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Pinkie Design

As requested :)
Vector - [link]
Cutie Mark - [link]
Edit 4.24.2012 Fixed some Grammar mistakes
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Immune to diabetes XDDDD
Daphneysilly's avatar
immune to diabeties cD
Matinek's avatar
You forgot candy floss smelling hair
talisheo's avatar
you forgot about pinkisense
ikonradx's avatar
*facepalm* herp de derp. I need to remember things better
templar127's avatar
You simply can't analyse Pinkie Pie!
midori-san33's avatar
LOL immune to diabetes.
s-word's avatar
Do you plan on doing a wordless version, like you did for Rainbow Dash?
ikonradx's avatar
If you want one, sure! ill do it today after school :)
Wadusher0's avatar
"Arms, magically enchanted by Celestia herself to be able to shatter dimensional barriers at will"

I don't think even Celestia has magic that powerful. :iconpinkiepieplz:
Awesome job though :iconpinkiepielaplz:
PinkieClopper's avatar
generalawsome's avatar
TLTR ! but i did see the word DIABETUS xD
TrueFireAnt's avatar
That's it, I'm watching you now :3
ikonradx's avatar
Its my honor, fellow Assassino
TrueFireAnt's avatar
Oh I assure you, the honour is all mine. Safety and peace
Sandmage's avatar
How am I supposed to use this as a wallpaper? The resolution makes it useless! :/
ikonradx's avatar
do u wantz moar pixels next time?
CatoMaletous's avatar
Most people use 1080p screens so it only makes sense to make 1080p wallpapers.
FlutterPrower's avatar
also, you can just scale the image down so it fits. I don that seeing as my computer can only do 720p
Suikai-Korinoha's avatar
I secound this, we need a 720p version!
Gasturbat's avatar
Nice description of Pinkie, but you forgot to mention the Pinke Sense. :)
ikonradx's avatar
yea i completely derped out and forgot :(
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