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Twilight Design

Twiligt - [link]
Cutie Mark - [link]
EDIT*4.19.2012 fixed some word order
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Didn’t use the Lesson Zero Twilight for the mental breakdown part. Shame. :(

other then that pretty interesting, in fact all of these are! :D
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"Do not overload with assignments mental meltdown will be imminent." 

me in a nutshell
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Is it just me or does this remind me of the Owner's Guide and Maintenance Manual fanfics? 
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never heard of them
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looks really nice :D
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Where did you get the background for this?
Also it is awesome!!
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made it myself a long while back, thanks!
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Thanks, once finals end I'm going to start making wallpapers again, have a few plans to remake a few of these.
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awesome :3

one thing, twilight has two assistants (spike and owlicious) other than that awesome ;D
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I love Twili- err, I mean this image so much. So adorable.
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You say 'mental meltdown' like it's a bad thing.
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never stop making these. i love them so much.
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working on Applejack as we speak :)
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'ruined by Spike while trying to prevent a unknown disaster,'
It hurt to type that...
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i really need more people to read these things over before i post them :(
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Yes! More Blueprints! :D
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Yay more pony Blueprints.
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