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Daily upload #4

Sorry for the generic title but I can't remember the character's name  Crying Emoji iOS Ver by emojiiii
This was for morhaeg. I think it was a thank you gift, but I'm not sure ;;;
Drawn in 2015

Sai + Photoshop
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I thought it was a head sticking out of  blanket and I was so confused XD
Raakone's avatar
Cute....whatever that is!
kawaiimiu's avatar
awww that's so cuteee ><
LadyAlexiaLastHope's avatar
Awww. They look so cute.
PINKDIAMOND3000's avatar
Awwww que cosa mas bonita y pomposa!
kaeryi's avatar
ahhh briar looks so cute!!!
JapanZelda's avatar
Haaaaan, that's adorable!
S3rb4n's avatar
Qué monada!
Shortberrii's avatar
Momotsuki's avatar
Aaaaaahhhh cuuuuuteeee
cherrysoff's avatar
ateini's avatar
Cute and pretty. I love the colors of red you put into it. :D
Miridith's avatar
Aaaa this is too cute!! I love her pose and that little smile ahhh~!! Georgeus ** :heart:
Shikasai's avatar
How can she be so cute? *-*
Shamwow78's avatar
What's that thing behind their head? A tail?
ikr's avatar
a huge fluffy tail :')
CuteTape's avatar
está genial !! 
ikr's avatar
muchas gracias!
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