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Fluffy Dreams [closed]


Gosh I haven't done this in years so forgive me for any mistakes or lack of information, if there's any.
Feel free to ask if you have any questions!

Fluffy Dreams (24h Auction) [Ends: June 28th 9PM ART]

Owner: :iconkpj11: Thank you very much! :heart: 

If you win:

- The design belongs to you. You may use any outfit or both as your please.
- You may change the design's colors or details according to your taste. You can draw over the original design as long as they're minor details or color changes. For bigger tweaks please ask me first or draw your own reference. 
- You get two separate, unwatermarked PNG files (one for each outfit).
- You may use the adopt to turn it into one of your own closed species.
- You can trade and resell. 
- You can't resell it for a higher amount than what you bought it for, unless you have extra commissioned art drawn by other artists. 
- Commercial use not allowed.

A special thanks to P-cate for helping me out choose the colors and for giving name to this auction <3
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KuroMokonaChan's avatar
SHE'S ADORABLEEE <3 oh wow <3
ShadowKitty777's avatar
She is so beautiful!!! I hope you do more adoptables!!! 
Nachooz's avatar
Congrats on the AB QuQ she's absolutely beautiful<333 I lover her fluffy hair and the color scheme is fantastic!
Muni-Chama's avatar
Ahh she is so adorable, I love her outfit!! Your adopts always looks so amazing, I hope to see more from you ;;7;;
I'm happy to see she was AB'd!!
Piffi-sisters's avatar
She's amazing IKR as always your works are one of the best for me >//w//<!!<333 LOVE EVERYTHING YOU DOO <3 I'm so happy she got Ab'ed you totally deserve it ;_;!!<333 gorgeous girl!<33
Salma-SafeLight's avatar
aaaaw~~ how cute and pretty! :love:
InunekoLawliet's avatar
Es preciosa *-----*
kuroeko-adopts's avatar
Ahh so pretty!! I can't believe I missed it the colors are perfect ;A; 
RaTTCate's avatar
Hinausa's avatar
DSAD girl, I missed your artwork and this is just gorgeous! Congrats to the winner! ^o^////////
CruxAshes's avatar
Miridith's avatar
Aww she is really ucte!! I totally love her outfit~!!! *OO* :heart:
ikr's avatar
Thank you very much! <3
Raquach's avatar
Omg she's so adorable! I wish i can adopt her..

hope she gets a good home ;7;
ikr's avatar
Thank you dear!! <33
KPJ11's avatar
Can I AB with a payment plan? ;_;
ikr's avatar
Wah sorry I wasn't around! Thank you very much for your interest in her ;_; <3
I'll note you so we can discuss about it! 
Cottoneeh's avatar
OMG i would buy her in a heartbeat if i could ;w; //sobs
ikr's avatar
Wahh thank you!! // q q
kaiiruuu's avatar
This is perf!! ;w;
ikr's avatar
Thank you very much q q //
Skunkyfly's avatar
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