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Desktop Halloween Icons

Get ready to get scared! Here is Desktop Halloween Icons set - an amazing free collection of icons, large enough to enhance even your Windows 7 desktop or a personal Web site. More icons and graphics at:
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Love the set well done

ValerianaSolaris's avatar
These are great, thank you!
IvanCarruthersee's avatar
can someone tell me how to use these? thank you so much.
TheSpaceJumper's avatar
maybe i'm a bit late and maybe you already got your answer.... but what the hell, i'll tell yah any way!

Okay... first go to this image, then hold control and click at the same time on the image and click "save as" then save it onto your desktop, OR if you have a dell put your mouse over the Art and click the left click button and click "save as" and save it to your desktop.
then go to your home page and go over to your icon, then click the little pencil(easy-peasy-lemon-squeeze). Then click upload image and select the dA art that you saved to your desktop. then when its loaded zoom up to the one you want, like the gravestone or the skeleton. Once you have it adjusted you have this!
masatakamiura's avatar
Uniquely done and the ribbons with the color palette is a nice touch. Excellent, and thank you for these icons!
ChristianDitter's avatar
A artistic style social icon set, not bad. :)
ElmstoneSystems's avatar
Very cool collection. Thanks for posting!
HamsDieterHusle's avatar
Nice icons! Very polished and versatile. I may have to use these on my website :)
RonaldKMadara's avatar
BaseDataTechnol's avatar
i have read this and its very helpful information
HenningSchmidt's avatar
Wow! These are so crisp, refreshing, and they grab my attention immediately. Just makes me want to click them… can’t resist…
PointnetLimited's avatar
one for pinterest, lookbook, and chictopia would be awesome for the fashionistas out there :) these are way cute! might use them in a future!
JannisOberschel's avatar
Nice mashup once again! Some will be very handy!
HealthyDataCent's avatar
Those are awesome and will be very useful dude.
TomWisenall's avatar
Great icons :D Thanks!
HotDogMediaLtd's avatar
great selection, are useful for any particular design web design …
VerticalsoftLim's avatar
hey nice collection i used in my site social application site. :)
GidonKrupnik's avatar
Nice Icon Chris. I like’em
AnswerConsultin's avatar
Thanks a lot, very good work.
Thanks for sharing, Great list
picturesandwrit's avatar
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