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Over the garden wall

I watched this mini series the other day and i was suprised by how beautiful everything was! I especially loved the music, the scenery and all the references to animation and non animation classics on each episode. This show is cute, funny, meaningful and creepy by times, a personal fav combo *u* <3 

If you haven't watched it you totally should! It's only 10 episodes of 10 mins each~

Anyway, I tried to draw a happy fanart to balance all my tears from the last episode hah;;;; *drowns self in a lake*

Some of my favourite fanarts:

Wirt by demitasse-loverOver the Garden wall by OwlyjulesOver the Garden Wall by Turtle-ArtsOTGW: Autumm by student-yuuto
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Greg cute =3
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This is fruking amazing, keep up the great work
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nicely done. X3
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Only because of your fanart I found myself I'm interested in watching it!
Today I watched all 10 epizodes - all of them were great! :heart:
Characters, animation, backgrounds and story - I just was like SFDGSGSGS I LOOOVE ITTTTTT during the watching ;DDDDD 

P.A. I've just read comments below - I also shipped Wirt and Beatrice so much, I'm a little sorry for them! ;____; 
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Such a good story, sorry if I am like faving everything!
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Amazing fanart~
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I really, really loved this series! It was so cute and creative and had just the right amount of creepy at times uvu
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This was a good series that feels like you're in a children's storybook or something.
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I loved this. Although it was only a miniseries.
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This is adorable! Nice fanart :D
When I first heard of the series, I wasn't too interested, so I forced myself to watch it. The art style, the story, the characters in general~ They're all so beautiful! 
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i need to see it, looks so cute >w<
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I haven't really seen this show, but that doesn't stop this piece from being absolutely adorable!

Good job :D
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I love this show so very much! Wonderful fanart, and very cool username
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Beautiful! I love this show!
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YAY!!!!!  ROCK FACT!!!!!!!!!! (i cant believe greg stole that from old lady mcdaniel
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super cute, wonderful artwork
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Love this!!!!!! This show is amazing
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