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Tips for thin lineart

I hope this can be helpful to anyone ^^'' Please forgive any mistakes on the text OTL

Two extra notes:

:bulletpink:VECTOR PEN

I would have liked to explain more about this tool but I think that experimenting yourself is much better. Although I would like to remark that this is really useful to draw objects or symmetric stuff. Also, I use both the brush and the vector pen to do the lineart on this video [link], in case you're interested.

:bulletpink: HIGH PASS

There's a very useful tutorial by ~hannahjenny about this filter

Thank you for reading!
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Those are some thin lines :o 
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Pretty helpful. Thanks ! ^^
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any tips on how to control the thickness and thinness of the lines in different areas of a lineart piece? 
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My god :o I always thought that the luminance in the edges of lineart was done by hand! (And it's a mess to do it by hand! You have to make it on the coloring and it takes so much time and effort). I have lived a lie!  Drama Queen Dolphin 

You have just changed my life with the part of smart sharpening, high pass or emulation on SAI happy cry XD 

Very good tutorial, thank you so much
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nice! thank you so much, i've been wondering how to draw thin lines for a while now
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0.5 isnt too small?
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Ohh wow, that SAI sharpen emulation tip is fantastic! Normally I'd just use GIMP to run a weak unsharp filter, but I might try this sometime to get a softer effect. 
Whaats the best way to flood fill a character for a base color? when I two select the outside then invert it gives me these harsh edges above the lineart and when I increment it before inverting it, and then flood fill, it just doesnt touch the lineart properly. Any tips?
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Try using the shortcut CTRL+F! It fills the selection without the harsh edges, hope this helps~ 
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i need to try with manga studio. ugh lineart is so annoying. 
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How do you make the end of a line in a point? I've tried multiple things with my pressure settings for my tablet, but I still can't figure it out.
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if ur lines arent from big to small then either ur pens retarded or your settings are shit. 
go to settings and see about the pen tool your using for your digital art program. make sure the first end is thick and 2nd, ending end should be thin to create a more real look. if that doesnt work make sure ur tablet is on and reset the settings for it, make sure ur not using ur MOUSE.
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how does one in sai make their line end in a point instead of a rounded point? :^)
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 medibang can make their lines end in a point with really high correction, very convinient
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you need a tablet, with working pressure sensitivity. If you don't have pressure sensitivity, I believe you download it or go into your library and stuff. I'm 100% on where to get the pressure sensitivity tho :'0
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This is really, really nice. :) (Smile) 
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Um, sorry if this is a stupid question, but... assuming I start off with the same size canvas in the tutorial, how much should I resize it to when I'm done? ^^
Also, I've heard that starting out with a large canvas and then shrinking it down is supposed to improve the quality... but whenever I shrink down my canvas, my lineart turns super pixely and it in fact worsens the quality. Anyone know what I'm doing wrong? ^^" 

Anyways, awesome tutorial~ 
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Make sure that before you start drawing, your canvas is in 300 dpi instead of 72 dpi. This change will drastically change the way your art turns out while drawing and after re-sizing.

Also, just re-size it to anything you want it to fit into.
Photoshop will automatically make the dimensions fit, whatever you change the dimensions to.
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Thanks for the reply, I really appreciate it ^u^/
I checked though, and I believe my canvas is already in 300dpi :0 
There's probably something I'm still not understanding about dpi lol orz 
I do use Sai though, not Photoshop (though I doubt it makes a difference x'D) 
I'm supposed to resize the canvas right, and not the image itself? Or are those two pretty much the same thing? 
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Image Size & Canvas Size are two completely different things; one adjusts the image as a whole (artworks included) one adjusts just the canvas size (artworks not included) meaning that it not adjust the size of the picture drawn and might cut the image off from the direct center. This is why there are two different options.

When creating a canvas in SAI your options (based on this tutorial) should be from
File > New Canvas ; with the options set as the following:
Preset: A4 - 300dpi
Width: 210 MM
Height: 297 MM
Resolution: 300 pixel/inch (which this is your dpi)

Now from here it's a pref. that you re-size your completed work in Photoshop because it may not have the same outcome in SAI as it would with Photoshop.

But from what I've been testing out on SAI to re-size an image after completing it. You're going to go to:
Canvas > Change Resolution


Skip over pixel W/H & go to Width & Height and input the height, or the width you desire the picture to be. If you change the height, the width will adjust itself to match the height, & vise versa. There is no need to change both. Just one or the other. Keep the resolution at 300 pixel/inch. & Make sure that "Constrain Proportions" is checked.

This should give the same affect as Photoshop when it comes to re-sizing. If not, press undo, and go back to Canvas > Change Resolution > Rinse & Repeat but this time have both "Constraint Proportions" & "Constrain Pixel Size" checked and see how that works out.

Hopefully this helps?
Great tips.  Thanks.
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Yo are saving me! Thank you so much! 
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