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Melanie and Mr. Panda

Last year's birthday gift for :iconmoondust70: :heart:
Thank you for your support as always!

✦ Ko-fi  // Sai + Photoshop / The characters displayed in these commissions belong to their respective owner(s). Do not take or use in any way. Thanks!
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The girl looks so cute!!
Kayisok's avatar
super cute >///w///<
therunningchicken's avatar
Oh mah gawd, its so cute
PokeCardz's avatar
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Qué cosita más adorable!
Luna98980's avatar
Great work, keep it up :clap:
piyo-ko's avatar
ES TAN TIERNO <3 ya te lo dije <3 y lo repito *-*
StalkingP's avatar
Your work looks SOOO professional!
Great use of proportions, colors and linework <3
Miridith's avatar
AAA this is so cutee~!! I love thier design and their relation aaa~!! This is too pretty~!!! *OOO*
I miss your arts so much Ikr! I'm so happy that I can see them again!! >w< :heart:
onesliceorange's avatar
such strong girl XD
o0Lucia0o's avatar
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Really cute! I love the solid surfaces and clear forms. It feels both solid and peppy.
onyxsucksatdrawing's avatar
omgggg this is so cute
want ikr chibi so bad
LadyAlexiaLastHope's avatar
Erickiwi's avatar
Aww pero que hermosos! <3
Hetiru's avatar
Awwwwwwwwwwww I remember these two ;w; 
They're so cute in your style :''''''''''''''''''''''3333333  Glass Heart Bullet (Orange) by Gasara
And yeah, we, women, are really strong! Don't be ashamed of it, little teddy :''''''''''''''''''''''''''''> 
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