't make anything for you.
Aggressive campaigning  by travisJhanson
Anyway morbidman187 does some really great competions twice year. But what is not enough for me! But why not have one on the forum?
Find a partner or two to compete with
Say Rock Paper Scissor!
Best out of 3, 2/3 is acceptable, but 1/3 and 2 ties is not enough. 
:o (Eek) beats  :D (Big Grin)  while :p (Lick) beats :o (Eek) and :D (Big Grin) beats :p (Lick) 
May the best man/woman/furry win!
I love when American TV-hosts are really informed about foreign affairs, particular when they call Denmark Socialistic and compared us to Venzuela. Obiviously we are! #sarcasm 
 Totally not inspired by finditfunnyboy's heartbreaking attempt to marry Neiot 
See  thread:…

We all been hit by thee weding blues after see such happy couple and lonesome after this and fairly desparate to do anything in order to find a spouse.So come with your most fullfilled cringy attempt to propose to deviant below you, they can say yes or no.
I squeze the lemons and making the lemonade for you for a very low fee.

Homemade Iced Tea with mint.
Studies done on computer And WIPs!

Here is some of mine
Untitled by IKrines
Untitled by IKrines
Untitled by IKrines
Tech Savvy by IKrines
Ink Quill
Practicing some shapes.I find chevrons difficult to draw. It lookscool if I Didn'r smugde out because I am sweating like a big inthis heat.
A new year, new music. In my case it is actually incredibly easy to find music I like as my taste is about as broad as piece of Tapestry. But I want to force myself to reflect over that I am lisening to and not hear the same thing 100 times a day in a month. So I would try to find new music and hopefully new musicians, that is not currently on a hitlist.

Sløtface( actually pronunced slutface) caused me to be confused at first, because the aestic is feminist hipster, but underlying punk influence.
My hapiness was igger when they didn't really pretended to be egdy with having a guitar a few places as some socalled indie musicans do.
And I guess we all can relate to being a underdog, but Nancy Drew is the girl to change it.

I forgot I actually like The Damned, maybe because it was a band always were a sortoff background music to my life.
In car, my dad playing some CDs, listening at radio, Elevator music. It isn't really nostalgic because I never payed attention to it.
And I feel wrong to not pay attention, because I feel this song has taken a timemachine to 2018 from a 70's sci-fi movie, bt it has something modern over it as well.
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