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The first of a series of old, mostly sketchy and little drawings that I'll be posting to my gallery these days. Most of the stuff I'll upload have already been posted to my other SNs, and some of them even date back from 2014 and 2015, but they've never been posted to DA. So in a way, they're still going to be new for most of you? ´w `;

This is last year's birthday gift I did for :iconamelise: for always being there for me and supporting me ♥
(I actually did a recording of the process at that time; you can find the video here)

Topic aside, how many of you guys are in toyhouse? are you more active there or here? I really like the site's concept but most of my OCs are too old, I barely draw them anymore and I'm not a frequent adopt buyer/seller so I think I can't enjoy it to the fullest. However I do find it entertaining seeing other people's OCs and designs. I think you can get to know someone a bit just by browsing the type of characters they like or create * v*
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When are you going to post again? :c
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super cute looking anyways well done her and awesome outfit too =3
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Still love this so much ahhh <33  watched the video so many times too, I love watching step by step images, video showing progress and such, and it's esp fun when it's your char * v * 
her expression, pose and everything has always been perfect <33 you always inspire me to keep trying to show more personality in characters poses, and improve my expressions, and character interactions.  

btw, did you add me/find me on discord yet? > v <
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You're too sweet ;__; :heart:

I'm so happy that you still like it, really!! <3
And I haven't been on discord for days so I'll try to find you tomorrow! too late rn and going to sleep ;;
Thank you again TvT <3
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She's so adorable! Love her. :D
Decided to stalk...I mean follow you here as well. :XD:
Your art is very lovely. :)
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mmmmmmm esa paleta de colores~~ :heart:
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Her face and outfit are so adorable! 💙☄️
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so cute ahhh
i love these daily posts
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OMG You're alive! T_T I've been refreshing my notifs if you posted new works LOL
Anyways, great job as always!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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She's cute! I love her outfit!
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This is gorgeous! 0.0 You did such an amazing job on the clothing and that ice cream looks delicious! ^-^ <3
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Omg she is too pretty!! AAA *UU*
I really love her design and she looks super cutee in your styleee ** :heart:
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OMG the coloring is so nice laksjdflksdj,,, so soft :iconocryplz:
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Wow!!!! yo pense que mas nunca ibas a subir un dibujo D:!!! ñldsfkdsñlfkds tienes otra pagina   y yo no me entere, como es esto posible(?)
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She looks so cute and her hair is sooo fluffy!! <3

I don't use toyhouse, and I am more active(than any other sites) on here because I've used it for a long time and I know how to use it. I get lazy to use other sites because I have to learn how to use it.
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I've seen people use it as a hub to post their commission info, and if they do adopts they post them there as well. I haven't transitioned there but it looks really cool. = y =
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whoa....she's so beautiful 
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I love her! The colors, she, all!!!!!!!!!
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Qué monada!
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waaaa sooo adorable   FREE flying hearts Icon Hamtaro Mouse Emoji-02 (Kawaii) [V1] Heart Love 
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